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Updated September 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Winlyn Assorted Artificial Orange Pumpkins
Assorted Artificial Orange Pumpkins
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Comprehensive Set
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Faux pumpkins that are realistic and durable for a reusable fall decoration.


Comes with seven pumpkins in a variety of sizes. Made from a foam material and designed to look like real pumpkins with orange coloring, ridges, and brown stems. Available at a good price.


Smaller than expected.

Best Bang for the Buck
FUTUREPLUSX Assorted Artificial Pumpkin Set
Assorted Artificial Pumpkin Set
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Color Variety
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This fall set comes with seven pumpkins in various colors and sizes, as well as faux maple leaves to complete the look.


Brightly colored and give the look of real pumpkins. The orange and green pumpkins are constructed from a foam material and made without toxic ingredients. Easy to wipe clean for use throughout the years. Comes with 30 silk maple leaves.


Several customers mentioned that they were too lightweight and a bit flimsy.

Lets Make Memories US Personalized Light-Up Pumpkin
Lets Make Memories US
Personalized Light-Up Pumpkin
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Most Versatile
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These pumpkins light up and can be personalized with up to 10 characters.


When the light is off you can still clearly see the design. The batteries are protected by a waterproof case for safe outdoor use. It comes in small, large, and extra-large sizes and in eight patterns, such as cat, dog, and lovestruck.


It requires either three AA or AAA batteries depending on the size, and the batteries aren’t included.

Bohemia Goods Decorative Pumpkin
Bohemia Goods
Decorative Pumpkin
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Most Stylish
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These unique decorative pumpkins are the perfect decor for all of fall.


There are three styles to pick from: bear, owl, and fox. Each style is roughly 6.7 inches tall and wide and weighs roughly 1.5 pounds. If they aren’t what you thought, returns are accepted.


Shipping isn’t free. Collecting them all is expensive.

Kelly Clarkson Home Cream Byers Beaded Pumpkin Decorative Accent
Kelly Clarkson Home
Cream Byers Beaded Pumpkin Decorative Accent
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Classy Option
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A unique fall display as tabletop decor or placed in a bowl, these beaded pumpkins are an elegant and stylish accent.


Comes with eight pumpkins in a cream color. The mini size can be used in multiple ways without taking up too much space. Has a beaded exterior and measures 3.5 inches wide. Also available in an orange color.


Color has a more yellow tone than what is shown.


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Buying guide for best artificial pumpkins

Pumpkins make some of the best fall decorations both inside and outside your home. But decorating with real pumpkins can be tricky. Critters can eat them. And if you buy the pumpkins too early, they can start to rot before Halloween. Artificial pumpkins can decorate your doorway all season long, year after year.

Artificial pumpkins are made of durable materials like plastic or wood, so you can place most of them outside without worrying about damage from the elements. They’re also available in various sizes and colors, making them more versatile than real pumpkins. Some are embellished with faux leaves, flowers, or other decorations. For added fun, you can also find some that you can carve like real pumpkins.

To choose the right artificial pumpkins for your fall décor, first decide how you plan to use them. It’s also essential to understand what materials best suit your needs. Decide on size, color, and embellishments, and whether you prefer one or several pumpkins. A good buying guide and product recommendation can help make your shopping easier.

artificial pumpkin decoration
For the most impressive display, mix one or two real pumpkins in with your artificial pumpkins.

How to buy the best artificial pumpkins


You can use artificial pumpkins the same way you’d use real pumpkins, but they’re even more versatile. You can decorate with them indoors and outdoors, and choose from a wide array of sizes, colors, and textures. Some of the most common uses of artificial pumpkins include the following:

Front porch/door: Artificial pumpkins displayed beside your front door or around the entryway on your porch or stoop is a perfect way to welcome guests in the fall. You can pair the gourds with fall flowers and plants, such as marigolds, sunflowers, or chrysanthemums, or group the pumpkins by themselves.

Steps/stairs: Another fun way to add some fall color to your décor is to set a few artificial pumpkins on the steps leading to your front door or on the stairs inside your home. You can place one on each step or arrange groupings.

Tables: Artificial pumpkins make ideal table decorations. You can decorate a console table in the entryway or front foyer, or arrange some on the coffee table in your living or family room for some fall flair.

Mantel: Dress your fireplace for fall with some artificial pumpkins alone or paired with artificial fall leaves or flowers. These pumpkins also look great on the floor around the fireplace.

Centerpiece: Artificial pumpkins are the perfect choice for a seasonal centerpiece on your Thanksgiving or fall dinner table. Set the pumpkins on a tray or runner and pair them with candles, flowers, and/or artificial leaves.


Depending on the look you’re going for, artificial pumpkins are available in several different materials. The most common include the following:

Plastic: Plastic pumpkins are the most durable and ideal for outdoor use. You don’t have to worry about them sitting out in the elements, and they won’t break if dropped or knocked around.

Foam: Foam pumpkins also work well outdoors, but they’re lightweight, so they can blow around on windy days. They can sometimes absorb water from rain too. Some foam pumpkins can be carved, so you can add a fun, customized design for Halloween.

Metal: These are often used to decorate outdoors. You can find some metal pumpkins that have an attached stake to press into the dirt to hold them securely. You can place light bulbs in others and use them as lanterns.

