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Best LG TVs

Updated August 2023
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LG C3 Series 65-Inch TV
C3 Series 65-Inch TV
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Most Comprehensive
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This smart TV has 4K resolution and is packed with top-of-the-line features.


It has Dolby Vision and is Dolby Atmos compatible for video and sound quality similar to the silver screen. It has a game mode to increase performance whether you’re playing alone or online.


The remote uses a point-and-click operation that takes an adjustment period.

Best Bang for the Buck
LG NanoCell 75 Series 4K Smart UHD TV
NanoCell 75 Series 4K Smart UHD TV
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This inexpensive model is a top option for anyone who needs vibrant 4K for their new favorite shows and films.


Affordable. Bright and detail-rich display. Lifelike color range. Crystal-clear audio. Large library of apps and free live TV. Features 4K upscaling. Reliably smooth gaming.


No support for Dolby Audio.

LG X77L Series 65-Inch TV
X77L Series 65-Inch TV
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Simple yet Solid
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This smart TV lacks advanced features but offers a large screen for a great price in return.


It can upscale content to near-4K resolution and is compatible with Alexa. It has some features designed for the PS5 that improve your gaming experience with that console. Google TV is pre-installed.


Some had issues with Google TV being laggy. Others had Alexa issues.

LG G3 Series 77-Inch TV
G3 Series 77-Inch TV
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Expensive but Powerful
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If you have the money to burn, it’s hard to do better than this 4K smart TV.


It uses an advanced AI processor to automatically adjust your picture and audio settings to deliver the best possible experience no matter what. It comes with a wall bracket that keeps it nearly flush with the wall.


A major investment at its price point; make sure you really want it before pulling the trigger.

LG B2 Series 55-Inch TV
B2 Series 55-Inch TV
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Best for Everyday Use
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This 4K smart TV is a good middle ground between budget models and the costly high-end ones.


It uses self-lit OLED pixels for better contrast and color, plus it has an AI processor to help adjust your settings to improve your experience. It has a 120-hertz refresh rate and a gaming optimizer.


Some had issues with the WiFi connectivity being slow at times.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best LG TVs

Korean electronics manufacturer LG hasn’t been on the TV scene for long, but the company is already an established innovator that consistently delivers new ways to enjoy TV. In fact, LG is one of the top TV makers in the world – only Samsung TVs come close to delivering the picture quality of LG’s most capable sets.

Where other manufacturers skimp on features, LG comes through with dozens of “How did I live without this my entire life?” features like OLED panels and built-in soundbars. The bottom line: whether you need an absolute top-of-the-line TV for an elaborate home theater or just an affordable TV for your den that doesn’t compromise, you can never go wrong with an LG.

At BestReviews, we believe in writing trustworthy reviews – that’s why we never accept any free products or compensation from manufacturers. We’re passionate about being an unbiased voice for our readers.

If you’re on the lookout for head-turning TV deals, check out our buying guide to learn about the unique features (and a few pitfalls) of the best LG TVs. Then, review our listings to determine which one would be the best buy for you.

lg tvs
LG offerings range from 21.5-inch TVs all the way up to 86-inch TVs. The company’s most popular sets are 55 inches and 65 inches.


One of LG’s biggest TV innovations is the use of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display panels.

LED panels deliver a far superior picture than traditional light-emitting diode (LED) panels.

  • LED panels are used in the majority of TVs available. With an LED display, each light in the panel is responsible for a cluster of pixels. In addition, LED displays have limited viewing angles – if you sit anywhere besides dead center, you will be seeing a degraded picture.
  • OLED panels display images with lights that are much smaller than LED lights and are able to light each pixel individually. As a result, the color display on OLED TVs is vibrant and more accurate. The best OLED displays have superior viewing angles so everyone in the room can see the TV easily.

All LG TVs can be easily mounted with the proper size VESA mount. However, LG places their VESA mounting holes on the lower end of the back of the TV; they’re not centered like those found on most TVs. If you choose to mount your TV, remember to measure carefully so the bracket on the wall is at the appropriate height.


The brains behind the operation: LG’s WebOS

Most TVs from LG are so-called “smart TVs,” which means they have streaming capabilities built-in so you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies (or display content from your phone) without having to buy any additional hardware. LG’s smart TV interface, WebOS, is an app-based platform where you can find an assortment of games and video sources from all over the globe, as well as the usual sources of streaming video like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video, Vudu, and YouTube.

While many users love the simplicity of WebOS, others opt to buy separate streaming media boxes like the Apple TV or Amazon’s Fire TV. Each approach has its pros and cons, so be sure to consider your choice carefully.

  • Using this smart interface means that you can control both the TV and the streaming app with the same remote, which reduces clutter. WebOS also has a lot going for itself visually: the navigation structure is intuitive, and it is designed so that you’re never more than a few clicks away from streaming video. That said, TVs typically last a long time, which means that any smart TV would likely continue to work well beyond the point where LG has stopped supplying software and security updates.
  • Using a streaming media player generally means getting a faster, more capable interface that will be updated regularly. While it does require an additional remote, it can also be necessary for accessing certain content. For example, if you want to stream movies from iTunes to your TV, you will need an Apple TV.
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Did you know?
LG is one of a small handful of TV manufacturers that offer TVs with OLED screens at this time.

Unique features

These TVs bring some unique innovations to your living room, as well as some features that aren’t worth writing home about. As you shop, consider the exclusive features you won’t find on other TVs.

Don’t worry if you missed the Prime Day deals or Black Friday sales. Online retailers like Amazon offer TV deals throughout the year, and you can get a new high-quality television on just about any budget.


Remote control

LG remotes are often described as wands because they operate with motion controls as well as traditional buttons. They look and work like Nintendo’s Wii Remote controllers. That is, they can be useful, and you’ll also find yourself waving your arms in front of your TV a lot to navigate through its menus.

