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How to choose the best pool toys for your kids

Kids grow tired of playing and splashing around in the pool, but the right pool toys can keep kids entertained for hours.

Which pool toys for kids are best?

Whether you have a pool or live near a public pool that allows you to bring toys, the right pool toys can keep kids entertained for hours. Kids grow tired of playing and splashing around fairly quickly, but toys help extend the fun. 

However, not all pool toys work well for every child. You'll need to consider their age, swimming skills and how many people are required to play each game.

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Types of pool toys


Everyone loves a good pool float, from simple rings and pool noodles to elaborate ride-on toys and floating play equipment. These can be fun to play with, and most can hold the user's weight, which is great for kids who are still improving their swimming skills.

Diving toys

Diving toys have light weights in them, so they sink to the bottom of the pool. These aren't so heavy that they're difficult to pick up and swim with. Kids dive down to the bottom of the pool to grab them and bring them to the surface. They're great for strengthening children's underwater swimming skills. Plus, they're just fun to dive for. 

Swim-through rings

These float slightly below the surface of the water, so kids can swim through them while underwater. Some have adjustable air chambers that let you change the depth at which they float to make them more or less challenging to swim through. 

Pool sports kits

You can pick from various pool sports kits. Popular choices include waterproof lacrosse sets, floating volleyball nets and basketball hoops. These are ideal for sporty kids and siblings or groups of friends who want to play together. 

Remote control toys

Remote control boats and sea creatures provide different types of fun for kids. Some have waterproof controls, so you can operate them from the pool, while others should only be controlled from dry land. They're great for home use but generally aren't allowed in public pools. 

Water guns

Water guns are often an annoyance when used in the yard, as someone who wasn't involved in the game usually gets soaked. But they're excellent toys in the pool since anyone in the pool probably won't mind getting sprayed. Kids can use standard water guns in pools, or you can buy special floating ones. 


Beach balls and other inflatable or floating balls might seem basic, but they can be great fun to play with in the pool. Kids of all ages can play with them, and adults can get involved as well. 

What to consider when buying pool toys for kids

Age group

Check to make sure the toy you're buying is appropriate for the age of the child using it. Some pool toys are designed for little kids, so they might be too small or not challenging enough for older kids. On the other hand, you'll find toys designed for teens and adults could be dangerous for little ones. 

Swimming skill

Toys such as swim-through rings and diving toys are great for kids who can swim underwater. They're not a good choice for children still wearing water wings or who are just learning how to swim independently. 


Make sure to check out the size of your potential pool toy to see if it's the right size for your child and for the pool. You don't want something that's too large for the pool or too big for your child to be able to use. If you plan on taking these toys to a public pool, anything too large might not be allowed or could be difficult to transport.

Best pool toys for kids

Big Summer Inflatable Pool Float for Kids 

This fun pool float for kids aged 3 to 7 comes in two styles: fire boat and pirate ship. It comes with a mountable water gun to keep kids entertained.

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Joyin Diving Pool Toys 

Perfect for kids who love to dive or who want to improve their underwater swimming, this set contains a variety of diving toys. Some stand upright on the bottom of the pool, making them easier to grab.

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Max Liquidator Water Blaster Set

This set of six floating foam water blasters is great for use in pools or around the yard. They're simple for kids of all ages to use and have a range of up to 30 feet. 

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Seckton Toys Amphibious RC Car

With its amphibious design, this remote control car can go from land to water. While it isn't a conventional pool toy, it can be great fun when kids are sick of swimming and splashing around. 

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Activ Life Ultimate Skip Ball Set

You get two small balls and a disc in this set, all of which skip along the surface of the water. They're fun to play with in pools, whether alone or with others. 

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EagleStone Floating Basketball Hoop

Basketball fans will love this floating hoop. It comes with three balls and an air pump, so you get everything you need to set it up and play. 

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Water Sports Swim Thru Rings

These rings float below the water's surface and have adjustable air chambers so you can control their depth. They're great for kids who like swimming underwater.  

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Intex Kool Splash Durable Inflatable Play Center 

Take your pool to the next level with this inflatable slide. It works with most in-ground and above-ground pools. 

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