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Best WeatherTech floor mats

Which WeatherTech floor mats are best?

Floor mats are made to keep rain, snow, dirt and mud from your vehicle's carpets and are also handy to have when passengers spill food and drinks. They make cleaning your vehicle's interior easy, too, because they are removable. 

Another benefit of using floor mats is that they protect your carpets from wear, so when you go to sell your car or trade it in, it will be worth more. If you are looking for a high-quality set of floor mats for America's bestselling pickup truck, take a look at the WeatherTech Custom Fit Floor Mats and Liner for Ford F-150.

What to know before you buy WeatherTech floor mats

WeatherTech made its reputation with car floor mats that are laser-measured and cut for exact fits in any vehicle interior. But the company makes many other products for vehicles, too.

  • Interior protection: WeatherTech makes floor, cargo and trunk liners; cargo containment systems; door, seat and seat back protectors; trunk organizers; under-seat storage systems; and sun shades.
  • Exterior protection: WeatherTech makes lots of products for trucks, including bed liners and bed covers, mud flaps, bug deflectors and hood protectors.
  • Auto cleaning and detailing: You can keep your car's floor mats, liners, glass and carpet clean with WeatherTech's TechCare product line.

How many mats?

  • One mat is all you need for cargo areas and trunks.
  • Two mats are enough for two-seater cars and two-door vehicles where no one rides in the back.
  • Three mats are a design commonly found in pickup truck crew cabs, with two mats in front and one large mat in the back that covers the floor from door to door.
  • Four mats are the standard configuration for most cars and trucks, with two in front and two in back.
  • Five mats are the choice of sport utility vehicle owners who have a cargo floor behind the second seat or sedan owners who want an extra mat for the trunk.

Universal vs. custom

  • Universal mats are made to fit a wide variety of applications. Most don't have any hooks or loops to hold them in place, so they tend to slide around. They don't protect your car's floors as well as custom mats but are the least expensive choice.
  • Custom mats are made for specific vehicle makes and models. WeatherTech measures its mats with lasers so you get a precise fit.

What to look for in quality WeatherTech floor mats


  • Winter: If you have harsh winters and get lots of snow, look for mats with steep ridges to channel the slush away from your feet and high edges that hold the snowmelt. 
  • All-year: When you live where the seasons change, the best choice is mats that can handle all weather conditions.

Carpet vs. rubber

  • Carpet is more comfortable and has a nicer look, but it's tough to keep clean, especially in bad weather.
  • Rubber has less cushion and doesn't look as plush, but is inexpensive, easy to clean and the best choice for work vehicles.

Lipped edges

When floor mats have no lip around the edge, rain, snow and sleet run off and soak your carpets. Over time, this ruins them, so look for floor mats with outside lips to contain spills and make cleanup quick and easy.

How much you can expect to spend on WeatherTech floor mats

Generally, the bigger the floor area, the higher the cost. WeatherTech has a budget line of universal mats that cost less than $100 for four. Custom-cut mats for your exact make and model cost $100 to $300 for most vehicles and more than $600 for exotic automobiles. 

Best WeatherTech floor mats FAQ

Will I have to trim my mats?

A. The only WeatherTech floor mats you need to trim are the universal style, made to fit all vehicles. The others are customized for each vehicle. If you buy mats for cargo areas and trunks, you may need to trim around external speakers, cargo mounts and spare tires. 

Will my groceries slide around on the non-skid mats?

A. WeatherTech mats are made with gripping surfaces to help keep cargo from skidding, but sometimes you can't avoid making sudden stops. The safest way to keep your groceries from sliding around is using a trunk net to secure them.

What should I clean my floor mats with?

A. WeatherTech recommends its own TechCare floormat cleaner/protector kit. You can also clean yours with warm water, mild detergent and a brush with soft bristles.

What are the best WeatherTech floor mats to buy?

Top WeatherTech floor mats

WeatherTech Custom Fit Floor Mats and Liner for Ford F-150

What you need to know: These laser-measured mats protect the floors of the first and second row of your crew cab.

What you'll love: You can enter your vehicle information and confirm that these mats will fit your model and year. There are separate left and right mats for the front and a single door-to-door mat for the floor in back. 

What you should consider: The extra-large rear mat is heavy and unwieldy when you need to take it out to clean it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top WeatherTech floor mats for the money

WeatherTech Universal Trim to Fit All-Weather Floor Mats

What you need to know: This four-piece set won't harden, crack or curl in below-zero weather.

What you'll love: The gripping surface on the underside keeps the mats in place. They're all rubber, 19 inches wide and 27 inches long and can have 3 inches trimmed off each side.

What you should consider: Universal floor mats are a budget option and don't fit as precisely as WeatherTech's custom floor mats.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

WeatherTech Custom Fit Cargo Liner Mat for Escalade/Tahoe/Yukon

What you need to know: You protect and preserve your cargo area and carpet with this nearly 3-by-4-foot mat.

What you'll love: Like most WeatherTech mats, this cargo liner is cut to exactly fit your vehicle's interior. The tough surface is textured to resist skidding and the high outer lip keeps rain, snow and spilled beverages from soaking your carpets.

What you should consider: Some buyers report their mats curled at the edges.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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