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If your kid is a fan of Polly Pocket toys, they'll love these 14 products

Polly Pocket

Which products for Polly Pocket fans are best? 

As a child, my favorite memories stem from opening a gift that contained two compact Polly Pocket sets. It felt beyond exciting to explore each compact toy. Now as an adult, I can appreciate the fun and wonder and pass it down to another younger generation. Polly Pocket toys range in size, but they are generally small enough to be easily transportable. Find a Polly Pocket product that the fan in your life will adore.

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What are Polly Pocket toys?

Polly Pocket is classic toy line by Mattel, offering a wide variety of miniature toys and compact doll sets. Mattel even provides engaging online games, some of which even utilize the purchased products online.

When did Polly Pocket start?

Polly Pocket started over 30 years ago and has continued to evolve into the giant it's known as today. The idea for Polly Pocket sparked when a parent wanted to give their child a unique toy, which eventually turned it into a mass-produced product, and ultimately it became an internationally recognizable toy line.

Best compact sets for Polly Pocket fans

The compact sets include multiple accessories and usually at least one Polly Pocket doll. These sets are smaller and are intended to be easily transportable. Sometimes they even feature built-in handles or strings that can help turn the compacts into an item such as a purse. The sets usually include a few accessories specific to the theme of the individual compact. These items are ideal for playing with Polly Pockets on the go.

Top Polly Pocket compact sets

Polly Pocket Tropicool Pineapple Wearable Purse Compact

This compact set comes in the shape of a pineapple with two tiny dolls. The set is recommended for children ages 4 and up. This item can be carried or worn as a purse or belt bag.

Pocket World Cupcake Compact

This is an Amazon exclusive that comes in the shape of a purple-frosted cupcake. The set includes a downstairs section with a karaoke performance area where the dolls can perform. This set includes a Polly doll, a Shani doll and a scooter. 

Pocket World Flamingo Floatie Compact

Another Amazon exclusive, this set is shaped like an inflatable flamingo pool float. The compact includes fun explorable mystery sections and a pool in the bottom portion of the compact that dolls Polly and Lila can enjoy. 

Polly Pocket Hedgehog Cafe Compact

This set comes in the shape of a hedgehog, and it opens to reveal a fun animal-friendly cafe. The plastic set includes two pets and a Polly doll that can interact in a compact environment. This set is recommended for children ages 4 and up.

Polly Pocket Candy Cutie Gumball Compact

The gumball compact is shaped after its name and is a colorful gumball machine that includes exciting play sections. Spinning teacups will make for a fun experience for the included Polly doll. 

Polly Pocket Tiny Power Seashell Purse Compact

The Tiny Power Seashell Purse set comes in a plastic compact that is shaped like a colorful seashell. It can be carried or worn like a necklace or toted like a purse, thanks to the attached string. This set includes stickers and weighs a little over 1 pound. 

Best larger compact playsets for Polly Pocket fans

Polly Pocket offers playsets that are more elaborate in nature than the compacts but are still considered to be portable. These sets often come with more accessories and additional built-in features than the compacts. 

Top larger Polly Pocket playsets

Polly Pocket Un-Box-It Playset

The set comes in a movie-theater-popcorn-shaped box. This set includes over 20 items, including 3D glasses and both Polly and Lila dolls. It's recommended for children that are 4 years old and up.

Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Large Compact Playset

This larger set weighs about a pound and features over 25 pieces, including two tiaras and two swings. It comes in the shape of a multi-colored unicorn and includes a castle area and a bouncy house with other fun sections for both Polly and Lila dolls to play in. 

Best Polly Pocket puzzles

Puzzles often offer an alternative option to the usual doll playsets. These Polly Pocket games provide a way to improve mental acuity by strengthening logic and spatial understanding.  

Top Polly Pocket jigsaw puzzle

Polly Pocket Mattel Jigsaw Puzzle

This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is recommended for children over the age of 8 due to its more complex and elaborate nature. It measures 14.25 inches by 19 inches when fully assembled. The brand has another Polly Pocket jigsaw puzzle with the same number of pieces and age rating.

Best taller dolls for Polly Pocket fans

Polly Pocket offers larger-sized dolls that differ from their smaller compact-sized counterparts. In these sets, the dolls are closer to 3 inches in height, but some mixed sets can also include both smaller compact dolls and larger-sized ones.

Top taller Polly Pocket doll


Polly Pocket Glamping Van

This special set includes both a micro Polly doll and a taller Polly doll that measures 3 inches in height. The dolls come with accessories that are specially built for their specific sizes. For example, the Polly doll that is 3 inches tall can interact with a van that can open and close. This set is recommended for kids over the age of 4. 

Best Polly Pocket clothes and more

Mattel Polly Pocket Rainbows T-shirt

Your child can rep their favorite toy with this cute Polly Pocket shirt. The lightweight T-shirt has a classic fit, and the fabric color varies (there are 10 options).

Intimo Polly Pocket Toys Mighty Kids Nightgown

This adorable Polly Pocket nightgown is made of soft and comfy polyester. It's fun and colorful with ruffles on the sleeves and hem.

Polly Pocket Magical Light-Up Signature Locket

In the "Polly Pocket" TV show, Polly inherits a magical locket from her grandmother that makes her shrink and gain powers. When you push the bottom of the heart-shaped pendant, it lights up for a dazzling effect.

Intimo Polly Pocket It's Pocket Time! Fleece Throw Blanket

Your child can cozy up under this Polly Pocket throw blanket, featuring soft and plush faux fleece. The throw blanket measures 50 by 60 inches.

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