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Best Halloween Inflatables

Updated October 2023
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Halloween 4-Foot Spooky Inflatable Witch Scene
4-Foot Spooky Inflatable Witch Scene
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This is an adorable Halloween inflatable decoration with smiling characters and assembly essentials.


The fun design features 2 witches, 2 jack-o-lanterns, a black cat, and a cauldron. Characters have cute faces, making them ideal for whimsical Halloween displays. Stands 4 feet tall. Includes cords, stakes, and assembly instructions.


Not ideal for small areas, as this inflatable is wide and takes up a bit of space.

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BZB Goods Store Animated Halloween Black Cat
BZB Goods Store
Animated Halloween Black Cat
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Tall Design
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This large cat has an animated head that rotates from side to side and has built-in lights for a glowing look.


Measures 11 feet tall. Comes in a black color and features other fun Halloween colors, including an orange-striped tail and green eyes. Stakes, tethers, and a blower are included. Made from durable materials allowing it to be used for many halloweens to come.


Tends to fall down in windy weather. Head often gets stuck during inflation.

Joiedomi Scary Flying Ghost
Scary Flying Ghost
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An inflatable ghost that hangs out of the window and lights up for a scary yet fun 3D effect.


Setup is simple and inflation is quick. Comes with fastener ropes, built-in sandbags to keep it from flying out, and suction cups for securing to the window. Has a bright white LED light on the inside of the ghost. Holds up throughout the Halloween season. Measures 3.5 feet tall.


A few customers mentioned making some modifications to making it more secure.

Halloween Evil Clown Archway Decoration
Evil Clown Archway Decoration
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Great for Entryways
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If you are looking for a large inflatable that is sure to make a memorable impression, this archway clown is the one to buy.


Sinister clown inflatable with vibrant colors. Made to be placed around an entrance as an archway. The attention-grabbing design stands almost 10 feet tall. Comes with tether cords and stakes to keep it in place. Step-by-step instructions are also included.


A bit on the expensive side compared to other options.

Gemmy Air-blown Inflatable
Air-blown Inflatable
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Familiar Characters
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This Peanuts-themed decoration is cute and festive and can be used throughout the fall season.


Features Snoopy, Woodstock, and a happy pumpkin on top of a doghouse. Can be used inside and outside. Measures 3.5 feet tall, and the smaller design can be easily deflated and stored until next year. Comes with stakes and tethers.


Not as bright as expected.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best Halloween inflatables

Fake cobwebs and jack-o-lanterns can add spooky charm to your home, but Halloween inflatables are far easier to set up and have a dramatic effect.

Halloween inflatables range greatly in height, size, and style, coming in the forms of huge archways made of pumpkins, looming witches with bubbling cauldrons, and lots of other festive tableaus. Because the styles of most inflatables are fairly similar, you can add several to your home or yard, and they will likely fit together well. Some Halloween inflatables include fun extras, such as lights and sounds.

By choosing a theme you like and strategically placing your inflatable in your yard or on your porch, you can give trick-or-treaters a thrill while enjoying your decoration throughout the fall.

Halloween inflatable decoration outside a house
Give your inflatables room to move in the breeze. If there are trees or walls nearby, they could brush against them and pop.

How to buy the best Halloween inflatables

While the styles of most inflatables are similar—cartoonish and spooky without being grotesque—they come in an astonishing array of sizes, designs, and themes.

What size Halloween inflatable do you want?

Halloween inflatables range in height from around 3 feet to 12 feet. Taller inflatables can have an imposing and eye-catching effect, but taller doesn’t always mean bigger. Some inflatables in the 4- to 6-foot range are wide in design, taking up a lot of space on your lawn or porch. Larger inflatables are usually more expensive, and sometimes, you can get a couple of smaller ones for the same price as a tall inflatable.

Choosing a theme

Halloween conjures thoughts of many different spooky characters. Pick a theme that you enjoy and that goes well with any other Halloween decorations you have.

  • Creatures include classics like vampires, witches, and ghosts as well as less-common varieties: dinosaurs, octopuses, owls, dragons, and such. If your neighbors have opted for a traditional character, consider something more unusual to stand out.
  • Scenery can include things like pirate ships, trees, towers of pumpkins, and tombstones. Inflatables don’t have to be monsters; scenery can create a fun and atmospheric effect.


In addition to fun characters, inflatables also come in the shape of archways and other unique designs.

Archways work well if you have a path leading to your front door so that trick-or-treaters can pass under jack-o-lanterns, tree branches, or the outstretched arms of a monster. Some have hanging strips of fabric for people to pass through. Choose an archway that’s tall enough for people to walk under comfortably. Most manufacturers list the height of the top of the arch, but the height of the inside of the arch is more important to consider.

Other less-common designs include monsters that pop out of windows and groups of characters or objects that sprawl across a large area.

Halloween inflatable decoration outside a house
Halloween inflatables can be combined with other decorations to complete the scene, like fake cobwebs, pumpkins, or cauldrons.

What features do Halloween inflatables have?

There’s more to your decision than picking a theme and design you like. You should look carefully at the quality of the design and additional features, such as lights and sounds.

