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The viral Chemical Guys kit is better than a car wash. It's $25 off at Walmart

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The only kit you need to wash your car yourself

Cleaning your vehicle at the local car wash or gas station can be expensive, especially if you want to detail your car and get it back to tip-top shape. However, if you have the means to do it, cleaning and washing your car yourself with a car wash kit can save you money in the long run.

The Chemical Guys car wash kit has gone viral since it offers cleaning comparable to a standard car wash and includes everything you need to thoroughly clean your car’s exterior. You can now get it for $25 off at Walmart and save more.

The Chemical Guys Car Wash Kit

Now, you may be wondering what makes the Chemical Guys car wash kit so special, and the answer is simple. It has everything you need to wash your car and won’t compromise its integrity. That includes strong glass and wheel cleaners, tire and trim protectants, a car wash mitt and microfiber towels for spot cleaning without scratching your vehicle. You can use these items independently between car washes to touch up your vehicle between full-blown car washes.

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Chemical Guys Complete Wash, Shine and Protect Car Care Kit

The soap is blended with two waxes to provide a long-lasting shine and protection against the elements, and the P40 quick detail spray lets you wipe down spots quickly. The glass cleaner cuts through grease, and the wheel cleaner is gentle on all finishes and effective at removing brake dust.

Sold by Walmart

Chemical Guys Tire Kicker Extra Glossy Tire Shine

This tire spray has refined gloss enhancers and plastic nourishers to give your tires a like-new shine and look. It’s suitable for restoring and protecting your tires from wear and tear. Also, it works well on plastic or rubber pieces in the interior and exterior of your car for increased durability.

Sold by Walmart

Carrand Suds-N-Spray Foaming Car Wash System

This car wash system is excellent for removing dirt and grime from your vehicle. It connects to any garden hose, lets you use any car wash soap you’d like and has a barrel tip that rotates 360 degrees for spraying foam at any angle and cleaning your car thoroughly.

Sold by Walmart

Jay Leno’s Garage Interior Essentials Detailing Kit

Keeping your car’s exterior clean is crucial to prolonging its lifespan, but it’s also essential not to neglect the interior. This kit has everything you need to clean your car interior, including an interior detailer, fabric cleaner, glass cleaner, gentle microfiber towels and a neat denim jacket air freshener.

Sold by Walmart

Chemical Guys JetSeal Wax and Polish

Leather seats provide a luxurious look and are easier to clean than fabric interiors, but they can still get dirty and wear out. That’s why using a leather detailer like this one is crucial to remove dirt, dust and fingerprints and restore its original look and texture. Plus, it has advanced ultraviolet blockers.

Sold by Walmart

Chemical Guys Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic Shine and Protectant

These protectants restore a deep black look to give your vehicle a like-new look and protect vinyl, rubber and plastic from harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause cracking, deterioration and fading. It doesn’t leave any residue and works well on interior and exterior surfaces.

Sold by Walmart

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