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Want to save your relationship? Try sleeping with separate blankets

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The Scandinavian Sleep Method is here to save your relationship

Sleeping with a partner can be tricky. Different people can have different sleep styles (like when one person sleeps like a log, perfectly still all night, while the other tosses and turns). And different people generally have different temperature and blanket preferences.

Enter the Scandinavian Sleep Method, which went viral last year thanks to Swedish influencer Cecilia Blomdahl. With this method, couples sleep in the same bed, but instead of sharing one large blanket, they each get their own smaller one. It gives them more freedom to move around and regulate their own temperature while they sleep — and you have to admit, it's pretty genius, whether the blanket is designed with this sleep method in mind or just captures the spirit of sleeping Scandinavian style.

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Want to try the Scandinavian Sleep Method? These blankets will get you started

Muslin Comfort The 365 Blanket

We tested this blanket and found it's one of the best for the Scandinavian Sleep Method because it's designed to be used “European style” without a top sheet. It’s so soft and cozy and manages to be both lightweight and warm at the same time.

Muslin Comfort The Extra Warm Blanket

If you like sleeping a little bit warmer (or live somewhere particularly cold), this blanket could be a good choice — it's similar to the 365 Blanket, but two layers thicker to add more warmth and weight.

Coyuchi Cascade Organic Matelasse Blanket

This organic cotton blanket feels light and lofty, but still soft and textured — perfect for those who want an in-between blanket that's good for layering.

Peacock Alley Newport Blanket

For those who sleep warm (or live in a warmer climate), this blanket is crafted from cotton worked into a light, textural weave that makes it airy and breathable.

Big Blanket Co Original Stretch Blanket

When you can’t bring yourself to sleep with separate blankets, the Stretch Blanket from Big Blanket Co is a good compromise. At eight or 10 feet square, it’s so big there is ample room for two, no matter how you and your partner sleep.

Amazon Basics Reversible, Lightweight Microfiber Comforter Blanket

If you’re buying two blankets or duvets, Amazon Basics has affordable options, including this microfiber comforter for just over $25.

PHF Ultra Soft Waffle Weave Blanket

This soft waffle-weave blanket is another good layering option. It comes in multiple sizes and has an affordable price, which makes it easier for couples on a budget to get two.

GREEN ORANGE High Pile Black and White Blanket

To make your Scandinavian Sleep setup as cozy as possible, this ultra-plush high pile blanket is made of soft, luxurious fleece that adds warmth and the ultimate softness.

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