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Updated April 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
CaddyTek Caddycruiser One Version 8 4-Wheel Golf Push Cart
Caddycruiser One Version 8 4-Wheel Golf Push Cart
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Most Versatile
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Earns points for its capable four wheels that are designed to navigate most courses well.


Rolls smoothly over different types of terrain thanks to the four-wheel construction. Wheels are large and have grooves for added traction. Provides ample space for accessories; height-adjustable.


It folds down for transport and storage, but the process can be challenging. Doesn't fit all standard golf bags. On the heavy side.

Best Bang for the Buck
JEF World of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Cart
JEF World of Golf
Deluxe Steel Golf Cart
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Bargain Pick
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When it comes to value, this inexpensive golf cart has a lot to offer for a budget price, including a reliable build and easy-to-fold design.


Lightweight and affordable. Wide configuration of the wheels provides stability and can accommodate fairly large bags. Frame is made of durable steel. Folds easily to a compact size for transport and storage.


Doesn't handle rough and bumpy ground very well. Not a lot of space for extras. Tends to pull to the right or left.

Cube CART 3-Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart
CART 3-Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart
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Ergonomic Handle
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This feature-packed golf cart is well-made and has more useful capabilities than complaints.


Very easy to assemble. Has rubber tires that grip the ground. Lightweight and adjustable, plus it's a breeze to fold. Includes drink, scorecard, and umbrella holders and has room for other small gear.


Some of its components such as the brake and handle have longevity concerns. Doesn't navigate hilly courses very well.

Motocaddy Cube 3-Wheel Lightweight Golf Cart
Cube 3-Wheel Lightweight Golf Cart
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Compact Design
Bottom Line

It’s by far the most space-savvy option, which is great when you’re limited on space in your trunk.


Convenient collapsible design folds into a tiny cube that can be stored virtually anywhere. Light enough to push without much effort and foot brake is easy to access. Equipped with a cup holder for regular-size water bottles. Handles well.


Some users would have preferred more features considering the price point.

Tangkula Swivel Foldable Golf Cart
Swivel Foldable Golf Cart
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Seat Included
Bottom Line

Heavy-duty design that comes with a pop-out stool, which consumers rave about.


Despite its rugged design, it's lightweight and easy to maneuver. Equipped with foot-powered brakes to prevent the cart from slipping or rolling away. Comes with a convenient umbrella holder. Oversized wheels easily traverse the green.


It's a bit too pricey with all the bells and whistles if you only need the basics.


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Buying guide for best golf carts

Walking while playing golf can be great exercise – a typical golfer walks about five miles playing 18 holes. But carrying a golf bag can wear you down, affecting your arm muscles and your score. If you like the idea of walking the course but want to make it through all 18 holes, a golf cart may be the answer.

Attaching your heavy golf bag to a walking golf cart saves energy – and your shoulder. Best of all, golf carts have advanced quite a bit in recent years, delivering more style, performance, and durability than ever. The choice now is, which one?

If you’re ready to purchase a golf cart, BestReviews is ready to help. Check out our top picks in the chart above, or keep reading our shopping guide for helpful tips on choosing the perfect golf cart for you.

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Use a push golf cart to get the exercise you want when playing golf without the fatigue that comes from carrying a heavy golf bag.

Golf cart features to consider

Depending on how you play golf, some golf cart features will be very important to you, while others will be less so.

Number of wheels

One of the main differences you’ll see in golf carts today is the number of wheels. Each option has some advantages and disadvantages.

Regardless of the type you choose, a golf cart with large back wheels will be able to maneuver through tall grass and rough areas more smoothly than a cart with small wheels. A wider wheel base will also make the cart less prone to tipping.

Two-wheel golf carts

Two-wheel golf carts were common many years ago, but preferences have changed. However, you can still find some for sale today.

  • Pros: Two-wheel carts are great for beginners, and the cost is fairly low.

  • Cons: Two-wheel carts are better for pulling than pushing, and they’re prone to tipping. If you have a larger golf bag, a two-wheel cart may not work for you.

Three-wheel golf carts

Golf carts today commonly have three wheels: two in the back and one in the front. The front wheel usually moves side to side for easier steering.

