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Best Greenworks Chainsaws

Updated June 2022
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Greenworks 16" 40V Cordless Chainsaw
16" 40V Cordless Chainsaw
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Most Comprehensive
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Exceptionally powerful for a battery-powered model; an all-around great tool, says our DIY expert.


Brushless motor design offers more torque and less vibration. Battery compatible with over 25 other Greenworks tools. Electronic chain brake prevents accidental kickbacks. Easy electric start. Auto-oiler technology. Lightweight and easy to maneuver.


There have been some complaints of oil leaking out of the chainsaw.

Best Bang for the Buck
Greenworks 14" 9 A Corded Chainsaw
14" 9 A Corded Chainsaw
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Bargain Pick
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This value-priced, powerhouse tool comes with our expert's recommendation.


Corded electric chainsaw offers a consistent amount of power. Tool-less chain tensioning. Self-oiling. Handle wraps around so you can choose the most comfortable way to hold it. Cuts quickly and easily.


Some users have complained about the chain being too loose and the difficulty of tightening it.

Greenworks 12" 40V Cordless Chainsaw
12" 40V Cordless Chainsaw
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Lightweight Model
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A lightweight, environmentally friendly chainsaw that earns our expert's approval.


Tool-less chain tensioning. Automatic oiler. Wraparound handle gives you several options for how to hold the chainsaw. Minimal kickback. Starts with the push of a button. Lightweight machine that runs quietly.


Takes more time and effort to cut through thicker branches. Battery may not be compatible with other Greenworks tools.

Greenworks 10" 24V Cordless Chainsaw
10" 24V Cordless Chainsaw
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Compact Design
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This compact chainsaw is a good choice for small jobs, earning it our expert's approval.


Self-oiling machine with translucent oil tank. Small, lightweight machine that you can maneuver with ease. Battery is compatible with other Greenworks tools and can be upgraded. Adjust chain tension without tools.


Complaints of oil leaking and the chain popping off even after being tightened.

Greenworks PRO 18" 80V Cordless Chainsaw
PRO 18" 80V Cordless Chainsaw
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Professional Quality
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This chainsaw rivals its gas-powered competition in terms of cutting speed, earning it our expert's praise.


Brushless motor offers power equivalent to a gas chainsaw. Metal wraparound handle so you can hold it in multiple ways. Multiple battery capacity. Rapid 30 min. battery charging.


Users say it doesn't live up to its claim of 150 cuts on a single battery charge.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best Greenworks chainsaws

Chainsaws are useful power tools to have on hand for any residence or business property with trees. At some point, you’re sure to need to clean up a large fallen branch or to prune tree branches. A chainsaw makes this type of work easy. Some of the best options for those who don’t use this type of power tool regularly are Greenworks chainsaws.

Greenworks is one of the top manufacturers of cordless and corded electric chainsaws.

Their electric chainsaws are easy to use and maintain, and you’ll have more than a dozen choices of electric Greenworks chainsaws to match your cutting needs. Many of their models feature convenient features like tool-less tensioning, bar oiling systems, and brushless motors, but Greenworks offers a wide variety of chainsaws that vary greatly in their designs. Narrowing down your options can be challenging, but we will walk you through the basics to help you find the right Greenworks chainsaw for your needs.

If you’d like a chainsaw that doesn’t require gasoline, Greenworks’ electric chainsaws are powerful enough to handle quite a few jobs. Continue reading to learn more.

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Occasionally, an electric chainsaw may automatically shut itself off if the engine reaches a certain temperature. Chainsaws naturally build up heat as you use them, and this safety feature protects you and your tool.

Key considerations

As you compare various Greenworks electric chainsaws, you’ll end up deciding between corded and battery-powered saws. Each design has a few key benefits and is better suited for certain types of jobs.

Corded chainsaws

By using a corded Greenworks chainsaw, you’ll have a consistent level of power. You won’t need to worry about running out of battery power in the middle of a job.

In addition, their corded chainsaw designs will give you a larger maximum chainsaw bar size compared to battery-powered chainsaws. This makes Greenworks’ corded models better suited for larger cutting jobs.

With an extension cord in use, you need to be careful that you don’t slice into it accidentally. It also could become wrapped around trees and bushes, which can be a significant hassle while you’re working.

Expert Tip
When operating a chainsaw, don't forget about securing long hair so it doesn't get caught and cause injury.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

Battery-powered chainsaws

The most significant advantage of a Greenworks battery-powered chainsaw is the ability to work anywhere. You aren’t limited by the length of your extension cord.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about an extension cord getting in your way if you’re using a battery-powered chainsaw. However, you can expect less power and will be restricted by the battery life, making these models best suited to smaller jobs.


Here are a few especially important features to consider when shopping for a Greenworks chainsaw.


Pay attention to the maximum number of amps the Greenworks corded chainsaw delivers to determine its level of power — though you should note that only corded chainsaws are measured in amps. Powerful corded chainsaws will deliver up to 15 amps, while smaller Greenworks chainsaws may only have around 10 amps.

For a rough estimate of the size of branches each chainsaw can handle, match the amps to the diameter of the branch in inches. A 15-amp Greenworks chainsaw may be able to handle branches in the 15- to 20-inch diameter range. A 10-amp chainsaw will work on branches with a 5- to 10-inch diameter.

Battery power

The batteries used with Greenworks chainsaws will carry 24, 40, or 80 volts. The 80-volt battery delivers the maximum amount of power. Because the voltage of the battery must match the rating of the chainsaw, you couldn’t use a 40-volt battery with a chainsaw made for a 24-volt battery.