Wood: Wooden pumpkins are best used indoors, though you can place them outside if they’re protected from rain. These pumpkins have a quaint rustic look that works well with other fall décor.

Ceramic: These pumpkins have a highly decorative look. They can break easily if knocked around, so they’re best used indoors. Some ceramic pumpkins can hold votive candles too.

Glass: Like ceramic, glass is extremely fragile, so these pumpkins work best indoors. Some are opaque, but you can also find many translucent glass pumpkins. You can find some lighted options too.

Single vs. sets

Many artificial pumpkins are sold individually, but you can find some sold in sets of two or more. The pumpkins in some sets are all the same size, while other sets include multiple sizes.

Plastic and foam artificial pumpkins are most likely to be sold in sets, while metal, wood, ceramic, and glass pumpkins are usually sold individually, though you can also find some sets made of these materials.

Some foam pumpkins come already carved to resemble jack-’o-lanterns or with other Halloween-themed designs.


Features to look for in artificial pumpkins


As with real pumpkins, you can find artificial pumpkins in various sizes, though the extra-large ones are less common.

  • Mini: 3 inches or less in circumference or the size of a baseball
  • Small: 4 to 5 inches in circumference or the size of a cantaloupe
  • Small to medium: 6 to 8 inches in circumference or the size of a volleyball
  • Medium: 9 to 10 inches in circumference or about the size of a basketball
  • Medium to large: 11 to 13 inches in circumference
  • Large: 14 to 18 inches in circumference
  • Extra-large: 19 to 21 inches in circumference


Like real pumpkins, most artificial pumpkins are orange. You can find both traditional bright orange options as well as pale, peachy shades and even darker burnt-orange shades. In addition to classic orange, the most common colors for artificial pumpkin include the following:

  • Green: Green shades include light and dark options. These pumpkins work well for general fall décor.
  • White: You can find many artificial pumpkins in shades of white, including pure white, off-white, and beige. They offer a neat, clean look that works well with country décor.
  • Black: This is an ideal choice for Halloween décor and displays.
  • Gold: Gold pumpkins fit a fall color scheme well and are ideal for a Thanksgiving table centerpiece.
  • Purple: Purple pumpkins can be a fun addition to a Halloween display, pairing well with black pumpkins.
  • Patterned: While less common, you can find patterned pumpkins, with plaids and checkered patterns the most popular choices.


The one downside to artificial pumpkins is that you can’t carve most of them. However, you can carve some foam pumpkins, so you can create designs in them just as you would with real pumpkins. These pumpkins are typically made of low-density polyurethane foam and are easily carved with a foam carving knife.

artificial pumpkin decoration
Many foam pumpkins are flammable, so keep them away from candles or other open flames.

How much do artificial pumpkins cost?


The most affordable artificial pumpkins are usually made of plastic or foam, but you can find some wood and metal pumpkins in this price range too. These pumpkins range in size from mini to large. Some also come in sets of multiple pumpkins. These artificial pumpkins cost about $1 to $30.


These artificial pumpkins include large plastic and foam options as well as many wood, metal, glass, and ceramic pumpkins. You can find several sizes, but the glass and ceramic pumpkins are usually small to medium. Many of these are sold individually, but you can find some sets too. These artificial pumpkins typically cost $30 to $90.


The most expensive artificial pumpkins are large ones made of ceramic or glass, as well as extremely large sets made of foam or plastic. You can also find some smaller sets made of wood or metal in this price range. These artificial pumpkins cost about $90 to $150.

Mini artificial pumpkins are a fun way to personalize a dinner table. Just stencil guests’ names on the pumpkins with paint or a marker and put them at the place settings.

Mini artificial pumpkins are a fun way to personalize a dinner table. Just stencil guests’ names on the pumpkins with paint or a marker and put them at the place settings.



  • Paint artificial pumpkins to match your color scheme. You can paint foam pumpkins with spray or acrylic paint, while plastic pumpkins do best with spray paint.
  • Carve foam pumpkins to resemble jack-o'-lanterns. You can also light them just like you would with real pumpkins, but only use battery-operated LED lights instead of candles.
  • Use stakes to keep foam pumpkins in place. Because they’re lightweight, foam pumpkins can blow around in the wind. Insert a wooden dowel into the bottom of the pumpkin, and then press it into the dirt to keep it in place.+
artificial pumpkin display


Q. What are the benefits of decorating with artificial pumpkins?

A. The best thing about artificial pumpkins is that they don’t rot like real pumpkins, so you never have to worry about tossing them out in the middle of autumn. Instead, you can use artificial pumpkins year after year to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or fall in general. They’re also available in a wider range of colors and sizes.

Q. How long do artificial pumpkins last?

A. If you care for and store them properly, artificial pumpkins can last for years. However, foam pumpkins break down over time, and glass and ceramic ones can shatter if dropped. On the other hand, wooden, metal, and plastic pumpkins are highly durable, so you can use the same ones to decorate for many years.

Q. How do I clean artificial pumpkins?

A. Plastic, glass, and ceramic pumpkins are easy to clean with soap and water. You can clean metal pumpkins the same way, but dry them thoroughly to prevent corrosion. Foam pumpkins are trickier to clean because they can absorb water. Wipe them down with a dry rag to keep them clean.


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