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Updated December 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best magnetic car phone mounts

Parents, professionals, and multitaskers spend as much time on their phones as they do in their cars. Since the road should have your full attention while you’re driving, you need a hands-free solution for your phone. That’s why a magnetic car phone mount is an essential accessory to make your daily journeys safer and easier.

A magnetic car phone mount keeps your phone close enough to see and operate from the driver’s seat. Install it virtually anywhere, including the dashboard, windshield, or vents. Simply affix the magnet to your phone and stick it to the magnetized mount for a secure hold that won’t shift or pop off. Choose from models that you permanently affix to your dashboard, or opt for a removable one that you can easily relocate thanks to a suction cup or vent clip. No matter your preference, there’s a magnetic car phone mount that will suit the needs of you and your car.

If you’re ready for a safe, hands-free setup for your car, we have a detailed buying guide on magnetic car phone mounts to share with you. 

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In the event your phone detaches from the magnetic mount, pull over before you retrieve it. Don’t try to reattach it until you can get somewhere safe to see if there’s a major equipment malfunction.

Key considerations

How does a magnetic car phone mount work?

These devices are brilliantly simple when it comes to their technology. One magnet attaches to your phone, which then attaches to the magnetized base of the mount. Because the phone is essentially being held vertically in a moving vehicle, it needs to be secure. That’s why the mounts are designed with commercial-grade magnets that have the strength to prevent your phone from detaching even if you hit a pothole or drive in rough conditions.


When you’re deciding where to install your magnetic car phone mount, consider how it will affect your visibility. You don’t want it to obstruct your view of the road or distract you, though you may want to mount it in a place where your phone is easily viewed with a quick glance. Affix it where you can see it but far enough off to the side, so your forward and peripheral views of the road are clear.


Consider all the practical aspects before purchasing a magnetic car phone mount.

Case: Depending on the magnet system, you might have to change your protective phone case. Some cases are too thick and bulky for the magnet to work, so you’ll either need to remove your phone to use it or switch to another case style.

GPS: A magnetic car phone mount also offers a cost-effective alternative to more expensive car accessories. For one, you could forgo a GPS unit and use your phone for navigation instead. A GPS unit can be expensive, especially if it doesn’t have lifetime map updates. While navigation apps use data and sometimes require a subscription, there are still plenty of free apps available.

DVD player: Another solution offered by a magnetic car phone mount is an alternative to installing an overhead or headrest DVD player. These can be expensive and tricky to install for the average person, and mounting your phone or tablet for back-seat viewing is only a fraction of the price. While it’s not ideal and isn’t as easily visible, it’s a makeshift solution that’s affordable and easy to install.

Attachment styles

Vent clip: Inexpensive vent clip mounts slide or snap onto air conditioning vents and are the easiest to install and remove. If you change cars often or drive a rented vehicle, this is the best style for you. Just know that one could get in the way of your air conditioning and obstruct the airflow, especially if you’re using a large phone or tablet. Vent clips are fairly compact, so you won’t see them with telescopic arms or much adjustability beyond a basic swivel capability.

Suction cup: Like vent clips, suction cups are easy to remove because they’re not permanently affixed to the windshield or dashboard. These are ideal if you prefer a higher mount closer to your direct line of vision, particularly if you expect to use your phone for navigation. Suction cup mounts have swivel and tilt capabilities, as well as telescopic arms or flexible necks. Removing these mounts causes virtually no damage, but sometimes a suction cup can leave a permanent ring on the dashboard. To avoid this, regularly remove the mount and clean the surface to prevent buildup.

Sticky attachment: If you’re looking for a permanent solution for your magnetic car phone mount, the sticky attachment style is perfect. This type comes with a range of adjustability options, from as basic as those on vent clips to more advanced like those seen in suction cup mounts. Make sure you commit to the installation location, though, because the glue on these mounts is often commercial grade. Once the base of the mount is secure, it takes a great deal of effort to remove the glue pad. You’ll probably need to take it to a professional detailer to remove the residue, and it could leave discoloration or strip layers of the dashboard in some cases. With that said, sticky attachments are considered the most reliable. If you own the car and don’t plan on changing it any time soon, it’s an ideal pick. 

Magnetic car phone mount features


There are various levels of adjustability when it comes to magnetic car phone mounts. Swivel and tilt are the most common. Others include telescopic arms and flexible necks, which offer the largest range of motion. Ease of adjustability is also something to look for as you shop. Some mounts require tools, cranking, and reassembly, while others tout the benefits of one-touch adjustment.


Some magnetic car phone mounts come with spare or additional parts to prolong use. For sticky mounts, expect more than one adhesive pad to be included. Because these mounts require a clean surface to adhere to, some are packaged with cleaning wipes or dust-free cloths as well. Many suction cup mounts come with additional suction cups, as well as cleaning wipes and dust-free cloths. Vent clips are relatively basic, so they don’t usually come with accessories, but many are packaged in pairs for value buys.

"If you travel a lot for work, a magnetic car phone mount is ideal. You can receive calls at all hours from clients and always answer the phone in a hands-free, safe way."

Magnetic car phone mount prices

Magnetic car phone mounts range in price from $6 to $30.

Inexpensive: For a budget-friendly mount, you can expect to spend between $6 and $15. These tend to have limited adjustability, but most can swivel.

Mid-range: Mounts priced between $15 and $20 are equipped with better mounting with improved stickiness or suction or stronger clips.

Expensive: For maximum adjustability and quality, you want to look at high-end magnetic car phone mounts that cost between $20 and $30. These have telescopic arms, tilt, and 360° rotation and are the easiest to adjust.


  • Set your destination before driving. If you’re using your phone’s GPS, plug in your destination on your phone before setting out, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.
  • Consider a removable mount. If you share a vehicle with someone else and you both want to enjoy a magnetic car phone mount, opt for a removable style. Drivers of different heights adjust the seat differently, which affects visibility. With a removable style, it’s easy to accommodate both drivers.
  • Think twice (or three times) before attaching a sticky mount. If you have a phone mount that permanently fixes to the dashboard with glue, only use it in your own vehicle. If you rent a car, the mount could be difficult to remove and the dealership may charge you for damage.
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For parents who want to entertain children in the back seat, set up a phone or tablet with a magnetic car phone mount in their line of sight. It’s a cost-effective alternative to installing a headrest or overhead DVD player.


Q. Can I put more than one magnetic car phone mount in my car?
It’s certainly possible, especially if you make space by affixing one to a vent and another to the dashboard or windshield. With that said, you’re adding another screen and perhaps additional distraction while you’re driving. Unless your job requires that intense of a setup on a regular basis, it’s recommended you only use one at a time.

Q. I have a GPS unit in my car, so will having a magnetic car phone mount get in the way?
To accommodate your GPS unit and phone, keep them in different places by using different attachment styles. Since your GPS is most likely affixed to your windshield or dashboard, it’s a good idea to opt for a vent mount for your phone. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you place your phone close to your GPS, you’ll lose considerable visibility out of your windshield. It’s best to separate the two for a focused, safe journey.

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