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Best Chardonnay Wine Glasses

Updated May 2022
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Riedel Winewings Chardonnay Wine Glass
Winewings Chardonnay Wine Glass
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Trusted Brand
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An elegant, inventive vessel that welcomes the bold features of this full-bodied vino.


From a popular glassware company come this unique design specifically for oaky vintages. Features a slender, sturdy stem and flat-bottomed bowl. Large bowl collects aromas while the thin rim enhances taste. Dishwasher-safe.


A single glass is quite expensive. Not ideal for light-bodied whites.

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Bormioli Rocco White Wine Glasses, Set of 4
Bormioli Rocco
White Wine Glasses, Set of 4
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Simple Yet Solid
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For those seeking quality vessels at a low price, this affordable set of 4 is expertly made by a trusted name.


Four crystal vessels are designed for unoaked vintages and other light and floral white varieties. Durably constructed yet thin and lightweight. Rim does not interfere with taste. Dishwasher-safe; resists scratching.


Best reserved for light whites and unoaked vintages.

Riedel SST Oaked Chardonnay
SST Oaked Chardonnay
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Riedel was the first company to come up with vessels specifically for the fuller-bodied oaked vintages.


The SST range (see, smell, taste) is designed to fine-tune the performance of specific vinos. These tulip-shaped crystal goblets are perfect for the cream, fruit, and tannins of the naked varieties.


Quite pricey. They are also lightweight, so they need to be handled with extra care.

Libbey Signature Kentfield Estate Stemless Glasses
Signature Kentfield Estate Stemless Glasses
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Most Stylish
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This stemless glass is BPA-free, lead-free, and made in the U.S.


Made with a ClearFire formula for extra strength and shine, this stemless design is shaped to accentuate a variety of whites. The design also makes it useful for other beverages and less likely to break. Safe for the dishwasher.


If you're holding the glass for any length of time, the beverage can grow warm.

Schott Zwiesel White Wine Glasses, Set of 8
Schott Zwiesel
White Wine Glasses, Set of 8
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Best for Large Households
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Comprehensive set of elegant design for large households and frequent hosts.


This set of 8 features a classic bowl design expertly crafted with crystal glass to enhance taste. Base and stem are sturdy and balanced. Tapered rim traps aromas; thin cut offers stunning clarity. Dishwasher-safe and scratch-resistant.


Set is a steep investment and requires plenty of storage. Not suitable for reds.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best chardonnay glasses

To enhance and fully enjoy the qualities of a bottle of wine, it’s important to match it with the right glass. Acidity, aroma, body, alcohol content, and bitterness all contribute not only to how a particular wine tastes but also how it should be consumed. The shape of the glass affects these qualities — especially the wine’s aroma, which can play a crucial role in how much you enjoy your drink. For example, if you've chosen a special wine for its particular notes, you would not be well-served by a glass that dampens those aromas.

For those who regularly enjoy chardonnay, a diverse wine that is also one of the most popular in the world, it’s a good idea to have a set of chardonnay-specific wine glasses on hand in your kitchen or bar. In this guide, we detail the differences between the two types of chardonnay and which glasses pair well with each type.

chardonnay glasses1
Chardonnay is a popular and versatile wine — so much so that it’s the most frequently grown white wine grape in the world. It is planted in both warm and cool climates, from Australia to France to the United States.

Key considerations

Chardonnay type

Chardonnay may be divided into two distinct types: oaked and unoaked. Oaked chardonnay is aged in barrels, which adds a creamy, sweet, or rich taste to it. A buttery vanilla quality is often apparent. Oaked chardonnay is a full-bodied white that is often paired with equally rich and creamy dishes.

Unoaked chardonnay features a profile that is more citrusy and floral, similar to other popular white wines. These are often described as fresh, light, lean, and acidic. As these two types of chardonnay are quite different, each requires its own type of glass for maximum enjoyment.

Glass type

Most white wines are best served in a smaller-bowled glass, where floral aromas and cool temperature are best preserved. Unoaked chardonnay, which boasts fruitiness and acidity, will be enjoyed in a standard white wine glass. It’s not particularly tall or wide like certain red wine glasses are, so it is easy to clean and store. The narrow rim allows the aromas to rise and meet the nose while the relatively smaller bowl keeps the wine cooler longer.

Oaked chardonnay calls for a wider bowl, where its potent aromas can be collected and the wine can better aerate. A Burgundy glass, also known as an aroma collector, is ideal for wines like oaked chardonnay that are big on scents and sweeter notes. These wider glasses may be harder to store and are easier to break.


Most chardonnay wine glasses are made of glass, but not all glass is the same. For the majority of connoisseurs, the preferred mid-range material is crystal glass. Crystal glass contains a small and varied percentage of minerals that strengthen the glass. (Most are lead-free). It is pricier than regular glass, and as you might expect, the price rises with quality. Crystal also reflects light, which can help highlight the color of your chosen wine.

Those who don’t prefer crystal may wish to look for chardonnay glasses made of borosilicate glass. This material is durable, heat-resistant, dishwasher safe, and resistant to scratches, though it can be rather pricey.

