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Updated February 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Best of the Best
Chuchik Diving Toys, 30 Pack
Diving Toys, 30 Pack
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Highly Rated
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30 fun-colored diving items that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The perfect collection to have when hosting a lot of swimmers.


Comes with a large variety of sinking objects, including tubes, dolphins, rings, and more. Includes a mesh drawstring bag for carrying and storage. Durable and built to last many years. Enough items for several kids to enjoy at once.


Some said a few of the items were not as durable as others.

Best Bang for the Buck
KEEDI Diving Toys 32 Pack
Diving Toys 32 Pack
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Large Variety
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A collection of 32 sinkable units that provide hours of entertainment for children.


A large assortment of different, brightly colored items. Comes with a bag for packing and transportation. Reviewers said it was enjoyed by children of all ages, including toddlers and teens.


A reviewer said they did not receive all of the promised items.

haomsj Swimming Pool Toys Dive Torpedo-Shark
Swimming Pool Toys Dive Torpedo-Shark
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Shark Themed
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4 small, colorful plastic sharks built to glide slowly down to the bottom and will be a hit among kids.


Plastic is sturdy and paint does not fade. Brightly colored and easy to spot in the water. Can also be used in the tub. Reviewers said their toddlers in particular loved to play with these sharks.


Some reviewers said they were smaller than they liked. Others had issues making the sharks glide.

Banzai Dive Rings 6-Pack
Dive Rings 6-Pack
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Best for Beginners
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Slow-moving rings that stand upright at the bottom, making them great for new swimmers to practice with.


Comes in a pack of 6. Well-made and will last years. Great for all ages. Gentle material that does not hurt if a child throws it and hits another person.


More lightweight than others, so they sink slowly.

Hercugifts Diving Gem Pool Toy
Diving Gem Pool Toy
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Most Creative
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A small, gold-colored treasure chest filled with 6 colorful gems that makes the water a little more fantastical for kids.


Brightly colored and easy to spot at the bottom. Kid-sized and effortless for children to grab. Comes with a treasure chest for storage that kids love. Fuels a child’s imagination.


Smaller than some expected. Some reviewers said the box was flimsy.


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Buying guide for Best swimming pool dive toys

Swimming can range from a relaxing way to cool off to an Olympic sport. In order to get the most out of any water activity, however, you must be completely comfortable in the pool environment. Swimming pool dive toys can build children’s confidence so that they can learn to be excellent swimmers.

When looking for the best swimming pool dive toys, you want brightly colored objects that are easy to see. Soft materials make the toys easier to grab while helping reduce injuries, especially if a toy is accidentally thrown into a crowded area. Depending on your preference, you may want either a dive toy that quickly drops to the bottom or one that slowly spirals down so that your child can grab it before it reaches the bottom.

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Swimming pool dive toys increase a child's ability and bolster confidence at the same time.

Key considerations

Even though swimming pool dive toys are designed primarily for play, there are a few key features you'll want to put at the top of your priority list.


A swimming pool dive toy needs to be manufactured using materials that won't quickly break down or deteriorate when exposed to water, pool chemicals, or sunlight. You also want dive toys made of soft materials and to not be too heavy, just in case one gets tossed into a crowded area by accident. You don't want any injuries.


A swimming pool dive toy needs to be easily seen. Transparent objects or toys that match the color of your swimming pool may be difficult to locate, especially in deeper water. You can reduce frustration by choosing dive toys that are brightly colored.

Ease of handling

A ring is an ideal shape for a dive toy. Your child can swim along the bottom of the pool and effortlessly snatch it up and even slide it on their arm for safekeeping. Objects that must be grabbed and held make it difficult for the swimmer to grab more than one at a time and still be able to swim.

Sink rate

It’s important to know that some swimming pool dive toys plummet straight to the bottom while others enjoy a more leisurely journey. If your child likes to try and grab the dive toy before it hits the bottom, look for toys with a slow descent rate.


Some swimming pool dive toys are streamlined to rocket through the water with impressive speed and travel great distances. Others whirl and twirl in a haphazard motion that can be fun to watch, especially if they’re designed to resemble something like a squid, but they won't travel very far from where they enter the water. Be sure to choose the dive toy that best matches the swimming ability of your child.

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Did you know?
When a child is fully engaged in play, they’ll learn how to swim without even realizing it.


The following are a few other important factors to consider when looking for the best swimming pool dive toys.