Halloween inflatable durability and stability

You probably plan to leave your Halloween inflatable up for long stretches, including when you are not home. By choosing an inflatable made of durable materials with plenty of tethers, you can avoid coming home to a disaster.

Most inflatables are made of lightweight polyester or nylon fabric. However, fabric thickness varies. Manufacturers do not typically list the fabric thickness of their inflatables, but some manufacturers list IP ratings, which tell you how durable and puncture-proof the material is.

Stability becomes a major factor the taller an inflatable is. Note the number of included tethers and stakes.

Illumination, animation, and sound

If you want your decorations to be visible at night, you’ll either need robust landscape lighting or an inflatable with LEDs. While LED inflatables cost a bit extra, the LEDs inside fill your decorations with light—which not only looks good but also provides light for visitors and trick-or-treaters. LEDs are typically long-lasting, though some models may use incandescent bulbs, which are less expensive but may burn out with heavy use.

Other flashy options include animated inflatables and inflatables with speakers to project music or eerie voices. Some inflatables have wings or arms that move constantly… and while this is far from lifelike, it’s an entertaining effect. Built-in motion sensors can trigger voice lines or music, which is not only useful for keeping noise to a minimum but also for startling trick-or-treaters.

If you plan to put your inflatable on your porch, measure the height of the ceiling to make sure it will fit. Otherwise, your creepy creature will be slouching.


How much do Halloween inflatables cost?

Halloween inflatables are more expensive than most smaller decorations, but they are relatively easy to set up. Budget inflatables are smaller and simpler, while pricier options tend to sport additional features and may be larger in size.


Between $30 and $50, you can find inflatable Halloween decorations that vary in size but typically have basic designs, such as a giant eyeball or a humanoid character. In some cases, the polyester may be on the thin side, and fan power can be underwhelming. Not all inexpensive Halloween inflatables include tethers and stakes. Despite the low cost, built-in LEDs are common in this range.


Halloween inflatables that cost $50 to $100 typically use high-quality polyester and come in a variety of designs. LEDs are standard, and designs range from tall archways to multi-character inflatables that dominate a small space. Extras like sound and animation are also available for this cost, and many inflatables are waterproof.


At a cost of $100 to $150, you will find huge inflatables that are usually waterproof. While the size of these inflatables is entertaining, there are usually comparable inflatables for a lower cost that don’t sacrifice quality.

Halloween inflatable decoration outside a house
Halloween inflatables swaying in the wind is a feature, not a bug. Movement adds a bit of realism, whether it’s a ghost, a tree, or a vampire.


Careful setup and proper storage are key to extending the lifespan of your Halloween inflatable.

  • Place tethers and stakes as far from walkways as you can. Both present potential tripping hazards. If possible, mark stakes with something highly visible, like a glow stick.
  • Setup may be a job for two. Larger inflatables can be hard to set up on their own, especially when attaching tethers to the ground.
  • Block wind when possible. If you have any shrubs or walls that will shield your inflatable from wind, consider placing it in this area.
  • Store inflatables carefully. At the end of the season, wipe the surface down with a damp cloth, allow it to dry, and roll the inflatable up before storing it somewhere dry.
  • Think about your power source. Most inflatables have fairly short power cords, so you will need an outdoor extension cord to place your decoration anywhere other than next to an outlet.
  • Place illuminated inflatables away from lights. This gives them a better chance to shine. On the other hand, inflatables without LEDs should be placed near a light if possible so they will be visible in the dark. Plus, lights can cast spooky shadows.
  • Angle stakes away from the inflatable. This keeps tension on the tethers and makes it unlikely that the stakes will shift or tilt toward the inflatable.
  • Invest in a repair kit before a leak happens. Having a repair kit on hand means your decorations won’t go to waste on the big night.
Halloween inflatable decoration outside a house
When placing your inflatable, think about whether it will block your line of sight when leaving your driveway or if it will block any windows.


Q. Do I have to keep the fan running constantly?

A. Since a high amount of pressure would be required to keep an inflatable filled without a motorized fan, Halloween inflatables are not designed to be airtight. However, running the fan all the time is not a good idea, as it can strain the motor and even cause it to overheat. Choose a time of day when you want your inflatable to be displayed, and keep it turned off the rest of the time. Deflated decorations can be unsightly, so consider dragging it somewhere hidden when it’s not in use.

Q. Can you put inflatables indoors?

A. Yes, but their blowers can be a bit noisy. It’s also difficult to tell how wide a fully inflated decoration will be until you see it in person.

Q. How durable are inflatables?

A. Mid-range and expensive Halloween inflatables are made of fairly durable fabric. The best way to tell how long an inflatable will last is to check for an IP rating of IPX4 or higher.

Q. Why isn’t my inflatable holding air?

A. First, check to see if the motor is running. You should hear a fan-like sound. If it isn’t running and is plugged in and turned on (and the outlet is working), the motor may be broken, or a fuse may have blown. If the fan is running, make sure the fabric has no folds that could cut off airflow. If it still isn’t inflating, make sure there are no open zippers on the inflatable.


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