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Best Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Updated March 2023
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FINEDINE Premium Grade Stainless Steel Wine Glasses
Premium Grade Stainless Steel Wine Glasses
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Includes Lids
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This durable pair is recognized for its sleek design and functionality when it comes to keeping vino cool.


The double-walled, stainless steel construction keeps beverage at room temperature no matter the weather. Includes a BPA-free lid with a rubber stopper for leak-free use. Features a nonskid base.


A few customers said the product arrived with a bent stem.

Best Bang for the Buck
Wine Outside Unbreakable Wine Glasses
Wine Outside
Unbreakable Wine Glasses
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Simple Yet Solid
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This classy set is perfect for a family outdoor picnic.


Made of 100% BPA-free Tritan plastic, which does not stain or fade. Safe for outdoor use. Premium design at an affordable price. Sustainable and comfortable to use. Large capacity also caters to cocktails. Safe to use in a dishwasher.


They smell of plastic.

Vivocci Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses
Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses
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Customer Favorite
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This modern set offers elegance and peace of mind for outdoor parties and events.


These are crafted from BPA-free Tritan copolyester, rather than cheap plastic. Large 20-oz capacity caters to other beverages, including juice, water, and cocktails. Solid price for 4 dishwasher-safe design. Made by a trusted name.


Vessel can be scratched. Wall is relatively thick and may diminish the taste of quality vino.

Gustro Nostro Stemmed Stainless Steel Wine Glasses
Gustro Nostro
Stemmed Stainless Steel Wine Glasses
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Durable & Elegant
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This stainless steel option will look great on a home bar while offering terrific functionality when outdoors.


BPA-free and made from shatterproof, highly polished stainless steel, promising precision-balanced stability. Can hold 18 ounces and keep drinks chilled for a long time. Tastefully packed, travel-friendly, and ideal to gift. Come in 4 different finishes, including silver and rose gold.


A bit pricey. Obscures look of contents.

FINEDINE Stainless Steel Wine Glasses
Stainless Steel Wine Glasses
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Durable & Rugged
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Buyers looking for a set of unbreakable wine glasses will find their match in this sleek model.


Stainless steel construction for supreme durability. Larger build holds 18 ounces of wine. Tumbler design keeps wine at room temperature, or cool if chilled. Great for picnics, traveling, and camping. Safe for dishwasher.


A few buyers complained of the glasses leaving a metal aftertaste.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best unbreakable wine glasses

It’s nice to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine, but a broken glass quickly dampens the mood. As accidents can and do happen, sometimes an unbreakable wine glass is the better vessel of choice.

Unbreakable wine glasses offer peace of mind when drinking wine or other beverages in situations where broken glass would be especially troublesome, such as poolside, at the beach, or when there are pets around. Unbreakable wine glasses are also a useful investment to minimize potential cleanup as well as cost for those occasions when you’re serving a large group of people.

While you might assume that all unbreakable wine glasses are cheap-looking plastic, that isn’t the case. There are material and design options, and some options are simply silly and festive.

unbreakable wine glasses1
Save those expensive bottles of wine to enjoy in standard glass or crystal wine glasses. Cheaper wines, spritzers, mixed drinks, and other cocktails pair well with unbreakable glasses.

Key considerations

Pros and cons

Unbreakable wine glasses are ideal for traveling and enjoying drinks outside. Most of these glasses are light, cheap, and easy to clean. Some may closely resemble a “real” wine glass, while others use color and design to make for a glass that’s more whimsical.

However, there are some drawbacks. Durability typically sacrifices the look and feel of glass and crystal. Wine doesn’t look the same in plastic, and these materials have a decidedly different weight and texture to them. If you’re used to crystal, the materials used for unbreakable glasses may feel odd.

Most importantly, perhaps, is that the design and thickness of the rim won’t optimize the taste and aroma of the wine. Unbreakable wine glasses are thicker than those made of glass or crystal, so the flavor can be affected.

Also, it’s harder to find unbreakable wine glasses that are the proper shape for the varietal. The body, acidity, and tannin of a wine dictate the ideal glass shape that should be used. While there are some standout designs, most unbreakable wine glasses have a universal shape. They will hold any type of wine, but they won’t enhance it.


Unbreakable wine glasses are not made of glass, which can easily chip, crack or shatter. Instead, there are three main materials used to create glasses deemed “unbreakable”: plastic, stainless steel, and silicone.

Plastic: These glasses are common and generally inexpensive, and their designs may vary in an attempt to replicate standard wine glasses. There are some higher-end plastic wine glasses from quality brands that come the closest to the look of a proper wine glass. These enable you to see the wine in the glass and have a relatively thin rim, which is better for enjoying the flavor and aroma of the wine.

Stainless steel: These unbreakable wine glasses are growing in popularity. They are reliable, durable vessels with a modern or industrial style. While you can’t see the wine through them, stainless steel glasses are easy to transport and many options are well insulated. They resist shattering and most also resist rust and corrosion.

Silicone: This option offers a little more flexibility than plastic and is often easier to store and transport. While silicone glasses are relatively cheap and offer the most versatility in terms of design and personalization, they are not thin and will likely interfere somewhat with the taste of the wine. They also obscure the color of the wine.


Unbreakable wine glasses vary in size from 12 to 20 ounces. Note that a standard wine pour is 5 or 6 ounces, with ample room to allow for aeration and the aromas to collect. If you want to use your unbreakable glasses for cocktails, sangria, or nonalcoholic beverages, you might want to opt for a larger size.

