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Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

Updated November 2023
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Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
Memory Foam Mattress
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Cool & Firm
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The cooling effect and hybrid-like foam layers make this mattress a good choice for hot sleepers who prefer firm support.


Offers reliable support thanks to five layers designed for the contours of the body. The mattress doesn't transfer motion, making it ideal for two people. Top layer is breathable and provides excellent cooling. Backed by a forever warranty.


Because it's firm for a memory foam mattress, it may not work for consumers who prefer softer support.

Best Bang for the Buck
DreamCloud Queen Mattress
Queen Mattress
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Best for Back Sleepers
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The firm innerspring build of this hybrid mattress is perfect for back sleepers, and its quality materials make this one of the best on the market.


A hybrid mattress with supportive innerspring coils and a pressure-relieving memory foam top. Foam has temperature-regulating features so it’s not too hot. Distributes weight so partners don’t disturb each other. High-quality materials ensure a long service life.


Very bouncy compared to an all-foam mattress.

Classic Brands Cool Gel 2.0
Classic Brands
Cool Gel 2.0
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Best Value
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A dual-layer memory foam mattress that regulates temperature well and has a softer feel than innerspring mattresses.


Great temperature control, even during hot summer nights. Medium to medium-firm feel for most sleepers. Cushions side sleepers; provides good support for back and stomach sleepers, too. Inflates quickly to its full 14-inch height.


Has a strong chemical odor after unpacking.

Nolah Evolution Luxury 15-Inch Mattress
Evolution Luxury 15-Inch Mattress
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Most Comprehensive
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It's the combination of foam layers, inner coils and cooling technology that have made this mattress a customer favorite.


Made with a graphite-infused top layer and a soft organic cotton cover that conduct heat. Features a hybrid design with inner coils for lasting support. Available in a choice of three firmness levels. Lifetime warranty.


The plush mattress is quite soft, so it won't work for those who prefer firmer support.

Cocoon by Sealy The Chill Mattress
Cocoon by Sealy
The Chill Mattress
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Simple Yet Solid
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This is another premium mattress by a top brand that supports and cools for restorative sleep.


An outstanding choice for hot sleepers, as it has a cooling cover that absorbs heat all night long. You can choose from all-foam or hybrid designs. Each model delivers notable support for all types of sleepers.


Both styles of this mattress are fairly firm and may not appeal to those who prefer softer foam models.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best mattresses for hot sleepers

Plenty of things can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep, but the wrong temperature is one of the biggest culprits. If you’re usually hot at night, getting comfortable is a real challenge, which is why you need a mattress specifically made for hot sleepers.

Mattresses for hot sleepers are designed to help you stay cool at night by not retaining as much body heat as traditional mattresses. Their construction and materials help air circulate more effectively between you and the mattress to regulate the temperature and keep you cool. Some mattresses even offer a moisture-wicking fabric cover to move sweat away from you as you sleep, so you stay cool and dry all night long.

But there are so many mattresses for hot sleepers on the market that choosing the right one can be tough. If you need help figuring it all out, our buying guide is full of tips. Still unsure? Check out our specific mattress recommendations to make the shopping process even easier.

Some mattress covers are made of phase-change materials (PCM) that retain heat until your body temperature reaches a certain point. That can make for a much cooler night’s sleep.

Key considerations


While there are many different types of mattresses on the market, not all of them will help you sleep cool at night. If you’re a hot sleeper, you want to choose a mattress that allows for effective airflow and doesn’t trap your body heat. The best types of mattresses for hot sleepers include the following:

Innerspring: Many consider these mattresses to be the best option for hot sleepers. They don’t absorb much body heat because the metal coils inside are spaced fairly far apart, which allows for effective air circulation. However, an innerspring mattress produces more motion transfer than other mattress types, and it doesn't always provide the best pressure relief.

Latex: Latex mattresses are another excellent option for hot sleepers. Open-cell latex is a breathable material that allows air to circulate more freely than some other materials like memory foam. Latex doesn’t absorb heat and has heat- and moisture-wicking properties. It’s important to choose a natural latex mattress, however, because synthetic or blended latex can make some people feel warmer.

Specialty foam: Memory foam has become a popular material for mattresses in recent years, but it isn’t the best option for hot sleepers because it traps heat. Fortunately, other types of foam can work well to keep you cool. Gel-infused foam is probably the best option because it absorbs and diffuses body heat. Copper-and-graphite-infused foam is another good choice because copper and graphite naturally conduct heat, so the foam draws heat away from your body. 

Hybrid: These mattresses are essentially a combination of innerspring and foam types. Hybrid mattresses offer the air circulation of an innerspring mattress while providing the pressure relief of a foam mattress. To make them more comfortable for hot sleepers, some hybrid mattresses include cooling technologies and materials like gel-infused foam to increase the airflow.


While the material a mattress is made of affects how you sleep, the cover design and material also play a role in temperature regulation. You can choose between two styles of mattress cover: quilted and non-quilted.

Quilted mattress covers are typically thick and plush and don’t allow air to circulate effectively.

Non-quilted mattress covers are usually thinner, so they provide better air circulation. Hot sleepers should opt for a mattress with a non-quilted cover to ensure that they stay as cool as possible. It’s best to stick with cotton, too, since it tends to be more breathable than other options.

Sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds should opt for an extra-firm mattress because their body weight is likely to compress the mattress and limit airflow.




The mattress size you choose typically depends on the size of your current bed. If you’re replacing an existing mattress, you want to select the same size. If you’re buying a new bed, you should choose a mattress based on your size and whether you plan to share the bed with someone else. If you’re shopping for a child, you also want to take into account how much you think your child will grow in the future.

