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Updated May 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir Glass
Vinum Pinot Noir Glass
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High Quality
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Beautiful and exquisitely-made, these are designed to enhance aroma and taste.


Large bowl collects and preserves all the subtle aromas. Narrow rim curves to embrace acidity and sweetness when it meets the mouth. Made of fine crystal. Apt for other aromatic reds. Dishwasher-safe.


High cost for a pair. Design is tall and wide.

Best Bang for the Buck
Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal
Schott Zwiesel
Tritan Crystal
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Simple Elegance
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A stemless set of sturdy crystal from a 100-year-old German company.


Tritan crystal makes these glasses break-resistant. The 18-ounce vessels are nicely weighted and fit well in the hand, while the geometric look is clean and modern.


Some felt they were a little thick and too contemporary-looking.

Luigi Bormioli Atelier
Luigi Bormioli
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Modern & Classy
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Distinctive and modern lead-free glassware made in Italy.


Smooth design can resist fingerprints. With a wide bowl, these are durable and classy. Dishwasher safe. Set of 6 glasses.


Check the dimensions, as they don’t fit in all racks.

Luxbe Crystal Burgundy
Crystal Burgundy
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Contemporary & Clean Look
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Offer a generous pour with these 20-ounce handmade crystal vessels.


The bowl shape is clean and modern looking, as well as being ideal for full-bodied reds, directing the flow of the wine and balancing the acidity. Lead-free crystal preserves the taste.


These are sold as dishwasher-safe, but are very delicate and may require hand-washing.

LUXU Wine Glass
Wine Glass
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Thoughtful Design
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Designed for optimal taste of the full blend, this option is hand-blown and made with lead-free crystal.


Constructed with a long stem and a thin, laser-cut rim, this shape is ideal for drinking Pinot Noir. Functional and classic style to be enjoyed at any type of event. Comes as a set of 2.


These are fragile and may break easily.


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Buying guide for Best pinot noir wine glasses

Great care and thought go into making a delicious bottle of wine, and care and thought should go into choosing and drinking one, too. Using just any old glass to enjoy wine means not only potentially missing out on all the subtle aromas and tastes but even possibly turning a quality drink into something substandard, too. That’s why it’s important to use the right glass for the type of wine, including pinot noir.

Wine glasses work to enhance aromas and aerate the wine. One size (and shape) does not fit all wines, however. Every type of wine is enhanced, or not, by the glass it's in. The size and shape of the glass dictate whether the wine releases aromas into the air or collects them in the glass. The shape of the glass can also affect temperature and evaporation and mitigate bitterness.

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Pinot noir is a versatile red wine. It can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a variety of meat and vegetable dishes, including chicken, duck, and mushrooms.

Key considerations

Pinot noir

While most commonly used to make red wine, the pinot noir grape can also be used to make white, rosé, and sparkling wine. Pinot noir is the world’s most popular light-bodied red, made in France, Germany, the United States, Chile, and Australia. Because it’s not heavy or bitter, it can be enjoyed in all seasons, alone or with a meal.

Tasting notes

This light- (sometimes medium-) bodied, dry red wine has a low tannin level, which means less bitterness, and a medium to high acidity level. Its primary flavors are of red fruits, such as raspberries, cherries, and strawberries. Other notes include hibiscus, mushroom, and clove. Pinot noirs made in France (Old World pinot noir) tend to be earthier and more floral, while those made in California are fruity and spicy. Whichever type you prefer, pinot noir offers a lot of intriguing variations.

Pinot noir glasses

Pinot noir should be enjoyed in an aroma collector, also known as a Burgundy glass. This glass is much wider than other wine glasses and tends to be slightly shorter. The rim is narrower, not unlike that on a snifter, because, as the name suggests, it traps the aromas of the wine instead of releasing them like other glasses. An aroma collector may or may not have a stem, and that stem may be short or long. Some aroma collectors are slightly more angular than round, but the lower part of the bowl is always wider and larger than the rim.


While pinot noir glasses aren’t as tall as some other wine glasses, they are wider, so you’ll want to consider where you’re going to store them. They can take up a lot of room in a cupboard, especially if you also have glasses for other types of wine. You might want to think about getting a bar cart or a hanging wine glass rack so they can be stored more efficiently.

