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Best Twin Bed Frames

Updated May 2023
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Zinus Lottie Upholstered Platform Bed Frame
Lottie Upholstered Platform Bed Frame
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A stylish twin bed frame from a trusted and popular company.


This platform bed frame comes with a beautifully designed tufted headboard. Made of wood, foam, and steel, this frame can hold up to 350 pounds. Sleek modern design fits most interiors. Requires no box spring.


This bed frame can be a bit flimsy.

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Ideal House Twin Metal Platform Bed Frame
Ideal House
Twin Metal Platform Bed Frame
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An affordable twin bed frame that's perfect for any bedroom.


This bed frame is metal and has a platform design. Made of alloy steel. Great for storing things underneath the bed if you need more space. This design does not make noise and is available in three different sizes. Excellent reviews.


Some assembly issues and some reports of legs breaking off.

Olee Sleep Twin Bed Frame
Olee Sleep
Twin Bed Frame
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Ample Storage Clearance
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A heavy-duty twin bed frame.


Steel construction for optimal strength that can support up to 1,200 pounds. No box spring is necessary. Sold with tools and hardware for assembly. Vertical clearance of 13.5 inches for storage underneath. Includes a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty.


More expensive than many other frames. May sometimes creak.

Max & Lily Twin Bed
Max & Lily
Twin Bed
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A classic twin bed frame style that creates an elegant look.


This twin bed frame is available in various colors and designs. It includes options for a twin bunk bed frame or a twin and a full bunk bed. The material is knot-free pine with a classic slatted headboard design.


Some complaints of a chemical smell and the bunk beds can be flimsy.

Zinus Abel Metal Platform Bed Frame
Abel Metal Platform Bed Frame
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Most Stylish
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A sleek twin bed frame perfect for guest rooms.


This twin bed frame is made of alloy steel and features a platform design. Includes room for storage underneath the bed. Supporting legs for stability. Works well with any room decor. Easy to assemble with slats that lock into place without bolts.


Some concerns about this frame not being very stable.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best twin bed frames

If you’re managing to sleep for the recommended eight hours a night, you’re spending a full third of your life in bed. As such, you should be comfortable. While some buyers feel a decent twin bed mattress is all they need, the truth is that you’re going to need a high-quality frame to go with it.

The best twin bed frames not only offer support for your mattress — and by extension, you — but also provide a number of other benefits. A good frame can help to reduce noise and vibrations that reach you as you sleep. It can improve airflow around you. It can also add a stylistic element to your bedroom.

When shopping for a twin bed frame, you need to take a number of factors into consideration. Everything from appearance and assembly to mobility and the amount of weight it can support all go into your final decision. This buying guide covers all these elements and more, as well as some of our favorites, to help you find the perfect twin bed frame for your needs at the price you want to pay.

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Among other benefits, a decent bed frame can help to minimize or reduce noise and vibrations that reach your bedroom through floors or walls.

Key considerations


A bed is the focal point of your bedroom. As such, you should shop for one with your bedroom décor in mind. While some of these bed frames are made of wood or have an upholstered surface, most are made of metal with a black finish.There’s a wide variety of styles available, from simple and traditional to modern or elegant, so this is one area you’ll want to think about before shopping.


Some frame manufacturers provide weight limits for their twin bed frames. Others don’t provide any information, and some claim their frames are for people of “average” weight, which isn’t terribly precise. In general, twin bed frames can easily support 250 pounds, with some manufacturers claiming that their frames are capable of supporting up to 1,200 pounds. If this is an important consideration for you, either contact the manufacturer for specifics or spend some time reading the listing’s comment section. This type of question is asked frequently, and past buyers are usually quick to share their own experiences in this area.


Most twin bed frames work with a wide variety of mattress types, including latex, coil, and memory foam. You can even use air mattresses on them.

Box springs

Box springs is one area in which these frames can differ. Some twin bed frames require them, while others don’t. See the FAQ section below for more on this.


One of the primary jobs of a twin bed frame is to raise your mattress off the floor. The height varies from frame to frame and directly impacts how much you can store under the bed.

Twin bed frames are typically between 12 and 15 inches high. The higher the frame, the more pillows, blankets, and other items you can tuck away under the bed. This can be a significant consideration, particularly in bedrooms where space is limited.


When you climb into or out of the bed, does the frame squeak and creak? How about when you toss and turn? Some twin bed frames, usually those that are less durable, can create noise when you move around on the bed. This can affect the quality of your sleep, a particularly important consideration for light sleepers. Again, check the online comment section to find out how noisy a given frame is before you purchase it.


How easy is the twin bed frame to put together? Some of these come fully assembled, allowing you to simply unfold your frame. With others, you’re going to need to assemble it. Some require only a few minutes of your time, while others may need you to devote an hour or two. In all cases, you should check that all hardware, tools, and detailed instructions/videos you need to assemble the bed ship with it.