The overall design of a swimming pool dive toy is important because it is initially what grabs your child's attention. Does your child like sharks, sunken treasure, or Disney figurines? Choose wisely. Additionally, consider the size of your dive toy, because some very small or thin ones may be able to slip down the drain and enter the filter, which is in no way desirable.

Also, when all the playing is over for the day, you want swimming pool dive toys that easily drain and thoroughly dry to prevent mold and mildew growth.


Variety: Most swimming pool dive toy sets come with four of a kind. If you'd like some variety in your sinking objects, look for a larger set that features a number of different types of dive toys.

Quantity: Four swimming pool dive toys may be enough for one or two children, but if you have a larger family or friends who often come over, you might want to consider a larger set.

Storage bag: You’ll appreciate a set of swimming pool dive toys that includes a mesh storage bag when it comes time to put everything away.

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Remember, no matter how much fun your kids are having and how confident they are in the water, never leave children unattended in a swimming pool.


Here are a few more accessories your child will need while diving for pool toys.

Swim goggles: EverSport Swim Goggles
Swim goggles can help your child see clearly in the water and find those dive toys effortlessly, so all the focus can be on swimming and fun. The quick-release design of these goggles helps keep the straps from getting tangled in your child's hair.

Swim cap: Lahtak Swim Cap
This swim cap is designed for a child but manufactured to be large enough to protect long or curly hair from the damaging effects of chlorine. It’s made of hypoallergenic silicone.


The good thing about swimming pool dive toys is that they don’t cost a lot.


For just $5, you can get a set of four toys, such as diving torpedos, for your kids to chase after in the pool.


Once you pass $10, the kits come with a wide variety of toys, which may include fish, filled treasure boxes, rings, sticks, and more.


You’ll have a hard time finding dive toys that cost over $15, but if you do, make sure they’re worth the price. The set should include 20 pieces (or more) and a mesh bag for storage.

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Expert Tip
Some swimming pool dive toys make it easier to collect the items by including a net or treasure chest to put the pieces in.

Swimming pool dive toy activities

Playing with swimming pool dive toys is a great activity that can help develop your child's swimming abilities. However, getting creative with games and other activities allows your child to progress with confidence and the support of their peers. The following are a few fun ideas.

  • Hunt for treasure. Spread the dive toys throughout the pool and send your treasure hunters out together to collect the toys. Whoever returns with the most is the winner.
  • Have a race. Use a watch or a stopwatch app and take turns to see who can retrieve all the dive toys in the shortest amount of time.
  • Go for depth or distance. Gradually place the dive toys farther away from the start and/or deeper in the pool to see which swimmer can go the deepest or farthest to get the prize.
  • Play “steal the bacon.” Separate the swimmers into two teams. Each swimmer gets a number. When the judge calls a random number, the players with that number race to see who can retrieve the dive toy first.
  • Swim a relay. Using the dive toy as the baton, swimmers have a relay race, trading off the toy each time there is a change of swimmers. If the dive toy is dropped, the new swimmer must dive down to the bottom of the pool to retrieve it before continuing the race.
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Swimming pool dive toys don’t have to be retrieved. Instead, you can use them to help a beginner get comfortable with putting their face in the water by simply counting the toys at the bottom of the pool.


Q. What is the best age to start using swimming pool dive toys?

A. The age range varies from swimmer to swimmer. The important thing to remember is that swimming underwater should be an activity that the child is confident about attempting. Forcing someone to do something they’re uncomfortable with can create trauma that lasts a lifetime. Swimming pool dive toys are meant to create a fun experience, not trick someone into doing something they don’t want to do.

Q. Are swimming pool dive toys safe?

A. Yes, using swimming pool dive toys in a supervised situation is safe. Many years ago, there were stories about recalls because of injuries sustained when children fell on an upright dive toy in shallow water. Another concern is that a child may try to stay underwater longer than they’re able to and become disoriented, weak, or sick from hyperventilation. Additionally, taking a deep breath and holding it, especially while pressing down, may trigger vasovagal syncope, which could make your child faint while underwater.

Q. How do you get children to play with swimming pool dive toys?

A. Progressive steps. Start slowly in shallow water and be there with your children, going underwater when they go underwater. The key is to let them see they’re in control and doing it themselves. That will provide the reward and build the confidence needed to continue to advance their swimming skills until your children become masters at underwater treasure hunting!

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