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Updated December 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Royal Oak Giant 40" Saucer Tree Swing
Royal Oak
Giant 40" Saucer Tree Swing
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Customer Favorite
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This exceedingly popular swinging saucer is recognized for its weather-resistant durability and superb safety.


Constructed from a long-lasting steel frame. Water-resistant material holds up under inclement weather conditions. Can hold several children at once. Easy to put together and take apart. Available in several fun colors and designs.


A few customers had issues with the swing arriving with missing pieces.

Best Bang for the Buck
Swing-n-Slide Steel Web/Saucer Swing
Steel Web/Saucer Swing
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Play or Relax
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A swing with a unique fabric saucer design that enables multiple users at once or plenty of space to spread out and relax.


Sturdy steel frame and heavy-duty fabric for comfort. Encourages teamwork and social skills when used with other children. Round base also works well for relaxing. UV- and rust-resistant. Adjustable chain.


Some felt that it was a bit challenging to assemble.

Swurfer Swurfer the Original Stand Up Surfing Swing
Swurfer the Original Stand Up Surfing Swing
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Unique Design
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A unique take on the original wooden swing, this excellent surfer offers impressive fun for riders of all ages.


Can be used as a simple swing for younger children or an adventurous surf for older riders. Features a unique curved shape for more power and stability. Includes mildew-resistant ropes and adjustable handles for safety. Comes in several colors.


Supervision required for younger children when using. Expensive.

Pellor Indoor Outdoor Wood Tree Swing Seat
Indoor Outdoor Wood Tree Swing Seat
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For All Ages
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This classic wood swing can be used both indoors and outdoors, and works well for both children and adults.


Wooden bench is firmly secure, offering a greater sense of stability for the young or elderly. Solid beech wood design is shock-resistant. Seat is arced for rider comfort. Rope length is adjustable.


Wood can get moldy without proper maintenance and care.

Hey! Play! Saucer Swing
Hey! Play!
Saucer Swing
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Strong & Versatile
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A strong and versatile swing that can be used in many different ways for hours of backyard fun.


Can be secured to a tree branch or attached to an existing backyard play structure. Equipped with nylon rope attachment points to hold for balance and comfort. Durable and safe with steel and rubber foam padding. Can be used laying down, standing, or sitting.


Hanging hardware kit is not included.


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Buying guide for best tree swings

There's nothing quite like swinging high in the air, the wind rushing past your face. If you have a suitable tree on your land, a tree swing can add an extra dimension to your outdoor fun. The majority of people who buy tree swings are purchasing them for their kids to play on, but adults can have fun on tree swings, too.

There's plenty to consider when choosing a tree swing for your yard. The type of tree swing you want and how large it should be are major considerations. For example, you wouldn’t want to purchase a bucket swing for a ten-year-old, nor would you want a disc swing for a little one who still has trouble with coordination.

Of course, safety is another major consideration. Tree swings are typically as sturdy as the trees that hold them, but it helps to be informed about swing stability and what type of trees are suitable for swinging. We’ll touch on that, too.

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Position your tree swing so it hangs two to three feet above ground level. This is low enough for your child to get on and off easily, but it’s not so low that their legs will drag on the ground.

Types of tree swings

Traditional tree swing

A traditional tree swing looks like the type of swing you might find at your local park or on a backyard  swing set. It has two ropes or chains and a simple wooden, fabric, or plastic seat. Traditional tree swings are easy to come by and usually sit on the lower end of the price spectrum. They tend to be fairly stable with a smooth back-and-forth swing pattern.

Rope swings

Rope swings are another popular type of tree swing. They consist of a single rope that secures to the tree at one end and has a simple seat (often a disc seat) at the other end. Because they're only secured in one place, they can swing in all directions, which is great fun, but it may be a bit too much for younger kids.

Giant swings

Giant tree swings are extra-large models meant for holding multiple people. They're great for siblings playing together and give you the chance to hop on the swing with your kids, too.

Stand-up swings

You can find tree swings designed for the user to stand up on, with hand-holds for stability. Stand-up swings are great fun for adventurous kids, but they can be too dangerous for younger children due to the increased risk of falling.

