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10 spooky products you can buy now to make this Halloween better than ever

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Which spooky Halloween decorations are best?

Whether you are hosting a party with friends, handing out treats to tricksters or simply decorating for Halloween, you’ll want to include some items with a spooky appeal. To help you prepare for the scary holiday that both kids and the young at heart enjoy, spooky Halloween decorations that feature ghosts, skeletons, spiders and more are available from online retailers. Here are some Halloween decoration ideas and products to help you add a spooky aesthetic to your place.

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Look for popular Halloween products with hair-raising appeal

Not all Halloween products are alarming, as some pumpkins, ghosts, black cats, witches and other characters have whimsical appearances with smiling faces. To create a petrifying scene, look for the same classic items with wicked expressions. Other items, such as spiders, ghouls and haunted houses, are typically associated with spookiness and are perfect for any Halloween home.

Don’t forget your yard

Making your place spooky begins outside. Outdoor inflatables are trending and are available with Halloween themes such as ghosts, witches, pumpkins and more. You can also create an eerie scene in your front yard with faux tombstones, ghouls and larger-than-life skeletons.

Make your house haunted

Halloween is the time of year when you want your place to scare guests. Decorative items for everything from the mantel to the walls will put visitors in the mood for the holiday. Using fog machines and programming your video doorbell to produce creepy sounds can make the trick or treating experience more immersive. Additionally, illuminating your surroundings with lighted pumpkins, fall trees or string lights will add a touch of coziness to your thrilling Halloween decor.

Plan for a party

Many people like to decorate their homes for Halloween with fall home decor such as pumpkins. However, when it comes to throwing a Halloween party, scary Halloween decorations are a must. Fortunately, numerous Halloween party decorations will increase the fright factor of your gathering, including Halloween animatronics, fake spider webs and ghostly games.

Best spooky Halloween decorations this season

Life-Sized "Stranger Things" Animated Giant Demogorgon

This gigantic Demogorgon is perfect for fans of the sci-fi horror series "Stranger Things." The terrifying creature towers 7.5 feet high, featuring animated motion and sounds.


The Holiday Aisle Gigantic Hairy Spider

With a furry exterior and ominous red eyes, this huge spider is sure to spook your trick or treating neighbors. We like that the legs are bendable so the spider can be placed in multiple poses. It’s great for decorating a door or porch, and can also be used inside.

Joiedomi Inflatable Scary Flying Ghost

This inflatable ghost comes with everything you need to secure it to a window to give the appearance of flying. It’s lighted and measures about 3.5 inches in length. If you are setting up a haunted house for Halloween, this is the inflatable to buy. 

Home Accents Holiday Halloween String Lights

You can light up our holiday decorations with the colors of the season with Halloween lights. There are 100 orange, purple and green lights on this strand that measures 22 feet in length, which makes it versatile for numerous decorating possibilities.

Aostar Halloween Stretch Spider Webs

Artificial spider webs create a scary effect, especially when they come with fake spiders. By stretching these webs around your place, you’ll turn it into a haunted house for Halloween. It can be used indoors or outdoors.


Funko Disney The Haunted Mansion: Call of the Spirits Game

Featuring the classic Disney tale, The Haunted Mansion game is an exciting activity for kids’ parties. It’s fun and easy to play and is suitable for ages 8 and up. As many as six people can play at once.

Home Accents Holiday LED Lit Gold Encrusted Casket

This Halloween casket will take your decorating plan to the next level. It’s six feet in size, which makes it versatile to decorate in numerous ways. The durable construction and weather-resistant paint mean it can be used inside or outside. Although pricey, it will become a memorable part of your Halloween celebrations for years to come.

Haunted Hill Farm Animatronic Crawling Lady

The crawling lady is a terrifying animatronic that features sensors so it moves automatically when touched. It can be used inside or outside. It also makes chilling noises and has lighted eyes for a horrifying effect.

Joyin 5-foot Pose-N-Stay Life-Size Skeleton

No Halloween scene is complete without a skeleton. This one is 5 feet tall, so it’s easy to see, even from a distance. It can be posed in different ways and placed in different positions to fit easily with other decorations.

Joyin Light Up Halloween Jack-o'-Lantern Props

There are many ways to bring together spooky Halloween decor with this set of six petrifying pumpkins. They feature grimacing faces that illuminate with multiple colors. They are powered by batteries, so there’s no cord to get in the way of your decorating creativity.

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