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Best Swimming Pool Volleyball Sets

Updated February 2023
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Poolmaster Super Combo Volleyball Combo
Super Combo Volleyball Combo
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Most Versatile
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The wide collection of equipment and sports gear makes this an ideal pick for those with in-ground pools.


Full collection with 4 rackets, 2 birdies, and an inflatable ball so users can play badminton or volleyball. Wide net stays upright on the floor thanks to the polyfoam base. Withstands high winds and hot UV rays. Simple to transport with the included case.


Some concerns with the longevity of the model.

Best Bang for the Buck
Intex Pool Volleyball Game Net
Pool Volleyball Game Net
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Lightweight Choice
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Weighing in under 3 pounds, this option is easy to pack, inflate, and play a game with the kids.


At a desirable price point, this is easy entertainment for both kids and adults. Surprisingly larger than expected, so you can get everyone to play so long as some players know how to tread water. Brightly colored and keeps the focus on having fun.


You may need to come up with a few DIY hacks to secure the court and prevent it from drifting around.

Poolmaster Above-Ground Pool Water Volleyball Pool Game
Above-Ground Pool Water Volleyball Pool Game
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Sturdy & Solid
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A net that provides you a way to secure the posts to the edges to create a sturdy setup.


Useful for above-ground pools. Allows kids and adults alike to participate. Sturdy enough to withstand spikes from the former high school standout. Users find that it wears well.


We would expect more in the way of accessories.

EastPoint Sports Premium Volleyball Net
EastPoint Sports
Premium Volleyball Net
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Best for DIY
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The perfect net for the DIY owner who wants to customize his or her backyard fun.


A big, sturdy net that can be cut up, re-tied, and still function well. Ideal for those with spacious backyards, where your aquatic setup can accommodate a net that will conjure competition for sure.


Basic in the sense it's only a net and does not come with poles or additional water equipment.

GoSports Splash Net Pro
Splash Net Pro
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Customer Favorite
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Made to endure water play and adjustable based on the size of the pool, this set will be a good option for most.


Comes with a sturdy net, 2 water volleyballs, and a pump for added convenience. The net has a universal fit for most in-ground pools and can be adjusted up to 25 feet. The 2 posts at either end are water-weighted for secure play.


A few reviews reported having issues with the net and straps deteriorating over time.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best swimming pool volleyball sets

Not everyone is content to lounge by the pool all summer. If you long for a little activity or friendly competition, a swimming pool volleyball set might be the perfect addition to your backyard.

But you’ve got some decisions to make before you start playing. Swimming pool volleyball sets can be a permanent fixture around your pool, or they can be inflatable sets that are easy to store. Some are only nets, while others include poles, mounts, and a water volleyball.

The right set for you will depend in large part on your pool setup, available storage, and plans for the set itself. Armed with the right information about your options, you’ll be able to find a set with everything you need. 

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Inflatable swimming pool volleyball sets weigh around five pounds when deflated. That’s lightweight enough to be transported to the lake or a friend’s house.

Key considerations

The first thing you’ll need to decide is which type of swimming pool volleyball set is right for your pool.

Inflatable volleyball sets

Inflatable sets include an inflatable base with poles from which a net is suspended. While these sets aren’t the most stable option, they are the easiest to store and set up. The poles are typically stabilized by straps that attach to the top of the pole and bottom of the base. As the strap is tightened, the net pulls taut. These models float on top of the water but are kept in place by weights on either side of the base. Inflatable volleyball nets may not be as stable as other options, but they can be used in a good-sized inground or above ground pool.

Standalone or mounted volleyball net systems

Standalone volleyball net systems have weighted bases made of metal or heavy plastic into which poles are inserted. The net is then suspended between the poles. The poles of a mounted system have clamps on the bottom of the poles that attach to the side of the pool. Either of these designs are sturdier than an inflatable net. However, if too much pressure is applied to the net (like a body diving into the net), the poles can fall or come off the side of the pool. However, if you want something more permanent and stable than an inflatable net, these land in between an inflatable and a built-in model.

Built-in volleyball net systems

If you’re ready to create an activity center in your backyard, a built-in volleyball net system is the way to go. These sets usually have PVC or aluminum powder-coated poles designed to fit into inserts. They don’t include the anchor point itself, so if you don’t have one, you’ll need to install one before you can use this type of system. But if you use your pool year-round or even every day during the summer, one of these sets can be incredibly fun and useful. If you’re looking for stability, these are the systems for you. A few falls onto the net won’t pull it into the water. Built-in systems are sturdy, durable, and the best option for competitive water play.

Net only

Already have poles? Nets can be purchased separately. These nets are designed for outdoor play, so they may be advertised as beach volleyball nets or simply outdoor volleyball nets. They can be mounted to poles on either side of your pool.



