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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Nantucket Oval Ceramic Undermount Vanity Sink
Nantucket Sinks
Oval Ceramic Undermount Vanity Sink
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More Counterspace
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Small-sized ceramic vanity sink with drain opening and overflow that fits into small spaces.


Porcelain enamel glaze that gives bathroom a sharp look. Compact size won’t take up much space. Overflow and standard drain opening. Leaves plentiful countertop space.


Not wide enough to collect splashes or spills.

Best Bang for the Buck
Kohler Caxton Under-Mount Bathroom Sink
Caxton Under-Mount Bathroom Sink
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Trendy Design
Bottom Line

Attractive undermount sink with pre-installed overflow drain to naturally complement bathroom décor.


Easy installation. Compliments modern and traditional bathrooms. Turns rectangular countertop into vanity sink. Comes in various shapes. Clean design with overflow drain.


Sink’s white color is more of a dull off-white shade.

Kohler Caxton Vitreous China Undermount Bathroom Sink
Caxton Vitreous China Undermount Bathroom Sink
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Compact Design
Bottom Line

A nice option if you're looking for a smaller sink that is dependable.


Smaller size for space. Standard countertop cutout for easy install. Overflow drain and undermount assembly for easy cleaning. Available in varying colors.


Some have complained the sink is too small.

Nantucket Sinks 16x11 Rectangular Undermount Vanity Sink
Nantucket Sinks
16x11 Rectangular Undermount Vanity Sink
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Bright White Color
Bottom Line

Your best bet if you're struggling to find an undermount sink to fit your small vanity.


High-quality ceramic. Smooth porcelain enamel glaze. Easy to clean and install. Includes overflow and a cutout template. White color is bright. Fits a 21-inch cabinet base. Great fit for smaller vanities.


Only comes in one color. Some have complained about its size.

DECOLAV Classically Refined Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Sink
Classically Refined Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Sink
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Bottom Line

Large undermount sink that's easy to clean and has a classic design that will dress up any room.


Large and deep. Durable and easy to install. Compatible with standard drains. Each piece is double fired and glazed for more toughness and stain-resistance. ADA compliant for safe use.


No color choices. Complaints of off-center company logos.


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Buying guide for best undermount bathroom sinks

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, every detail matters. The right fixtures and décor add up to an efficient and attractive bathroom, which is why it’s worth considering a practical undermount sink.

Undermount sinks are known for their smooth, seamless details — it’s a clean line from the countertop into the sink. Unlike drop-in sinks, they don’t take up counter space, which also means you won’t see the sink lip or any caulking. As you shop around for undermount sinks, you’ll notice that there are no holes for the faucets. As a result, you’re afforded a wealth of options for these fixtures, and you can explore different areas around the sink to install them.

Undermount sinks deliver the best in design and function and add to your home’s value, which is why they’re growing in popularity. If you’re ready to give your bathroom a contemporary look, we invite you to read our buying guide and take a look at some of the undermount sinks we think stand out from the crowd.

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If you’re replacing tile as well as the sink in your bathroom, make sure the colors complement one another.

Key considerations


Besides giving your bathroom a fresh, modern look, an undermount sink offers some perks. For one, it’s an incredibly attractive feature to prospective buyers when you’re selling your home. Second, the sink adds counter space. On average, a drop-in sink takes away an inch or more of space around the perimeter of the sink, and counter space is often already limited in this area. Third, you have more options when it comes to mounting the faucet. To save even more counter space, you can install it in the wall or to the side of the sink. Overall, when it comes to function and aesthetic appeal, an undermount sink is essential to an updated bathroom.


Undermount bathroom sinks traditionally come in rectangular, round, and oval. While there isn’t a lot of variety in rectangular sinks, there are slight differences. In some models, the sides slope steeply to facilitate drainage (but you lose some capacity); in others, the corners are smoother and more rounded for a sleeker look.


Undermount bathroom sinks vary in size, but not drastically. On average, round and oval sinks measure around 19 inches in diameter. Rectangular sinks measure between 18 and 21 inches long. The major differences between sinks are in width and depth, and the basin style can vary quite a bit, especially with rectangular models.


When budgeting for your new bathroom project, you’ll need to add other costs in addition to your undermount sink. Because all you get with the purchase is the sink itself, you need to buy everything else, including the faucet, plug, and mounting kit. If you’re tackling the installation yourself, be prepared to spend some money on other tools and materials, like silicone caulk and a caulking gun.

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Did you know?
If your undermount sink has difficulty draining, snake the drain to clear out any clogs. You can use a simple manual crank or invest in an attachment for a power drill.

