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Best table tennis set

Which table tennis sets are best?

Ping-Pong, or table tennis as it is generally known due to Ping-Pong being a trademarked term, is a game that can be played and enjoyed by anyone. You only need two paddles, a ball, and a table; you don’t even need another person to play it with if you bounce off a wall in front of you.

The best table tennis set to get you started on your mission of fun is the JP WinLook Pro Ping Pong Paddle Set. This set comes stacked with four high-quality paddles for any skill level and eight highly durable balls that can withstand plenty of play. It also includes a carrying/storage case to keep your equipment protected.

What to know before you buy a table tennis set


Table tennis sets typically include three things: paddles, balls, and a carrying case. In very rare cases, it might also include a retractable net.

  • Paddles: Typically, table tennis sets will include either two or four paddles. They can be of any quality level as well, with the overall price of the set being the best indicator of quality.
  • Balls: The number and quality of included balls can vary wildly. Most sets will include at least two or three, while others could contain as many as a dozen. As table tennis balls are incredibly low cost, focus on the quality and number of paddles.
  • Carrying case: Not all table tennis sets will include a carrying case for storage and portability. However, just like the balls, carrying or storage cases aren’t much of a hassle to purchase later, so don’t worry if your prospective set doesn’t include one. 

Relevant terms

You only need to know three terms when it comes to table tennis sets, and they’re all to do with the quality of the included paddles. Those terms are control, spin and speed.

  • Control: Paddles designed for control give you an increased ability to hit the ball on a spot of the table exactly where you intended to hit it to. More control means less spin and speed.
  • Spin: The general meaning of spin is to make the ball dip or curve through the air to make it harder for your opponent to return. The thicker the rubber backing, the more control you have over the spin
  • Speed: The speed of the ball is the result of how hard and fast you can hit the ball. For a better spin and speed, the same formula applies as mentioned before — the thicker the rubber backing, the more speed you can put into the ball.

What to look for in a quality table tennis set

Paddle construction

The three key areas of paddle construction are the blade and the rubber backing attached to it as well as the handle. For more details on paddle construction, visit the table tennis set buying guide at BestReviews.


Table tennis balls have a three-star rating system. One- and two-star balls are meant for practice and recreational usage, while three-star balls are intended for competitive play.

Carrying case

Carrying cases can be made from any number of materials and come in any number of sizes. However, it’s recommended to have one to lengthen the lifespan of your table tennis equipment.

How much you can expect to spend on a table tennis set

The prices for table tennis sets exist in a relatively narrow window. Lower quality sets meant mostly for new players or those who enjoy the game as a hobby can be found for $20 or less with a few paddles and balls. However, spending up to $30 will sometimes throw in more paddles, balls, and possibly a case. Spending upwards of $30 will get you professional-grade table tennis sets.

Table tennis set FAQ

Can I use any of these table tennis sets outside?

Absolutely. That said, make sure to store all of your table tennis equipment in a temperature-controlled setting away from any levels of moisture. The paddles can quickly become unusable due to warping and back ungluing from the exposure.

Do table tennis sets also include a table and a net?

As a general rule, table tennis sets only include some paddles and some pingpong balls. Nonetheless, certain sets that also include retractable nets are slowly becoming more popular on the market. If you’re looking for a table, it’s recommended to buy one specifically designed for table tennis. 

What’s the best table tennis set to buy?

Top table tennis set

JP WinLook Pro Ping Pong Paddle Set

What you need to know: Whether you’re just getting started or need some new gear to continue your dominance, this table tennis set has everything you need.

What you’ll love: An included carrying case and eight high-quality ping pong balls round out this table tennis set.

What you should consider: Though rare, the blade backing has been known to come unglued.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top table tennis set for the money

Joola Family Table Tennis Set

What you need to know: This affordable table tennis equipment set isn’t meant for professional uses but makes a perfect starter kit.

What you’ll love: Another table tennis set with included carrying case and 10 pingpong balls.

What you should consider: The quality of the paddles isn’t high enough for competitive uses.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Stiga Classic 4-Player Table Tennis Set

What you need to know: The included ping pong balls aren’t the best, but this is a great option if you need some new paddles.

What you’ll love: Despite the overall quality issues, the paddle backing is less prone to coming unglued than many other paddles.

What you should consider: The handles of the paddles can develop a bit of splintering with use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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