If you are a hot sleeper and share a bed, you might want a slightly larger mattress than you need. That will give you more space on the mattress, so you’re not sharing too much body heat with your sleeping partner and have more room for air circulation.

Twin mattresses measure 38 inches wide by 75 inches long and are usually suitable for kids who’ve outgrown a toddler bed, teenagers, or solo adult sleepers.

Twin XL mattresses, which are often found in college dorm rooms, measure 38 inches wide by 80 inches long and are a better option for tall teens or adults.

Full mattresses measure 54 inches wide by 75 inches long and are usually large enough to sleep two adults. If they have a large enough bedroom, many couples prefer a slightly larger mattress. Single sleepers who get hot often appreciate a full-size mattress because they have room to move around and allow the air to circulate.

Queen mattresses measure 60 inches wide by 80 inches long and can typically fit in most bedrooms without issue. These are ideal for couples. This size also works well for single sleepers who want more space.

King mattresses measure 76 inches long by 80 inches wide and are ideal for couples, particularly if one partner is a hot sleeper. They also work well if kids and pets wind up in bed with you at night. However, a king-size mattress takes up a lot of space in the bedroom.

California king mattresses measure 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, making them longer but a bit narrower than a traditional king mattress. That’s why they’re a good option for extremely tall individuals. Some couples opt for a California king even if length isn’t an issue because the width fits in the bedroom more easily.


The firmness of a mattress determines how supportive or comfortable it is as well as how warm it gets. Softer mattresses tend to cradle your body when you lie down, preventing motion transfer and relieving pressure. However, a soft mattress can also trap heat and limit air circulation, making you hotter at night.

Medium-firm to firm mattresses are better options for hot sleepers because you don’t sink down into them as much. This improves air circulation for more comfortable sleeping.

Trial period

Many mattresses — especially those purchased online — come with a trial period, which gives you a chance to try the mattress at home to see if it really keeps you cool and comfortable at night. Most brands allow about 100 nights to test their mattresses, but some offer up to a year. If you find that the mattress isn’t comfortable or makes you too hot at night, you can return it for a full refund. A mattress that includes a trial period is an excellent option for a hot sleeper because it gives you a real opportunity to see how cool it sleeps without worrying about losing your money.

Did You Know?
Hot air rises, so the closer your mattress is to the floor, the cooler you should be as you sleep.


Tower fan: Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan
If you’re a hot sleeper, it can help to place a tower fan beside your bed in case your air conditioning doesn’t adequately cool your bedroom. This one from Lasko is a favorite because it offers quiet operation and a design that works well in large rooms.

Cooling pillow: Classic Brands Cool Sleep Pillow
To stay cool at night, it helps to pair your mattress with a cooling pillow, so your head and face are always comfortable. We love this one from Classic Brands because it features ventilated, gel-infused foam to help keep you cool and comes with a soft, washable cover designed to wick away moisture.

Mattresses for hot sleepers prices

Mattresses for hot sleepers vary in price based on the type, size, and other features. Most queen models cost between $129 and $2,950.

Inexpensive: The most affordable mattresses for hot sleepers are usually innerspring models. These work well for keeping you cool, but they aren’t the best option if you need pressure relief or want to limit motion transfer. You’ll typically pay between $129 and $720 for a queen-size model.

Mid-range: These mattresses for hot sleepers are usually hybrid, latex, or open-cell foam models. They are effective at keeping you cool and comfortable and offer more pressure relief and motion control. You’ll generally spend between $250 and $1,000 for a queen-size model.

Expensive: The most expensive mattresses for hot sleepers are usually hybrid or gel-foam models. They keep you cool and offer better support and limited motion control. You’ll typically spend between $900 and $2,950 for a queen-size model. However, those at the top end of the price range provide a wide range of special features, such as a liquid-based temperature control system, that you may not find necessary.

Aerated or open-cell foam mattresses sleep cooler than traditional foam mattresses because they allow for better air circulation.



  • Keep windows closed. Your bedroom will be cooler at night if you leave blinds, curtains, and windows closed during the day to keep out the heat. In the evening, if it’s cooler outside than it is inside, you can open the windows before you go to sleep.
  • Try a mattress topper. If your mattress doesn’t keep you as cool as you’d like in hot weather, you may want to add a gel mattress topper or pad to minimize the heat.
  • Get creative about cooling. If your bedroom doesn’t have air conditioning, place a bowl of ice in front of an electric fan near your bed. The fan will blow the cold air that’s over the ice onto you while you sleep.
The higher the gel concentration in a gel-infused foam mattress, the cooler it will keep you while you sleep.


Q. How often should I replace my mattress?

A. A quality mattress has a pretty long life. Most models can last up to a decade. Keep in mind that your mattress may wear out a little more quickly if you weigh 250 pounds or more.

Q. What type of sheets should I use on my mattress if I’m a hot sleeper?

A. You want to pair your mattress with sheets that are breathable and allow for adequate air circulation. That usually means choosing bedding made of natural materials like cotton, linen, or bamboo. Tencel, which is a blend of modal and lyocell, is another excellent sheet option for hot sleepers because it’s not only breathable but helps wick away moisture, too.

Q. Can I return a mattress if it’s not cool enough for comfortable sleeping?

A. While most mattresses come with some type of warranty, they usually don’t protect against issues relating to the mattress’s comfort. If you want to test how cool and comfortable a mattress is in person, consider choosing a model that comes with a trial period. You’ll be able to return the mattresses within a certain period if you find that you’re still too hot.