  • Pros: Three-wheel carts can be pushed or pulled, and they maneuver well through varied terrain. There is less of a chance of tipping than there is with a two-wheel cart, and when not in use, a three-wheel cart folds compactly.

  • Con: Three-wheel golf carts are not as stable as four-wheel golf carts.

Four-wheel golf carts

If stability is your main priority, a four-wheeled design is your best option.

  • Pros: Four-wheel golf carts are easy to push and pull. When not in use, they fold compactly.

Cons: Four-wheel golf carts don’t move or turn as quickly as some other types of carts, and they can be heavy.

Type of brake

If you have to leave your cart on a slope while lining up a shot, you’ll want a cart with a brake. Some carts have brakes on all wheels; others have a brake on just one wheel, which isn’t as secure. Some brakes are activated by hand; others are activated by foot, which is a little less convenient.


Most people need to transport their golf cart from home to the course. Look for a model that folds down to a size that will fit in your vehicle. Folding should be a quick and easy process, but some golf carts fold down more easily than others. There are models that fold automatically at the press of a button; these usually cost more.

Pull or push

If you don’t mind pulling your golf cart behind you, a two-wheeled design may fit your needs. It typically takes more energy to pull a golf cart than to push it, though, and that can add up over 18 holes. Many golfers like the flexibility of being able to push or pull the cart. Three- and four-wheel models work better for this.

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Did you know?
Some golf carts have an electric motor to make it easier to propel the cart over hills.


Some golf carts have a built-in seat so you can rest while waiting for the foursome ahead of you to clear the green.


Some golfers like to bring extra clothing, an umbrella, or a rangefinder with them when golfing. A cart with storage pockets or compartments comes in handy for carrying incidentals.

However, if you already own a large golf bag with multiple pockets, you may not need as much storage space in your golf cart.


Some golf carts have holders for a scorecard, beverage, and umbrella, too.

Golf cart prices

You can spend a little or a lot for a golf cart. Expect to pay from under $50 to $200 or more, depending on the features.

  • Inexpensive golf carts tend to have two wheels (meaning you’ll have to pull it). Don’t expect many extra features like brakes or beverage holders on carts that cost about $50. Occasionally, you will find a three-wheel cart in this price range, but it will be a very basic model.

  • Mid-range golf carts that cost between $50 and $200 will typically have three wheels, although you can find some four-wheel carts at this price, too. These carts have plenty of great features, including wheel brakes, umbrella holders, and heavy-duty bag straps. All of these golf carts easily fold down to a small size for transportation or storage.

  • Expensive golf carts that cost more than $200 have tend to high-end features such as tires that temporarily self-repair a puncture so you can finish your round. Many pricier golf carts have a small electric motor that propels the cart. This comes in handy if your golf bag is very heavy or you’re playing a course with lots of hills.
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Larger back wheels on a golf cart enable you to move through tough terrain more easily than smaller wheels.


Q. What are some advantages of a push/pull golf cart versus a riding golf cart?

A. With a push/pull golf cart, you’ll be walking the entire course. For many golfers, taking the time to walk up to the ball gives them a better perspective on the angle of the upcoming shot, enabling them to make a better shot choice. If your golf course charges you $15 to $30 to rent a riding cart each time you play, you can save money in the long run by buying your own push/pull cart.

Q. What are the ongoing maintenance costs for a golf cart?

A. Some parts of your golf cart may wear out over time, depending on how frequently you use it. The most common problem is a flat tire. If you end up with a punctured tire that can’t be repaired, you might have to buy a replacement. The straps and buckles that attach the golf bag to the cart could wear out over time, too. Most golf cart manufacturers sell replacements for these parts.

Q. How important is the width of the wheel base?

A. Because the back wheels (closest to the handle) provide stability for the golf cart, you’ll want to pay close attention to their design. The wider the wheelbase, the more stability you’ll have as you walk the course. This can be especially important when going through the rough or non-manicured areas of the course. An unstable cart will bounce a lot, causing fatigue in your wrist and arm as you push or pull the cart.

Q. How do electric push golf carts work?

A. An electric golf cart made for walking uses a small battery to propel the wheels. The batteries are rechargeable, so you’ll need to plug them into an outlet after each game. You should be able to recharge these batteries 200 to 400 times, which could translate into a few years, depending on how often you play.

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