Updated February 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best callaway golf bags

Whether you’re a new golfer or a seasoned player, a quality golf bag will keep your clubs organized and easy to transport to the range or course. Callaway golf bags are a favorite among golfers for their broad range of styles that suit players of all levels.

Callaway golf bags are also equipped with a series of compartments for stowing accessories, from small velour-lined pockets for valuables to upright slimline compartments for golf umbrellas. In addition to their multi-functionality, these golf bags are easy to carry with either a quality handle or sophisticated strap system, depending on the style.

The next time you head to the driving range or set up a tee time, make sure you have a Callaway golf bag with you. Our buying guide has everything you need to know when shopping for one of the brand’s golf bags. For our top five picks, see the matrix above.

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Spend time practicing your swing and short game at a driving range. Golf is an expensive sport to play, so get your money’s worth at the green by being fully prepared for tee time.

Key considerations


Callaway offers both stand bags and cart bags. Stand bags have two retractable legs to keep the bag upright. When the legs are popped out, they secure the bag on a 45-degree angle to make clubs easily accessible. Stand styles are preferred by golfers who walk and carry their own golf bag on the green, and they’re equipped with comfortable strap systems for effortless transport.

Unlike stand bags, cart bags do not have a mechanism to keep them upright. While they can stand on their base, they’re intended to be placed on a golf push cart or golf cart. Cart bags are designed with ergonomic handles toward the top and often have simple straps to facilitate carrying until arriving at the pro shop to reserve a golf cart.


Callaway golf bags weigh between four and 11 pounds. Bags with full-length club dividers and lined compartments tend to weigh more. Lightweight compact models forgo these design elements to keep the weight down and often use thinner synthetic materials as well.

In addition to the weight of the golf bag, a full set of golf clubs can weigh as much as 25 to 30 pounds. If you pack the bag with other accessories or load it up with water bottles, expect your filled golf bag to push almost 40 pounds.


Callaway golf bags feature a series of zippered compartments strategically placed throughout the bag. They vary in size to accommodate different golf tools and accessories, such as golf shoe tools, golf balls, or golf rainwear. Newer bags feature dedicated electronics slots to hold cell phones, GPS units, and even portable speakers.



Callaway golf bags use a combination of durable, weather-resistant materials that can withstand heavy use in a variety of weather conditions. Nylon and nylon blends are the most popular. They either have a smooth, slick feel like vinyl or feature a luxurious, fabric-like weave.

As far as interior materials, velour and plush are popular liners. They keep clubs and valuables scratch-free. However, not every Callaway golf bag has fully lined compartments, especially compact styles as they aim to keep the bag lightweight.

Top style

One of the biggest differences between Callaway golf bags is their top style, which refers to the number of individual slots for golf clubs. Basic styles have between four and six compartments for clubs, whereas more organized bags feature as many as 14 slots.

Choosing a top style is based on preference more than anything else. If you’re looking for individual slots for clubs, opt for 14-slot styles, though be prepared to spend far more on these Callaway golf bags. For the most part, the more subdivided the top is, the more you’ll spend on the golf bag.

Insulated compartments

Some Callaway golf bags are equipped with insulated compartments to keep water cool and prevent snacks from melting. Insulated compartments are usually larger compartments toward the base of the bag to maintain an even weight distribution.

Umbrella storage

With the unique shape and design of golf umbrellas, certain Callaway golf bags have dedicated compartments to store them. These are usually exterior pockets or slot compartments.

Golf towel clip

Golf towels can be stored in any of the bag’s compartments, but some Callaway golf bags are equipped with exterior clip mechanisms to keep towels within reach. Since clubs are wiped after use before returning to the bag, this convenience feature is highly desirable among golfers.

Bungee sleeves

Some Callaway golf bags also have bungee sleeves. They’re designed to keep items like water bottles easily accessible on the exterior of the bag.


Callaway golf bags feature stylish color combinations that often match the colors used on the brand’s club sets. There are also solid-color bags available, most of which are either black or gray.

"If you play golf in hot locales, opt for a Callaway golf bag with insulated compartments. Your drinks will stay cool to quench your thirst and your snacks won’t melt."


Rain covers: Clicgear Golf Bag Rain Cover
A rain cover is easy to slip over your golf bag to protect it from unexpected drizzle on the green. We like this one from Clicgear, which has three water-resistant zippers for easy access. It fits most golf bags and pushcarts and folds into a compact size for easy storage.

Travel bags: Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag
If you’re planning on golfing in different destinations, a quality travel bag will protect your golf bag and clubs during transport. We like this travel bag from Athletico, which is made from durable polyester that can withstand heavy handling and cargo holds. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and reinforced handles.

Golf club head covers: Andux Golf Club Head Covers
To prevent your clubs from smashing against each other, golf club head covers provide soft, cushioned coverage. We like this five-pack from Andux, which has interchangeable number tags. It’s also one of the few sets with a specialty 460cc driver wood headcover.

Golf towels: Callaway Golf Uptown Towel
Pack a clean golf towel to wipe away the grass and dirt from your golf clubs and accessories before returning them to the bag. We like this towel from Callaway, which is available in six different colors to match any Callaway bag. It features a carabiner for easy attachment to your bag and is made from ultra-soft cotton.

Callaway golf bag prices

Callaway golf bags range in price from $149 to $600. Beginners and minimalists will appreciate basic bags, which cost $149 to $225. These Callaway golf bags tend to have limited compartments for clubs and accessories, but they’re usually lightweight and easy to transport.

Mid-range Callaway golf bags, priced between $225 and $350, are geared toward seasoned players looking for better organization and improved design. They often have insulated compartments for drinks and velour-lined compartments for valuables.

High-end Callaway golf bags carry a ticket price between $350 and $600. These models offer the highest quality as well as the highest level of organization. They almost always have 14-slot tops for easy, quick access on the green.


  • Clean interior compartments regularly. Some golf accessories, like balls, tees, and divot tools, get dirty from use, so clean them as well as their compartments to keep your golf bag tidy.
  • Store sun protection products. Golfing means spending several hours in direct sunlight, so be sure to pack a hat, sunblock, SPF lip balm, and water.
  • Select a bag that suits your car size. If you have a compact vehicle with limited trunk space, a smaller golf bag will fit more easily.
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Lightweight Callaway golf bags are convenient and perfect for beginners. They’re easy to carry, and if you’re new to golf, they help you get used to carrying a fully loaded golf bag.


Q. Is there a difference between women’s and men’s golf bags?
The most obvious difference is usually the colors as women’s bags often incorporate pink and purple into their design. Some women’s golf bags are also designed to accommodate a shorter stature for convenient carrying.

Q. What are driving range golf bags?
Driving range golf bags, also called Sunday golf bags, typically hold fewer clubs than regular golf bags. Since you don’t need all your clubs at the driving range or practice putting green, they’re a convenient, space-saving solution. These golf bags are compact and lightweight, and some of them are even collapsible.

Q. What is the purpose of full-length club dividers?
Full-length club dividers prevent club handles from getting intertwined at the bottom of your golf bag. Some of them are also fully lined, which means the handles and shafts of your golf clubs will stay scratch-free while inside. Most premium golf bags come with full-length dividers, which adds some weight to the bag. If you pick up an inexpensive or lightweight golf bag, it’s not unusual to have partial-length club dividers to keep the overall bag weight low.

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