There are several other features to consider when shopping for swimming pool volleyball sets.

Net size

How competitive do you really want to be? How old are your pool volleyball players? And, most importantly, how big is your pool? Nets come in varying sizes. Some are only 16 inches from top to bottom. These are not really nets that will keep the ball from passing through but more of a border between two teams. Other nets are regulation size, extending 24 feet, with the net itself approximately 2.5 feet high. The more serious and competitive your volleyball games, the higher and longer you’ll want the net to be. However, if it’s only going to be friendly family games with kids, a net that serves as a border will work just fine and be less expensive.

Pole material

  • Vinyl: Inflatable poles are typically made of vinyl, which is waterproof and durable as long as it’s stored out of the sun. Where vinyl doesn’t do so well is with punctures. You’ll have to be careful of corners, rocks, or anything else that might compromise the poles’ air chambers.

  • Plastic: Plastic poles come in varying circumferences and are typically made of PVC. Plastic poles are lightweight and durable. However, they are more easily bent or broken than metal poles. The chances of breaking one are small, but you never know what will happen when the pool action gets heated.

  • Metal or powder-coated aluminum: Metal poles, whether they’re standalone or inground, are the sturdiest option. They can take a hard spike or a body falling into the net without getting bent or broken. (Standalones may fall in the water, however.) Powder-coated aluminum is the top-of-the line option as it isn’t corroded by water and can be left out in any kind of weather. However, scratches in the powder coat open the door to rust and corrosion.

Pole stability

Nothing is more annoying than the net or poles falling in the water or getting knocked out of place every time the ball or a player hits the net. Pole stability makes a big difference in the quality of game play. Inflatable models are the least stable, while inground systems provide near competition-level play.

Included equipment

Swimming pool volleyball sets may only include the net itself, or they may be an entire set with everything you need from the volleyball to the pole weights.

Water volleyballs are made of rubber and are lighter than standard volleyballs. They also stay light even when wet. Inflatable sets may include an inflatable ball.

Volleyball/basketball sets that come with a hoop are a common combination and only add to your pool-time fun.

Another option if you want a net that can be used for multiple pool games are sets that come with badminton rackets and birdies.

Swimming pool volleyball set prices

You can find a swimming pool volleyball set for as little as $10 or as much as $100.


For an inflatable set or a volleyball net alone, you’ll spend between $10 and $15. Nets only may be even less. Inflatable sets are easy to set up and store and include an inflatable volleyball.


Standalone and mounted volleyball sets run in the $40 to $75 range. They usually include poles, a net, and a volleyball. The nets may be a narrow 16 inches or closer to full-size at 2 to 2.5 feet in height.


Built-in swimming pool volleyball sets typically start at around $75 and go up to $100. They don’t include the in-ground mounts but do come with sturdy poles, a near regulation-size net, and a water volleyball.

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Did you know?
Rubber volleyballs can be inflated with a hand pump. They do, however, require a needle for inflation like other types of rubber balls.


  • Built-in systems are perfect for homes with a large pool area and family members, like teens, who’ll use the net often. However, they don’t come with in-ground anchors. These cup-shaped inserts will have to be installed separately. If you have a patio, you may need to hire a professional.

  • Storage is always an issue. Inflatable nets are the easiest to store. They can be deflated, folded, and tucked away until you’re ready to play. Standalone and built-in systems are comparable in their storage ease. Standalone poles are slightly larger than built-in poles because they have a bigger, wider base. With both, you’ll have to remove the poles and roll the net when not in use.

  • Dry everything out before folding or rolling it for storage. Mold and mildew can easily start growing if the net, poles, or ball aren’t completely dry.

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The depth of your pool may be a factor in the net you choose. Nets can be anywhere from 16 to 30 inches in height. A taller net provides more of a challenge in a shallow pool, while a shorter net may provide plenty of challenge in a deep one.


Q. Do I need a special volleyball for pool play?

A. While you can use a regulation volleyball, it may get heavy from soaking up water and be damaged by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Water volleyballs are either inflatable or made of rubber. Rubber volleyballs are the most popular choice as they resist water and are lightweight so your arms and shoulders don’t get tired.

Q. What can I use for weights at the base of the poles?

A. Some poles have bags that can be filled with sand, rocks, or water, while others have bases that are designed to hold sand or water. If the base still isn’t stable after being filled, you can add weights like a sandbag or an exercise weight on top of the base to keep it in place.

Q. Do inflatable volleyball sets have more than one air chamber?

A. Most inflatable sets will have more than one air chamber. Usually, there’s a chamber for each pole and at least one for the base.