Undermount bathroom sink features


The most popular colors for undermount bathroom sinks are white, off-white, and eggshell. If you’re looking for a larger color variety, expect to spend more on your sink, because the premium models tend to offer the largest selection. Other popular colors you can expect to see include black, gray, brown, and pink, as well as several other shades of off-white.


Most undermount bathroom sinks are made of ceramic, particularly porcelain. Once they’re cast, the sinks are fired and glazed at least once. The sinks are also coated with vitreous china, an enamel layer that strengthens the porcelain so it can hold up to years of use. You’ll see this enamel coating on toilets and bathtubs as well.

Overflow hole

Some undermount kitchen sinks are outfitted with an overflow hole. This feature does just what its name says it does, which is to prevent water spilling over when it doesn’t drain quickly enough. It doesn’t actually reroute the water; instead, it provides an opening for air to flow into the drain to accelerate the draining process. Depending on the shape of the sink, the overflow hole is located either in the front or back side of the sink.


A warranty is important, especially if you plan on selling your home and want everything, including the undermount bathroom sink, to be in pristine condition. On average, a warranty lasts between one and five years, and some manufacturers offer lifetime warranties (for which you’ll pay a premium). To be eligible to use your warranty, you need to maintain your sink following the manufacturer's recommendations. In the event you care for it improperly, you could void the warranty. Defer to the manufacturer's website for any preferred methods of care and cleaning.

Undermount bathroom sink prices

Undermount bathroom sinks cost between $40 and $300.

Inexpensive: At the lower end, between $40 and $60, you’ll find simply shaped porcelain sinks in mostly white or off-white.

Mid-range: These sinks cost between $60 and $100 and come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Many have undergone an intense, multiphase glazing and firing process to make them stain resistant.

Expensive: At the high end of the range, between $100 and $300, you’ll find premium undermount sinks with the largest color variety from major brands. These sinks almost always include an overflow hole, they’ve undergone multiphase glazing and firing, and they often have the longest manufacturer’s warranties.

Expert Tip


  • Consider the sink’s resale value. If you’re on the fence about installing an undermount bathroom sink, think about how it contributes to your home’s resale value.

  • Hire a pro. If you’re short on time or want peace of mind about the quality of a remodeling job, hire a pro to install your undermount sink.

  • Measure the area more than once. Measure your countertop two or three times for precision and accuracy. Even the slightest miscalculation could cause you to get the wrong size sink.

  • Rinse the sink thoroughly after washing off beauty products. Makeup, facial masks, and hair coloring contain dyes and chemicals that could stain the sink. Wash the sink with soap and water to remove any residual product and avoid discoloration.

  • Keep homemade cleaner under the sink. If you want to clean your sink naturally, make a solution of vinegar water and keep it handy in a spray bottle.

Other products we considered

We like the smooth lines of the Lordear Vessel Undermount Sink. This sink is made of high-quality porcelain that’s engineered for low water absorption and acid resistance. It’s available in four sizes, so you’ll be able to fit it to nearly every bathroom counter in your home. And it comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re looking for durability and quality, the MR Direct UPS Undermount Bathroom Sink is an ideal pick. This porcelain sink is triple-glazed and triple-fired at 2,000°F for a chip-resistant, glossy finish that stays shiny for years. It’s also equipped with an overflow hole. Available in white, bisque, and black, it’s an attractive choice for any bathroom and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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If you love your undermount bathroom sink but want to give it a moderate facelift, opt for a new faucet and drain in a different finish or color.


Q. Is there a big difference between white and off-white when it comes to colors for undermount bathroom sinks?

A. Not really, since it boils down to your bathroom décor preference. If you want to match the toilet and tub, stick with the same color. White and off-white are noticeably different when they’re placed next to one another. If you’re replacing the toilet and tub as well as the sink, you could go with either for a uniform look. A bright white can liven up a bathroom, while off-white adds a subtler touch.

Q. Can I use bleach to clean my porcelain undermount bathroom sink?

A. It depends on the sink’s color as well as how new it is. If you have a new, unscratched white porcelain sink, bleach could be safe, but there are other cleaning products that are safer and less abrasive. As far as colored porcelain goes, avoid using bleach because it could stain the sink and cause permanent discoloration. Dish soap applied with a sponge is a safer choice to preserve the porcelain. If you’d like to go the natural route, vinegar and lemon juice are also effective. Most importantly, if you regularly clean and properly maintain your porcelain undermount sink, you won’t need to resort to harsh chemicals and cleaners.

Q. Should I purchase one undermount sink for my main bathroom, or is it better to replace all the bathroom sinks at the same time?

A. If you plan on eventually replacing all the sinks within a couple years, you might as well replace them at the same time. It will be easier to track your manufacturer warranties as well. You could also be eligible for discounts, such as free delivery or a bulk purchase deal.

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