Unbreakable glasses can be a useful learning tool for children. They offer a chance to work on control and dexterity without the risk of broken glass.



Color and design

The materials used to make unbreakable wine glasses allow for various color and design options if you want to personalize them. Stainless steel may have a copper or rose gold coating if you’re looking for a particular look and style. Unbreakable plastic glasses may be infused with traces of color or feature designs to help differentiate their users. Other glasses are colored and come in sets featuring four or six distinct glasses. Inexpensive silicone and plastic glasses may also feature slogans or sayings for parties or other special occasions.


Some unbreakable wine glasses come with lids, adding even more convenience for those who are using them outside. Secure lids not only help to avoid spills and keep bugs out of beverages outdoors, but they can also help prevent any trace amounts of wine from staining a bag or tote when returning home. What’s more, some glasses with lids also include straws for even more convenience.


If you like to enjoy white wine or iced beverages outside in warm weather, you know that exposure to warm air can quickly warm up the beverage and melt any ice, diminishing the taste and diluting the drink. You can find unbreakable wine glasses with double-walled insulation to help keep the contents chilled.

Stemmed vs. stemless

Most unbreakable wine glasses are stemless, including all silicone wine glasses. The shape is sturdy and typically works well when enjoying a drink outdoors. However, there are some plastic and stainless stemmed options available for those looking to mimic the look of proper wine glasses.


Like other glassware, unbreakable wine glasses come in sets of two, four, six, or eight. Typically, the larger the set, the lower the cost per glass. However, unlike glassware, where you’re likely to get backups in case of breakage, you don’t have the same worry with unbreakable wine glasses.

unbreakable wine glasses2
“Tumbler” is a general term for any glass without a handle or stem. Stemless unbreakable wine glasses are sometimes referred to as tumblers in ads, while some stainless steel glasses are called goblets.


Wine tote: Picnic at Ascot Insulated Wine Tote
Unbreakable glasses can take care of your wine when you’ve reached your picnic spot, but you’ll want to keep your bottle safe and chilled in transit. We recommended this light and durable tote that includes a corkscrew, napkins, and two unbreakable glasses.

Wine opener: Brookstone Compact Wine Opener
While screw caps are growing in popularity, many bottles still use cork. Invest in a durable and easy-to-use corkscrew, like this option from Brookstone.

Wine chiller: Vacu Vin Prestige Wine Chiller
Keep your wine chilled whether you’re enjoying a bottle indoors or outside. This classic wine chiller from Vacu Vin is effective and pairs well with stainless steel unbreakable glasses.

Unbreakable wine glass prices

Inexpensive: You can find a pair or quartet of unbreakable wine glasses made of lesser-quality plastic or silicone for $15 or less.

Mid-range: Most unbreakable wine glasses cost between $15 and $25, including higher-quality plastic options as well as stainless steel and silicone glasses.

Expensive: For over $25, you can find sets of high-quality plastic and stainless steel, which may come with different colored finishes. Sets of six or eight plastic or silicone glasses are also available in this range.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can eventually fade any colors or slogans on unbreakable wine glasses.



  • Use your glasses for other beverages. Anytime you're enjoying a cold drink outside on a warm day, opt for insulated, unbreakable glass.
  • Keep glassware on hand too. Unbreakable glasses are best for certain situations, but you’ll want to keep some proper wine glasses on hand as well. They enhance the look, aroma, and taste of any wine.
  • Match the glasses to the occasion. Some unbreakable wine glasses are meant to be silly and convenient, while others strive for a bit more elegance. When deciding which glasses to use, keep the audience and the quality of wine in mind.
  • Choose stemless glasses. While stemmed unbreakable glasses don’t shatter or split, they can still tip over. If there are kids or pets around, opt for stemless glasses that are just as stable as they are durable.
unbreakable wine glasses3
Eventually, unbreakable wine glasses may require a more thorough cleaning. Unlike glass, plastic and stainless steel may acquire odors or stains that need removing.


Q. How do I wash my unbreakable wine glasses?

A. Most unbreakable wine glasses are dishwasher safe, including many made from plastic, stainless steel, and silicone. However, while the dishwasher is convenient, there is a chance that the heat can distort the plastic or silicone, and any coating or design may also start to fade. You can also clean your glasses by hand with dish soap and warm water.

Q. How can I improve the taste of wine in an unbreakable glass?

A. Using an unbreakable glass doesn't necessarily mean you have to sacrifice a lot of taste and flavor, but it does mean you might need to put in some extra effort. Try to match the shape of the glass to the type of wine: aromatic reds should have a larger rim; big and bold wines require a bigger bowl, and glasses for floral whites should be narrower.

You also want to keep your wine chilled to the ideal temperature, so use an insulated glass and a chiller.

In the case of reds, decanting can help smooth out tannins and activate flavors, even in cheaper bottles. Using a traditional decanter may not be an option when at a park or beach, but swirling frequently in the glass can help speed aeration. Pouring wine into a jug or travel container may be inelegant, but it does decant the wine nonetheless.

Q. Are unbreakable wine glasses truly unbreakable?

A. While it’s still possible to break and damage glasses made of silicone, plastic, and stainless steel, it’s not as easy as breaking standard glass or crystal. Glasses advertised as “unbreakable” are more accurately described as “shatterproof.” Be mindful that some stainless steel and plastic glasses can still be scratched. They may not be dangerous or unusable, but they can become unsightly.


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