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Did you know?
Pinot noir isn’t capitalized because it’s a type of grape. If you’re referring to a wine from a specific region, like Bordeaux, then it is capitalized.



Wine glasses sold in sets tend to be cheaper per glass than getting them individually. Consider the number of people who will be drinking pinot noir. If you host frequent gatherings, you may have use for more glasses. Also, note that investing in wine glasses means accepting the fact that they can and will break. Accidents happen, so take into consideration that you might have to get more in the future.

Stemmed vs. stemless

Pinot noir wine glasses are available with or without a stem. The shape and size of the glass, not the stem, are what affect the aroma and taste of the wine. However, a stemmed wine glass is preferred for chilled wines because holding the glass in your hand will slowly warm the wine. Stemless glasses are studier and less likely to tip over, but they can quickly become covered in fingerprints.

"Be sure to break out your glasses on August 14! That’s the date the world celebrates as International Pinot Noir Day."


Decanter: Final Touch Aerator and Decanter Set
Pinot noir should be decanted for 30 minutes before drinking. We love this decanter and aerator from Final Touch that will do the job in style and help your wine taste great.

Wine charms: Fred and Friends Wine Lives Kitty Drink Markers
Keep track of who’s drinking out of which glass with unique wine charms. This set of cute cat markers will come in handy at your next gathering.

Corkscrew: Foho Wing Corkscrew
Most bottles of red have a cork that you remove to open the bottle. Grab this wing corkscrew from Foho to easily remove the cork.

Wine preserver: OXO Wine Saver
Don’t feel pressured to rush through an entire bottle, and don’t let any wine go to waste. This OXO wine saver will keep your bottle from aerating too quickly and prolong its taste and aroma for days.

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Did you know?
The Burgundy region in France is one of the most diverse, historic, and influential wine territories in the world. It’s known for light, aromatic wines, hence, the Burgundy glass.

Pinot noir glass prices

Inexpensive: For under $30, you can find a set of two stemmed or stemless pinot noir glasses.

Mid-range: Spend in the range of $30 to $50 and you can find a set of four or six pinot noir glasses with or without stems.

Expensive: For over $50, you can find a set of four, six, or eight elegant pinot noir glasses, likely with stems.


  • Swirl the wine in the glass. Aromas are more readily released because swirling increases the surface area of the wine.
  • Smell the wine. The main feature of an aroma collector is holding the wine’s distinctive aromas. Breathe in all the notes before taking a sip.
  • Pour to the widest part. Due to its shape, the pour line is fairly easy to identify on a pinot noir glass. Fill to the widest part, leaving most of the glass empty. This allows room for savoring the aroma.
  • Polish your glasses. Aside from improving the smell and taste of pinot noir, these glasses are meant to showcase your wine.
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A common misconception is that all red wine should be served at room temperature. Pinot noir is best enjoyed slightly chilled, at around 55°F.


Q. How do I wash pinot noir wine glasses?
While many wine glasses are dishwasher safe, that doesn’t mean you should wash them that way. As mentioned, these glasses are delicate, and any jostling of dishes in the dishwasher can potentially break them. Stemless glasses are much sturdier and safer in a dishwasher. Still, it’s preferable to wash wine glasses by hand.

Q. What other wine or beverages can I drink from pinot noir glasses?
Many lighter-bodied red wines with potent aromas can be enjoyed in an aroma collector glass, as well as oaked chardonnays and rosés. As you may not be investing in a wide range of glasses for every kind of wine, some full-bodied reds can also be enjoyed in an aroma collector as well. However, these should be decanted for at least 30 minutes, and even up to an hour, to account for a glass that’s smaller than ideal. Avoid using these glasses for dry white or sparkling wines.

Q. Does the type of glass really affect the taste of the wine?
Wine is complex. Just as drinking a draught beer from a martini glass would affect the taste and other qualities of the beer, the type of glass you drink wine from can make a difference. You can test this out at home. Pour a decent bottle of wine into different glasses, including a water glass and an aroma collector. Smelling and tasting the wine from different glasses will demonstrate how great an effect the right glass has.

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