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Updated January 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
WOW Sports First Class Soft Dipped Foam Pool Noodles
WOW Sports
First Class Soft Dipped Foam Pool Noodles
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Most Comfortable
Bottom Line

One of the all-around best pool noodles you can buy in terms of durability and weight support.


Extra-large diameter for excellent body support and comfort. Exterior textured for easy handling. Built to withstand UV rays and pool chemicals. Customers love the noodle's ultra-soft foam.


Customers complained of a lack of consistency in the product, especially between the different colors.

Best Bang for the Buck
POZA 2 Pack Inflatable Jumbo Pool Noodle Floats
2 Pack Inflatable Jumbo Pool Noodle Floats
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Unique Pattern
Bottom Line

Two confetti-designed pool noodles that are easy to relax and lounge on and add some pizzazz to your pool day.


Adult-sized and super long. Lightweight and sturdy design. Quick and easy to inflate. Pack of 2 and offered in 3 different colors.


A few reviewers had holes in the noodles form quickly.

Poolmaster Curved Swimming Pool Noodle Pool Float
Curved Swimming Pool Noodle Pool Float
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Convenient Design
Bottom Line

The ideal pick for users who want supreme support and comfort in this noodle's curved design.


Inflatable noodle makes the product extremely easy to store, as well as portable. Older buyers appreciate the product's gentle exterior. Curved design works well for sitting.


A little shorter than the standard pool noodle. A few buyers claimed blue paint rubbed onto their skin after use.

Pool Mate Premium Extra-Large Swimming Pool Noodles
Pool Mate
Premium Extra-Large Swimming Pool Noodles
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Simple Yet Solid
Bottom Line

Six classic-style pool noodles are always a solid choice when looking for ways to add fun to your pool party.


Very thick and can easily support both kids and adults. Measures at 56 inches in length. Offered in either blue and teal or purple and red.


Buyers said it is an average size, and not extra-large.

Aqua Leisure Oversized 5’ Foot Pool Noodle
Aqua Leisure
Oversized 5’ Foot Pool Noodle
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Comfortable Cover
Bottom Line

These oversized pool noodles are built for ultimate relaxation and make a great and unique addition to your pool day.


Fabric cover for extra comfort and softness. Easy to inflate and drain. Holds up to 250 pounds. Long enough for 2 people to lounge on. Easy to carry.


Some questioned the durability of the product.


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Buying guide for best pool noodles

What’s a pool without a noodle in it? It’s boring, that’s what.

Kids enjoy pool noodles for their versatility as both a toy and flotation aid, while adults love them for relaxing. Available in a wide range of lengths, widths, and colors, pool noodles have also become popular in the DIY world as one of the most versatile materials to have on hand. Need a bat for a backyard game of balloon baseball or want to use one as a stamp for a spontaneous art project? There’s a noodle for that.

Today’s manufacturers have found ways to stretch their uses by including sling chairs or a textured surface. Some models have improved durability with a vinyl coating. There are even models that inflate, which also means they deflate for easy compact storage.

To learn more about how to choose the best pool noodles, read on. If you’re ready to buy, take a look at our top picks.

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Solid core pool noodles often work best for large adults. The foam core adds the extra buoyancy to keep a larger, heavier body out of the water.

Key considerations


  • Foam: Ranging from three to six inches wide, classic foam noodles can be hollow or solid-centered. They float well, and most are inexpensive. The quality of the foam varies and usually correlates with the price. High-quality foams are less likely to peel or shed and often resist sun damage better than cheaper foams.
  • Vinyl covered: Vinyl-covered foam pool noodles are a step up from their plain foam cousins. The vinyl offers protection from punctures, scrapes, and scratches, and most coatings offer some UV protection so the foam will last longer. These models are more expensive and are typically found on thicker pool noodles with a width of around five inches.
  • Inflatable: Inflatable pool noodles are the most compact option available. Once you’re done using it, you can deflate and fold the noodle until you’re ready to use it again. Just be sure to completely dry it first. They come in fun transparent colors and character shapes. However, inflatables wear down at the seams fast, and they are prone to punctures. [If you’re interested in pool floats, take a look at our review.]


Pool noodles vary in length from 46 to 60 inches, though you may find a few that fall outside of the normal parameters. The taller the person who will use the noodle, the longer it will need to be. Young children, those under five, may have a hard time handling a 52-inch pool noodle, in which case you’d want to look for something on the shorter end of the spectrum. However, anyone well over six feet tall will probably need a longer pool noodle to support the extra height and weight.