Each battery has a capacity of either 2.0 Ah (amp hours) or 4.0 Ah. You’ll pay a bit more for batteries with larger capacities.

Expert TIp
Clean the chain seasonally and after a big cutting job. Proper maintenance will help you prolong the life of your tools.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert


The chain spins around the bar of the Greenworks chainsaw. Each bar has a rectangular shape with rounded ends, along with a slot. This allows the chain to spin at a high speed, while the slot keeps it in place.

Bars come in various lengths, which determine the size jobs you can take on. Longer bars result in a more powerful chainsaw design. Greenworks chainsaws typically have bars with a length of 10, 12, 14, 16, or 18 inches.

Bar oiling system

The chain on the chainsaw creates quite a bit of friction as it spins around the bar. To reduce the impact of the function, you’ll need bar and chain oil.

Some Greenworks chainsaws offer an automatic oiling system, which will simplify use and keep you working longer. Without this system, you’ll need to stop using the chainsaw after several minutes to apply oil manually. The automatic system adds oil for you as you use the chainsaw.

To save a bit of money, you can choose a Greenworks chainsaw that requires manual oiling.

Brushless or brushed motors

A brushless motor uses magnets in the design to transmit the power in the motor. This creates less friction among the parts, allowing the chainsaw’s motor to last longer.

Some electric chainsaw motors use carbon brushes for this task, which saves money in construction. Carbon brushes will cause some friction during use, though.

Greenworks offers chainsaws with either brushless or carbon brush motors.

Chain tension

As the chain on the Greenworks chainsaw heats up, the chain slightly stretches. So as you cut, you have to stop after several minutes to tighten the chain.

The majority of Greenworks electric chainsaws have a tool-less system to tighten the chain. Occasionally, you’ll encounter Greenworks models that require separate ratchets and screwdrivers to tighten the chain manually.

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Did you know?
A battery-powered chainsaw may give you 25 to 50 cuts per charge, depending on the diameter of the wood you’re cutting.

Greenworks chainsaw prices

The price point for Greenworks chainsaws varies quite a bit depending on the design of the model.

You will have a few potential add-ons and usage costs with Greenworks chainsaws. If you use the chainsaw on a regular basis, you’ll eventually need to sharpen or replace the chain. For a corded chainsaw, an extension cord purchase is required for jobs that aren’t close to an outlet. With a cordless chainsaw, you will end up buying a replacement battery in the future, as rechargeable batteries wear out over time.

Corded chainsaws

Greenworks’ corded chainsaws have the lowest price point, ranging in price from $50 to $100. Models with larger bars and extra power are at the upper end of this price range

Battery-powered chainsaws

A battery-powered Greenworks chainsaw ranges in price from $50 to $350. Those with larger bars will cost more than units with shorter bars. Models that use a higher level of battery voltage and capacity will be at the upper end of the price range.

Additionally, some battery-powered Greenworks chainsaws ship with an extra battery (or two) and a charger, which increases the price. Others ship with the chainsaw only, which is ideal to save some money for those who already own batteries for other Greenworks power tools.

Expert Tip
Never service the saw while it is plugged in or has a battery pack in place.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert


We’ve collected a few tips to help you use your Greenworks chainsaw as safely as possible.

  • Wear ear and eye protection. Electric chainsaws from Greenworks will generate quite a bit of noise. And as you cut, particles of wood and bark will fly around. You’ll need to wear safety glasses and earplugs.
  • Wear snug-fitting clothing. Loose shirts or pants can become caught in the chain, potentially causing injury. Wear heavy-duty boots, gloves, and pants for the maximum safety level.
  • Let the saw cool down after use. Don’t immediately store the chainsaw after using it. The chain and machine will heat up during use, so allow it to sit idle and cool down for several minutes before storing it.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Within the instructions for the Greenworks chainsaw, you’ll receive a number of usage tips that can keep you safe. Always follow the operational instructions for your particular chainsaw. Don’t modify the chainsaw by blocking or removing any safety features.
"Greenworks cordless chainsaws are similar in size and weight to small gas-powered chainsaws."
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Don’t assume that an electric chainsaw is a safe power tool. It may not have as much power as a gas chainsaw, but it still has a large blade that’s moving fast, and it can be dangerous if not used properly.


Q. How do I know if I should use an electric chainsaw instead of a gas engine chainsaw?

A. Electric chainsaws from manufacturers like Greenworks are the best option for occasionally trimming branches, cutting limited amounts of firewood, and simple maintenance jobs. If you will be regularly felling trees, cutting large amounts of firewood, or cleaning up large branches, a gas-powered chainsaw will have the power and chain speed required.

Q. Does an electric chainsaw start easier than the pull string on a gas chainsaw?

A. Yes. Greenworks electric chainsaws will start with the flip of the power switch. There’s no worry about operating a choke or priming as you have with a gas engine chainsaw.

Q. Are there significant advantages to using a Greenworks chainsaw with a lighter weight?

A. If you want to trim small branches well off the ground, you’ll be able to hold a lighter chainsaw high in the air for longer periods of time without tiring. As a general rule, lighter chainsaws generate less vibration than heavier models, which allows you to work longer.

Q. Is it safe to use any extension cord with a chainsaw?

A. The extension cord should be rated to match the power level of the saw. A 10- or 12-gauge extension cord is a good choice for high-powered chainsaws, while a 14- or 16-gauge cord works for smaller saws. Cords up to 50 feet in length are the safest to use because they carry power efficiently, unlike some longer cords. The extension cord should be rated for outdoor use as well.

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