When enjoying a glass of chardonnay with dinner, opt for meals that are rich and creamy. In particular, pastas, fish, seafood, creamy soups, and soft cheeses are great foods to enjoy with a refreshing glass of chardonnay.




While the shape of the glass can complement the qualities of wine, stems don’t really matter as much. In most cases, the presence of a stem comes down to personal preference. Stemmed glasses exude an elegant, classic look, but stemless glasses are sturdier, easier to store in cupboards or on shelves, and often easier to hold.

Keep in mind that with stemless glasses, your hand is gripping the bowl, which may cause the wine to warm up over time. Fingerprints are also more readily apparent on stemless glasses. Lastly, without a stem, such glasses aren’t compatible with hanging wine glass racks.


Wine glasses come in pairs and sets with the option to get two, four, six, or even eight together. Typically, you’ll get a price break with a larger set. Figuring out how many glasses to choose can be tricky, though. You’ll want to factor in how many people may be using the glasses at the same time and also consider that breakage is likely to occur. In addition, storage space may be an issue.


A thinner rim is preferred by wine drinkers, as it allows the palate to encounter and enjoy the wine upon tasting. Put simply, there is less glass to connect the wine to your mouth, and for high-quality bottles of wine, you don’t want glass interference. Thinner rims are typically found in a higher-quality glass where durability doesn’t necessitate the glass to be thick.


Top-shelf chardonnay glasses, particularly hand-blown options, boast impressive clarity. While this doesn’t affect the taste and smell of wine, arguably the two most important wine traits, impressive clarity can help you embrace your wine’s color. Older oaked chardonnay may cast a dark yellow hue when light hits it through the glass; younger unoaked chardonnay may sparkle brightly. Unoaked chardonnay is typically a pale yellow, while oaked chardonnay boasts a rich golden color.

chardonnay glasses2
Chablis is a northern area in the wine-making region of Burgundy, France. Chablis has become popular for making crisp unoaked chardonnay for those who don’t enjoy the traditional rich and creamy chardonnay.


Wine glass charms: Palm City Products Wine Charm Set
Avoid mixing up glasses when drinking among friends with wine glass charms. We love this inexpensive beach-themed set from Palm City Products featuring 10 unique pieces.

Wine chiller: Wine Enthusiast Iceless Bottle Chiller
Chardonnay is best enjoyed cool. Opt for this iceless wine chiller from Wine Enthusiast that shows off your bottle and keeps it refreshing.

Wine opener: HiCoup Premium Waiter’s Corkscrew
A corkscrew is an essential utensil to keep on hand for whenever you’re enjoying wine. We recommend this easy-to-use, high-quality option from HiCoup for any cork.

Chardonnay glasses: prices


A decent chardonnay wine glass costs between $8 and $10, allowing you to find a pair for $20 or less.


Most chardonnay wine glasses cost between $10 and $15 each. A set of four will run up to $60.


The highest-quality crystal glasses cost at least $15 and possibly over $25 apiece.

To keep your chardonnay glasses looking their best, polish and dust them often. Water spots can accumulate if the glasses are left to air dry, and they may attract dust if left out unused for some time.



  • Leave room at the top of your glass. Pour your wine to the widest part of the glass, leaving ample space on top. This allows the qualities of the wine to be preserved and enjoyed.
  • Perfect your pour. The proper way to pour a glass of wine can take time to learn, but it’s worth it. Hold the bottle by its body, pour from a couple of inches over the glass, and turn and lift to finish the pour. You won’t lose a drop!
  • Consider breakage potential. How frequently a glass might tip over and break may influence how many, and what quality, glasses you get. People with pets and kids may wish to invest in less-costly options.
chardonnay glasses3
Most wine glasses are made from multiple pieces, though quality options will make this hard to discern as connection points are smoothed over. High-end glasses, however, may be made of a single piece for elegance and durability.


Q. How should I wash my chardonnay wine glasses?

A. Many chardonnay glasses may be dishwasher friendly, but while that can be an efficient solution, it can lead to problems. Over time, repeated cycles in the dishwasher can cloud the glass. What’s more, should any items move around within the dishwasher, the glass could shatter. Hand washing is encouraged for most glasses, but it should be done so carefully, particularly when cleaning the inside of the bowl. When finished, gently towel them dry.

Q. What other wines can I use in a chardonnay glass?

A. Glasses used for oaked chardonnay will also satisfy lighter-bodied reds, like pinot noir. Some rosé can be enjoyed as well, in addition to full-bodied whites like viognier. Most light- and medium-bodied white wines can be enjoyed in white wine glasses used for unoaked chardonnay, particularly the zesty and popular sauvignon blanc.

Q. What’s a universal wine glass, and is it worth the investment?

A. As the name suggests, a universal wine glass is a glass made to cater to all wines. However, not all wines will be enhanced by the glass's shape, particularly wines that have a prominent feature such as a high tannin level or powerful aroma. Still, a universal wine glass, which looks like a slightly larger version of a white wine glass, will suffice when it comes to medium-bodied wines, especially any budget-friendly selections. If you’re investing in a quality bottle, it’s best to break out the wine-specific glasses.