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Stevie Nicks succeeded worldwide with Fleetwood Mac before starting a chart-topping solo career. Now, you can get your own Stevie Nicks Barbie in her likeness.

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Everything your lawn needs to survive the winter Winter weather can be cruel to lawns. To make sure your lawn survives the coldest season, it’s best to start prepping in the fall to give it the best possible chance for thriving in the spring.  Before preparing your lawn for the winter, it’s essential to understand the unique characteristics of the soil in your yard. You’ll want to check the pH, alkaline, and acidic levels in the soil.  You don’t have to be a soil scientist to do this. Fortunately, the United States Department of Agriculture offers free help through the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, which partners with the Land-Grant University (LGU) system.  The LGU system includes the 1862 public universities, the 1890 Historically Black Colleges and U

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These tiny trackers let you know exactly where your things are IN THIS ARTICLE: Apple AirTag Tile Mate Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Apple and Android owners have similar functions on their mobile phones that let them track a device when it goes missing or stolen. Apple’s Find My feature and Google’s Find My Device app are both great for locating tablets and other phones, but what about your keys, luggage or pet?  That’s where object trackers come in. The New York Police Department has even urged vehicle owners to fit these on their cars to aid in vehicle recovery should they get stolen. New York City Mayor Eric Adams went a step further, announcing that 500 New Yorkers will receive a free Apple AirTag, one of the more popular trackers. How they work Colloquially known as


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