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Best Polly Pocket Toys

Updated March 2023
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Polly Pocket Pollyville House
Polly Pocket
Pollyville House
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Comprehensive & Stylish
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An entire Polly house that is affordable and quite comprehensive.


Babysitting theme focuses on fun babysitting accessories as well as other cute details (trampoline, bike, etc.) in a multi-level home. Five rooms. Included stickers allow children to customize play. Set folds up when not in use.


Some buyers state there are not as many details inside as previous Polly Pocket dollhouses.

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Polly Pocket Hidden Places Dance Par-taay! Case with Party Dolls and Accessories
Polly Pocket
Hidden Places Dance Par-taay! Case with Party Dolls and Accessories
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Dance Party Set
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A sparkly and over-the-top playset filled with surprises and reveals for kids who like a good dance party.


There are lots of spaces including a DJ booth, dressing room, and performance stage complete with a disco ball. Secret reveals include a spinning dance floor, sliding dressing room curtains, and seating that pops out from the VIP stage. Includes a limousine, camera with tripod, chair, microphone, and guitar.


It is difficult to fit all of the accessories into the case and close it.

Polly Pocket Pocket World Flamingo Floatie Pool Compact with Adventure Dolls
Polly Pocket
Pocket World Flamingo Floatie Pool Compact with Adventure Dolls
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Compact & Cute
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Fun flamingo-shaped playset with 2 dolls. A complete tropical theme in a classic Polly Pocket compact.


Lots of activities in a small design. The dolls can float in the pool, immerse in a waterfall, lounge by the hot tub, and jump off the diving board. The classic compact style is easy to slip into a bag as a travel toy. Parents and kids love the attention to detail.


Some parts fall off easily, including the flamingo's head.

Polly Pocket Cupcake Pocket World
Polly Pocket
Cupcake Pocket World
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Two-story Cupcake
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A highly compact world featuring a plethora of activities for Polly Pocket and Shani that all take place inside a cupcake.


This Polly Pocket set features an entire 2-story home fit inside a cupcake. There is a kitchen complete with sink, range, and refrigerator. The playroom features video games, dancing, and singing, and the set also includes a tiny motorbike.


Some of the movable parts may not hold up very well.

Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland Theme Park Playset
Polly Pocket
Rainbow Funland Theme Park Playset
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Plenty of Pieces
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This large and immersive toy land set contains a whopping 30 pieces.


This set features 7 play areas where you can use the 3 included theme park rides (a roller coaster, a unicorn carousel, and a Ferris wheel), 2 included dolls, and 25 included small accessories, such as plastic balloons and capes.


The 25 small accessories are easy to lose if your children don’t look after their toys well.

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Buying guide for Best Polly Pocket toys

Back in the early '90s, an innovative miniature toy began capturing kids’ imaginations. Tiny dollhouses with diminutive figurines called Polly Pocket dolls were the latest and greatest thing. Today, those toys have endured a few tweaks and upgrades to become even more fun. Polly Pocket is a hero that takes kids on fantastic adventures that unleash their imagination.

The number and type of Polly Pocket toys available is overwhelming. However, if you want to quickly narrow down the options to those best suited for your child, there is a definite strategy. That strategy begins with knowing your child and knowing what it is that interests them.

Learn how to pick the Polly Pocket toy that will give your child the biggest smile.

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The original Polly Pocket figurine was less than an inch tall.

Polly Pocket themes

First, we need to discuss the various themes found in Polly Pocket toys. There is no better way to encourage a child to explore something of interest than by letting them take the journey using their imagination.

For instance, if your child is interested in the beach or the ocean, there are a number of water-themed playsets, ranging from sandcastles to mermaids, that might be of interest. If, on the other hand, your child is fascinated with outer space, look for a Polly Pocket playset with that particular focus.

Many Polly Pocket playsets have a more general theme of fashion or just having fun, which can be a great choice if your child enjoys playing with friends. With the right playset, you can foster a love for a certain endeavor and possibly help your child discover a lifelong passion.

Other considerations

After you've narrowed down your options by selecting a few themes that your child may be interested in, it's time to dig a little deeper. Following are some other items to consider when looking for the ideal Polly Pocket toy.

Age appropriateness

With Polly Pocket toys, you need to be careful because many contain smaller parts that are considered choking hazards. Before purchasing any toy, be sure it is age appropriate for your child.