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Expert Tip
Another selling point for buying a bed frame is that some mattress warrantees won’t cover a mattress that’s used without foundational support such as a frame.



Frame: As mentioned, most of these frames are constructed of steel, which provides a strong and sturdy foundation for your mattress. A frame should be durable enough to hold up over time. Any finish on the frame should resist peeling, chipping, and rusting.

Legs: A frame’s legs are typically made from the same material as the frame and are secured with bolts directly to the frame. They should be strong enough to hold the frame, mattress, and you securely. One way you can improve this security is by choosing a frame with more legs. Some frames have four legs — one in each corner — while other frames have six. The height of the legs is generally not adjustable.

Slats: The slats are the bars that span the width of the frame and support the mattress. Some slats are made of wood, but metal slats are more durable. The number and spacing of the slats are particularly important if you don’t use a box spring. If you don’t have a box spring, you should choose a twin bed frame with more slats spaced closer together.

Headboard and footboard: While not standard with twin bed frames, some do ship with a headboard and/or footboard. These should either attach solidly to the frame or be part of the frame itself. A headboard and footboard can offer a significant stylistic boost to your bed. If you wish to add your own headboard or footboard to a twin bed frame, this is usually easy to do. Check out the FAQ section below for more on this.

Wheels: A few twin bed frames have wheels. These can be a big help if you need to frequently move the bed. Any wheels should include locking mechanisms to hold the bed securely in place.

"Wheels on the legs of a bed frame can make the bed easier to move around the room as well as easier to move temporarily to clean the floor. "

Twin bed frame prices

Twin bed frames generally cost between $50 and $150, with some specialized frames costing more. The average price is between $60 and $80. While some manufacturers offer a one-year warranty, a five-year limited warranty is standard in this niche.

Inexpensive: At lower price points, you will find simple frames with four that offer little in the way of advanced features. The build quality is often minimal here.

Mid-range: In the middle, you start to find higher-quality, more durable bed frames, many with more legs that are capable of supporting more weight. These frames creak less than lower-priced frames, and some ship with a decorative headboard and footboard.

Expensive: At the highest price point, you’ll find heavier metal frames capable of supporting much more weight. Headboards and footboards are standard here, as are special design elements such as wood construction or an upholstered finish.

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Did you know?
At 38 x 75 inches, a twin mattress is the smallest mattress you can buy other than a crib mattress.


  • Match your décor. Upholstered frames are covered in fabric, which softens the look of the frame and may help it fit in better with the décor of your bedroom.

  • Check the number of slats. The more slats your frame has, and the closer together they are, the more support the frame will provide for your mattress.

  • Measure the clearance height. If you’re purchasing a twin bed frame to fit over plastic organizers that will slide under the frame, be sure to note the clearance height of the frame, not the actual height of the frame itself.

  • Watch the weight. If the weight of a bed frame is a significant factor in your decision, remember that a headboard and/or footboard can add significantly to the overall weight of the frame.

  • Match the frame to the mattress. If you find that your mattress slips off bed frames easily, try to find a frame that has a lip around the edge to hold the mattress in place. Air mattresses can be used with twin bed frames, but check your frame carefully first to locate any sharp or unfinished edges that might puncture the mattress. 

  • Check that you have all the parts and tools you need. Before assembling your bed frame, lay out all the parts and hardware to verify that the company has shipped everything you need to put the frame together correctly.

Other products we considered

Given the wide variety of twin bed frames available, we want to include a few more that we recommend. The first is the HAAGEEP Twin Bed Frame, which offers a heavy-duty design that includes steel slats. This frame is easy to assemble and provides you with a generous 16 inches of clearance. The Zinus Lorelei Bed Frame has ten metal slats for support, so you won’t need a box spring. This option features a simple, stripped-down design, and at 12 inches isn’t too high off the floor. We also like the Best Price Mattress Twin Bed Frame, an affordable frame that can be put together in minutes. This frame has six legs for added durability and support.

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So long as your frame has slats that are no farther apart than about 4 inches, you shouldn’t need a box spring.


Q. Can I attach a headboard to my twin bed frame?
A. While some twin bed frames ship with a headboard and/or footboard, most don’t include them. You should be able to easily attach your own headboard, usually via special brackets that you need to purchase separately. This allows you to select the style of headboard — slat, sleigh, or upholstered, for example — and a color to match your bedroom décor. Contact the manufacturer or seller before purchase to find out if you’ll need brackets to attach a headboard and where you can buy them.

Q. Do the legs on these bed frames fold?
A. While some do, they generally do not fold on these frames. The legs of most twin bed frames are bolted on to provide a secure and safe support system for your mattress. Folding legs could negatively impact this stability. Unless you really need a frame that folds up for portability, we recommend going with legs that are bolted on.

Q. Can I still use a box spring with a frame that has slats?
A. Yes, you can. The only downside to using a box spring with this type of frame is that your mattress will be fairly high off the ground, a situation that some sleepers find uncomfortable or are unable to manage.