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Be 'that' neighbor with these Halloween decorations for large lawns

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Which Halloween lawn decorations are best?

When it comes to holiday decorations, some love to go all out. They transform their home into wonderlands or, in Halloween’s case, horror shows of impressive scale. To complete that total transformation you need many decorations, no matter the size of your home.

If you have a large lawn, though, you need even more. However, you can’t fill your lawn with decorations of the same kind if you want to make the biggest impact. You need variety in terms of type, design and size.

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Halloween lawn decoration types

There’s a large variety of lawn decoration types. Creating the perfect outdoor display demands the creative use of all of them.


Ornamental decorations are what you scatter on your lawn itself and are usually one-half of the backbone of your decoration theme. For example, you could be going for a graveyard scene so you’d place headstones everywhere. Other examples of this kind of decoration are scary signs and Halloween-themed gnomes.


Hanging decorations are the other half of setting your scene, as they’re also ornamental. They just go up in your trees or in the eves of your home rather than on the ground. Some examples of this kind of decoration are ghosts, witches and spider webs complete with spiders.


Once you have your scene set, it’s time to choose a scene stealer. Interactive decorations are the best for this because they can give a small fright to the unsuspecting. The most common types of interactive decorations use a motion sensor to trigger some lights and sounds.


If you want to stay away from scares to keep things more kid-friendly, an inflatable centerpiece is an excellent choice. These come in many sizes and shapes, though ghosts are the most popular. Many inflatables also have lights inside or on them for extra impact.


Proper lighting is a little hard to set up if you don’t have much experience, but it can easily elevate a great lawn scene into something truly special. For example, you could have dim red lights scattered around your graveyard or have bright purples and oranges highlight your best decorations while putting your interactive ones in shadow, where they can generate more scares.


Lastly are entryway ornaments. Technically your entryway isn’t part of your yard, but if you expect trick-or-treaters then it’s a must to ensure your entryway matches your hard work. Otherwise, there’s a disconnect as trick-or-treaters move past your yard, into a normal-looking doorway, and back into the decorated yard.

Examples of these kinds of decorations include doormats, banners that frame your door and Halloween-themed wreathes.

Best ornamental Halloween lawn decorations

Funnlot Halloween Yard Signs

This collection includes eight kid-friendly signs depicting classic Halloween imagery such as ghosts, zombies and plenty of pumpkins. They’re perfect for neighborhoods with many young trick-or-treaters. The signs are weather-resistant so you can leave them out without worry.

GiftExpress Halloween Flamingo Two-Pack

Pink flamingo lawn ornaments are a bit of a cliche, which this set of skeleton flamingos quirkily sends up to great effect. They’re about 2 feet tall, so they’re easy to see.

Best hanging Halloween lawn decorations

Ocato Halloween Spider Web and Giant Spider

Arachnophobia is a common enough fear that this could be your only decoration and you’d still get the scares you want. Try to situate it so that people have to go under or around it to get to your door.

Newbea Hanging Corpse Decoration

Hanging corpses are a common Halloween yard decoration, but this one is better than most since a skull can clearly be seen under the webbing. It’s 6 feet tall so it has considerable presence.

Best interactive Halloween lawn decorations

Ptyfavor Animated Prisoner Decoration

If you prefer to leave a bowl of candy out on the porch rather than hand it out yourself, protect that bowl with this. Once triggered by motion, the head pops out of the cage, lights trigger and it says, “Let me out!”

FunsLane Hanging Three-Headed Ghost Decoration

The three heads of this decoration give it a little more oomph than others. It’s triggered by sound, causing all the eyes to light up red and scary sounds to play. You can hang it or drape it across your front porch furniture.

Best inflatable Halloween lawn decorations

Goosh Halloween Inflatable Dead Tree With Ghosts

This inflatable is perfect for yards that don’t have any trees, so you can add some verticality to your lawn decorations. It’s 8 feet tall and 4.6 feet wide, so use caution or it could overwhelm the rest of your scene.

Joiedomi Halloween Inflatable Ghost

This unique inflatable is meant to be set up so it looks like it’s bursting out of your window. It’s impressively tall at 3.5 feet and its material and electric components are all waterproof.

Best Halloween lawn lights

Waterglide Halloween Flashing Spooky Eyes

These simple eyes are an easy way to elevate your bushes. You could also put them in a window. They’re all strung together so you can’t split them up, but they run on batteries, so you’re also not restricted to where you put them.

Kurifier Halloween Pathway Lights

These lights, which come in purple or orange, are perfect for guiding trick-or-treaters safely through the most intricately decorated lawns. They can also add mood lighting throughout a calmer lawn.

Best entryway Halloween decorations

Nobie Vivid Halloween Animated Doorbell

Some technology-heavy doorbells such as the Ring doorbell and camera can change sounds to fit the mood. If you don’t have one of those, this interactive doorbell adds that flair and then some for trick-or-treaters.

Mubin Plaid Outdoor Rug

This rug is a great way to protect your front porch from who knows what trick-or-treaters have stepped in when they arrive at your door. The colors keep it within the Halloween/fall spirit.

Halloween lawn decorations worth checking out

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