Figure size

Some Polly Pocket playsets have 3-inch dolls, some have miniature figurines, and others feature both sizes. It can be hard to tell from just a photograph which size you are getting. Before purchasing, check the size so that you are not surprised when your Polly Pocket toy arrives.

Playset or dress up?

Some Polly Pocket sets focus on a theme or an adventure, such as camping, but others feature a doll and a large number of accessories so you can play dress up. Be sure to pick the toy that fits the type of playing your child most likes to do.


Sometimes, having the right accessory is all it takes to make a toy perfect. For instance, if you want Polly Pocket to ride a jet ski in the ocean, look for the set with jet skis and dolphins.

Case design

Some of the smaller Polly Pocket toys come in a clamshell case that features a clever design. A gift box, a donut, a slice of cake — you get to decide how your playset is packaged.


Polly Pocket playsets come in a wide assortment of colors. Sometimes, choosing the aquamarine and pink set over the yellow and orange set can make all the difference.


Whether it's a carousel, a skating platform, or even just a slide that Polly Pocket can enjoy, look for a toy with engaging activities.

Secret reveals

Last but not least are the secret reveals, which are a high point of Polly Pocket playsets. The best toys feature a number of little gems, such as secret rooms, hidden animals, and concealed treasures. Often, these items are not fully revealed in the toy's description; they are merely hinted at so they can remain a surprise.

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Did you know?
In 2004, Mattel released a line of Polly Pocket toys that used miniature magnets to hold her outfit on. This line was recalled in 2006.

Polly Pocket toy prices


You can get some great Polly Pocket playsets for just $5 to $14. These are the smaller sets featuring a clamshell case and a theme, like camping or dancing. These items more closely resemble the classic Bluebird Toys design. This is where you'll likely find the most variety.


From about $15 to $25, you can find larger Polly Pocket figurines with a variety of accessories, so you can dress her up in your favorite outfits and accessorize her in a wide variety of ways. The playsets that you will find in this price range more closely resemble traditional dollhouses, only they are much smaller.


The Polly Pocket toys at the higher end of the price range will either be large, extensive kits featuring a number of accessories or playsets that aren't necessarily packaged as dollhouses. These toys may be based on a vehicle, such as a jet or a motorboat, or a setting, such as a jungle or a waterpark.


Polly Pocket toys offer an incredible world of adventure that fits in your pocket. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind to obtain optimum enjoyment.

  • Be mindful of small parts. Often, Polly Pocket toys include a number of small parts. Because of this, you must not only be sure your child is old enough for the desired playset, but you must keep younger siblings and friends from having access to the toys as well.

  • Combine playsets for added fun. Although each playset offers a world of adventure, the best play sessions can be had when you combine kits and accessories to create your own adventures.

  • Keep sets together. Because Polly Pocket toys have a number of small parts, it is easy to misplace them. After playtime, gather all the parts and accessories and store them with the appropriate playset to decrease the chance of lost pieces.
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If you have any of the original Polly Pocket toys from Bluebird Toys (1989 to 1998), they could be worth quite a bit more than you originally paid for them.


Q. Who invented Polly Pocket?

A. In 1983, using a powder compact, Chris Wiggs designed a tiny folding dollhouse for his daughter, Kate. He also made a little doll that she could use in that dollhouse. In 1989, Bluebird Toys of Swindon, England licensed Chris' concept, and Polly Pocket began appearing in stores.

Q. Were Polly Pockets discontinued?

A. The enduring Polly Pocket line has had a tumultuous existence. It survived hostile takeovers, massive recalls, and several attempts at redesigning the concept. By 2012, the line was discontinued in the U.S., and by 2015, the line was discontinued in North America. In 2018, however, Polly Pocket made a comeback complete with a new television show and a design that brought back all the charm of the original Polly Pocket.

Q. What makes Polly Pocket toys so enjoyable?

A. The answer to that question really depends on what it is your child likes most about Polly Pocket toys. The toys encourage imaginative play and let children partake in a wide range of adventures ranging from camping to traveling to outer space. They are colorful and compact so your child can play with them virtually anywhere. What’s more, moving the pieces around helps hone a child’s fine motor skills. In a nutshell, Polly Pocket toys are fun, portable, and imaginative playsets that can help your child develop in many ways.

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