Some users love the approach – and for those who don’t, LG TVs have infrared ports that work well with most universal remotes.

Digital movie vendors like Amazon, Apple, and Vudu often base their pricing on the available movie resolutions. For example, purchasing a movie from Amazon Video in 4K will cost roughly 30% more than the cost of the same movie in 1080p resolution.



All modern TVs feature the ability to adjust the refresh rate, and LG brands this functionality in their TVs as “TruMotion.” When you’re watching TV, you can turn on TruMotion, and it will increase the refresh rate to deliver a more realistic picture.

TruMotion shines with movies and sports that have a lot of movement, but it can be distracting with shows and movies that are more dialogue-driven, leading some to describe it as “the soap opera effect.”

TruMotion can be toggled on or off at any time, so it’s easy to use when you need it and disable when you don’t.

QLED and OLED are high-end technologies that enhance picture quality. Whereas QLED TVs are made primarily by Samsung, OLED is a technology made by LG, Sony, TCL, and more.


HDR pro

HDR Pro can be a pretty confusing term. LG uses it to describe their technology that simulates a high dynamic range effect on TVs without that functionality. In reality, this means the models that feature HDR Pro are 8-bit panels that can’t display true 10-bit HDR images – so when you watch HDR content, you are only seeing a near approximation of the content in HDR.

If it is within your budget, we suggest buying a TV that truly supports HDR. LG makes some great ones.

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Did you know?
TVs from LG include built-in sleep timers, so you can set a nightly shut-off time for your TV or simply set a shut-off countdown timer.

LG TV prices

While some manufacturers offer TV deals based primarily on screen size, LG bases their pricing on features and functionality.


In the $300 to $999 range, you will find all of LG’s entry-level 1080p TVs and a handful of 4K TVs.

On the low end of the price range, expect to see smaller screens and TVs that are not smart. On the high end, you will find giant, full-featured 1080p sets alongside 4K sets that leave out premium features like high dynamic range.


The $1,000 to $2,000 range flies a bit higher than entry-level, featuring 4K TVs with LED panels. You can expect every TV in this range to be smart and to include just about every bell or whistle you can think of.

The TVs LG makes in this price range are an incredible value; they punch well above their weight class and deliver a picture that rivals their competitors’ priciest models.


In the $2,000 to $3,500 range, expect to find LG’s best OLED TV sets that are 55 inches and up.

OLED TVs create a picture that looks generations ahead of any other TV on the market – and a picture this good doesn’t come cheap.

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Did you know?
When you play low-resolution content on a 4K LG TV screen, the TV upscales the image to improve picture quality. For example, with upscaling on, a classic 480p DVD can be made to look nearly as good as a 1080p Blu-ray.


Before buying a TV from LG, consider these tips:

  • Buy a universal remote. LG’s wand-style remote is unique, but it’s not for everyone. The point-and-click interactions can get tiresome pretty easily. What’s worse, not all LG TV remotes are learning remotes (although some are), so if you plan on connecting a cable box, game console, or Blu-ray player, you would need to keep track of multiple remotes. Save yourself the hassle from day one and grab a universal remote when you buy your TV.

  • Keep the TV packaging. These TVs come in large boxes with custom-fit styrofoam to hold everything in place. If you can, hang on to all of the boxes and packaging. They’ll be perfect for transporting your TV if you move or if you ever need to get it serviced.

  • If you plan on using your new TV’s internet-connected features, use a WiFi guest network. By connecting your TV to the internet, you can unlock all types of streaming video, but that doesn’t mean you have to grant it access to your entire network. In general, it’s a good idea to isolate any smart appliances to a guest network to protect your privacy. If you’re not sure how to set up a guest network, consult your wireless router documentation.

lg tvs 2
LG’s most expensive models include soundbars that also house all of the TV’s internal electronics, allowing the actual screen to be razor-thin.


Q. Do I need to buy new HDMI cables if I get a 4K model?

A. Yes and no. In most cases, standard 1.4 cables are fine for watching 4K content on a 4K TV. However, newer HDMI 2.0 cables are required for displaying any 4K content that happens to be at 60 frames per second (fps). If you are a hardcore gamer, playing at 60 fps is likely a priority. Similarly, Netflix’s 4K content in HDR also plays at 60 fps. The bottom line: if gaming and HDR aren’t priorities for you, any HDMI cable will do. For gamers who are ready to level-up to high dynamic range or high-end gaming, however, we recommend picking up a few HDMI 2.0 cables along with the new TV.

Q. Can I cast video from my phone or tablet to a TV from LG?

A. Yes. Smart televisions from LG work with most smartphones using a technology they dub “Smart Share Screen Sharing.” By creating a direct WiFi interface with your device (also known as WiDi, or Miracast), you can cast local media to any LG smart TV.

Q. Why are some 4K TVs from this company so inexpensive while others are so pricey?

A. LG’s product line is designed to provide 4K TVs at all different price points, and they do that by varying the feature set widely between models. For example, LG’s most affordable 4K choices sometimes only have one input that supports a 4K source, and sometimes they do not include any smart TV technology. Similarly, LG’s most expensive 4K sets are made with OLED panels, support HDR, and in some cases, include high-end soundbars.

Q. I’m looking for a TV to pair with my Xbox Series X. Is an LG up to the task?

A. If you have purchased an Xbox Series X, of course you want a TV that will honor that investment. Good news: some of LG’s latest TVs offer features that pair very well with your new high-end hardware.

For example, LG’s G1 OLED has a Game Optimizer feature that makes your entire user experience easier. What’s more, the picture quality delivers perfect blacks, color richness, color contrast, and peak brightness you need for enjoying gaming as well as movies and TV shows.