The width of the noodle affects the buoyancy. Widths run from 2.5 to more than 5 inches. A thin, 2.5-inch pool noodle is enough to keep a child afloat, but a full-grown adult (especially anyone over 250 pounds) may have to double up if they’re going to use the pool noodle as an effective float. The larger the person, the thicker the noodle will need to be to hold them steady in the water.

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For your safety
Pool noodles are not a safety device. They do not double as a life preserver. Children should be carefully supervised while using them.


Color and pattern

Bright, happy colors belong to all things summer. Yellows, blues, reds, and greens in various shades make up most pool noodles. Inflatables may have two or three different colors arranged in patterns to make your summer brighter.


Vinyl pool noodles often have a textured surface to increase grip and spread out the pressure when using a noodle. Some people find the variation in pressure to be more comfortable, especially when spending a long time in the water.


A noodle is a noodle, right? Well, not always. The majority of pool noodles are straight-ish. However, there are a few variations. Some are curved, creating a ready-made seat. Inflatable pool noodles can take almost any shape, but to be classified as a noodle, they tend to be straight or curved. However, you can find some noodles that are animal-shaped, such as a seahorse or unicorn.

Hollow vs. solid core

Solid-core pool noodles are denser and more buoyant than hollow-core models. Hollow-core models tend to be less expensive and can double as a horn or waterspout during water play. However, a hollow core reduces buoyancy, making these noodles more appropriate for children than adults.

Pool noodle prices

Hollow-core foam and inflatable pool noodles are definitely not going to break the bank. They’re around $2 to $5 per noodle and often come in packs of four to eight.

Solid-core foam pool noodles generally cost about $6 each but are typically found in packs of three to six noodles.

Vinyl-covered pool noodles are the priciest at $20 to $50 per noodle. These pool noodles have a UV protective covering, solid core, and are typically five or more inches thick. Extra-long vinyl-covered noodles go up to around 60 inches.

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Did you know?
Vinyl-covered pool noodles resist damaging UV rays better than regular foam, which breaks down in the sun. If you’ll be storing the pool noodle outside, vinyl can increase the longevity of the noodle and resist fading.


  • Pool noodles are a crafter’s paradise. They can be used to make racetracks, bats, stamps, trampoline spring covers, and cord holders. Their uses are really only limited by your imagination, so once your pool noodle has started to break apart, you can repurpose it somewhere else in your home.
  • The craft room isn’t the only place you can repurpose a pool noodle. If you’ve got a fisherman in your home, a pool noodle could be exactly what he needs to pad a rod locker, add a float to his fishing net, or store stringer hooks.
  • The heavier the user, the larger and thicker the pool noodle will need to be. Children can get away with a relatively thin model and still stay afloat. Adults, on the other hand, should choose a thicker, solid noodle if they want to use it to completely relax.
  • If you have children who plan on using the pool noodle in a public pool, you may want to opt for one with a solid core; strangers won’t likely enjoy being sprayed when your kids decide to use the hollow-core noodle as a water cannon.
  • The foam of pool noodles can be punctured or torn. Keep your pool noodles out of reach of pets and small children who may be tempted to pick at the foam.
  • If you do any kind of yoga or stretching exercises, you can incorporate pool noodles into your routine. For instance, try resting on one with the noodle positioned in the middle of your back, then rock slowly from side to side for a gentle massage. You may also want to look up “pool yoga” to learn more about how to use a noodle for exercises in the water.
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Some foams are harder than others. Hard foam doesn't compress as easily as soft and tends to be more durable. However, soft foam is more comfortable to use.


Q. Can all pool noodles be used with a mesh sling chair?
There are specially made mesh sling chairs that slide over the noodle to create a floating seat. Unfortunately, the slings have to be made for the specific brand and model of noodle. Variations in thickness and buoyancy (they’re usually made for solid-core pool noodles) may make it impossible to use the sling with certain models.

Q. Do inflatable noodles come with a pump?
They do not come with a pump, but the good news is — you really don’t need one. Inflatable noodles don’t have a large air capacity, which means you can inflate them manually without too much trouble.

Q. Can inflatable noodles get damaged by the sun?
Like all vinyl and plastics, inflatable noodles can be damaged by UV rays. For that reason, it’s best to store them deflated and under cover.

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