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Best car heat shields to protect your upholstery

There’s no one trick to protecting your car’s interior, but sunlight is an oft-overlooked factor contributing to aging and discoloring. UV rays are responsible for the heat created in your car and much of the aging and discoloration on its upholstery. A common and effective solution for protecting your upholstery is getting a car heat shield that blocks the light out on those hot summer days.

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What are car heat shields?

The term car heat shield can apply to a few different things. When talking about protecting your upholstery, the term usually applies to sun shades for a car’s window. However, light-blocking car heat shields, often called sun shades, are an effective way to prevent UV rays from harming your car seats and other interior upholstery. It’s also worth noting that sun shades or car heat shields cover the windshield and are only meant for use when the vehicle is in park — not while driving.

If you’re looking for a car heat shield for your engine, on the other hand, it may be hard to find something specifically made to protect the upholstery.

Best car heat shield to protect your upholstery

Top car heat shield to protect your upholstery for the money

Magnelex Car Heat Shield with Reflective Polyester Blocks

What you need to know: This sun shade is affordable and fits most larger windshields. It also comes with a steering wheel cover.

What you’ll love: With a durable 210T polyester material, this sun shade effectively blocks sunlight from damaging upholstery for cars, SUVs and trucks. This car heat shield also comes in medium, extra-large and wrangler sizes.

What you should consider: Some had trouble getting the steering wheel cover to fit correctly.

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Top foldable car heat shield

Ontel Brella Car Heat Shield and Sun Shade for Windshield by Arctic Air

What you need to know: This folding sun shade folds up into an umbrella-like cylinder, making it easy to break down and store when not in use.

What you’ll love: Unlike other folding car heat shields, this one becomes even smaller and more portable because of its umbrella design. It fits well in most passenger vehicles, including trucks and SUVs, and most like it because of its easy installation.

What you should consider: Buyers with sports cars found this heat shield too big for the windshield.

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Top accordion car heat shield

Mcbuty Five-Layer Car Heat Shield UV Reflector for Front Windshield

What you need to know: This heat shield offers a more classic take on the folding sun shade with its accordion-style folding, simple storage clip and aluminum with honeycomb bubble.

What you’ll love: This car heat shield includes five-layer reflective insulation for the ultimate in UV blocking. When driving, it’s easy to fold this accordion sun shade up and stow it away. You can buy it in dark gray, silver, pink or blue.

What you should consider: Many found this shade’s suction cups to be subpar.

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Top universal car heat shield

EcoNour Car Heat Shield and Sun Shade with Storage Pouch

What you need to know: This car heat shield comes in various sizes to fit the vast majority of vehicle types. It works well to protect your dashboard and seat interiors from UV rays.

What you’ll love: It features a 240T polyester material for optimal durability. You can also buy this car heat shield in seven different sizes ranging from small to double extra-large, which is a size suitable for RVs and large vans.

What you should consider: Some users had issues with the dimensions of the shade not matching what was supposed to fit their car.

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Top decorative car heat shield

Dpist Van Gogh Starry Night Car Heat Shield and Sun Shade

What you need to know: This car heat shield is stylized to look like Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” painting, so it is perfect for artists and those who want a decorative touch when blocking UV rays.

What you’ll love: This simple aluminum sun shade is perfect for keeping your vehicle UV ray-free to prevent aging. It fits in the vast majority of passenger cars and SUVs. You can also buy this sun shade in four other decorative styles: dinosaur, dollar, map and unicorn.

What you should consider: Some buyers found this car heat shield too small for larger trucks and vans.

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Top back window car heat shield

EcoNour Four-Pack of Baby Car Back Window Sun Shades

What you need to know: For something for the back seats that’s more minimal than a windshield car heat shield, this four-pack of baby back window shades makes it easy to customize where you want UV rays blocked.

What you’ll love: These car heat shield shades are small and make it easy to cover parts of the back windows where the most light gets through. Designed particularly for babies in cars, these sun shades will help a little bit in blocking UV rays from hitting the upholstery on your seats.

What you should consider: These shades aren’t meant to cover an entire window or windshield.

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