Bucket swings

If you have a baby or toddler who wants to swing, a bucket tree swing is your best bet. Bucket swings have tall sides and leg holes to securely hold young kids who aren't yet ready to swing independently. Bucket swings have limited shelf lives, as your child will grow out of them once they can swing on their own, so it's not worth spending too much on this kind of tree swing.

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Young children should always be supervised when using a tree swing.

Considerations for selecting a tree swing


Consider what type of swing seat you prefer. Solid swings are generally made of plastic or wood, with a handful of exceptions. Plastic tree swings are inexpensive and lightweight but aren't the most durable options, as they can crack when exposed to extreme temperatures and will fade and wear down over time. Wooden tree swings are durable with a classic appearance. They may need to be treated with a wood stain to avoid rotting or extensive weathering over time, but they generally stand up well to outdoor life. The main downside is that quality wooden tree swings can be costly.

Giant tree swings are often made from more flexible materials that keep the weight down and more comfortably accommodate multiple users. Common choices include weaved rope and nylon webbing. These kinds of materials are strong but have some give to them. They're often not the most weather-resistant options, however, so you may need to cover the swing or bring it inside during winter.


Traditional tree swings usually have rectangular seats that you sit upon much like you would a chair or stool. Rope swings often have small round seats; the user straddles the rope in the middle. Giant tree swings are usually round, though you can find some square and rectangular options. Choose a tree swing with a seat shape that best fits your needs and that you or your family would find easiest and most comfortable to use.


Rope, bucket, stand-up, and traditional tree swings are usually sized to fit a single user. That said, you can find some traditional swings that fit two side-by-side users. However, giant swings are much larger (as the name suggests). You'll need to check the product description of any giant swings you're considering to find the exact dimensions, but they're often large enough to fit three to four kids, two adults, or one adult and one to two children. If you choose an especially large tree swing, you'll need to make sure that it would securely fit your chosen tree. If it's exceptionally wide, the ropes may need to sit farther apart than the branch allows.

Expert Tip

Tree swing prices

Just how much should you expect to pay for a tree swing? They vary in price depending on size, type, and overall quality.

  • Basic tree swings, including many traditional tree swings, rope swings, and bucket swings, cost $15 to $30.

  • Mid-range tree swings cost between $30 and $70. This includes many larger and sturdier traditional models as well as some low-end giant swings.

  • High-end tree swings cost between $70 and $120. Most of the choices in this range are giant or stand-up tree swings.


  • Only hang a tree swing from a suitable tree. You'll need a sturdy hardwood tree with a thick horizontal branch that's at least eight inches in diameter.

  • When deciding how much to spend, think about how much use your tree swing will get. Are your kids likely to spend hours swinging on a summer's day, or are they more likely to use it once in a blue moon? If the latter, a high-end tree swing might be a waste of money.

  • Consider how many people will want to use your tree swing. If you have more than one child, or if your child often has friends over to play, they might have more fun with a tree swing designed for multiple users.

  • Choose a tree swing suitable for the age group of the users. For example, you wouldn't buy a stand-up swing for a toddler.

Other products we considered

A product from Fun Tree Swing called the Hanging Wooden Tree Swing is a simple, traditional tree swing with a wooden seat. It's strong enough for kids and adults alike. If you're in the market for something larger, Play Platoon offers a Spider Web Tree Swing that can hold up to four children or two adults. Though suitable for use as a tree swing, you will need to buy tree hanging straps separately.

PACEARTH offers a flexible belt Swing Seat that includes all the necessary equipment to hang it from a tree, and the price is extremely reasonable. We're also big fans of the Squirrel Products Tree Swing, a rope swing with a disc seat that's exceptionally fun to use.

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If it frequently rains or snows in the winter where you live, it's advisable to take your tree swing down during the colder months and put it back up in the spring. This will help it last longer.


Q. Why should I choose a tree swing instead of a standard swing set?
Assuming you have a tree suitable for supporting a swing, a tree swing is cheaper than buying a standard swing set. It's likely to be more stable, and you don't need to go to the trouble of building the whole set and anchoring it to the ground.

Q. Are tree swings safe?
As long as you attach your tree swing to a branch that's strong and sturdy, it's just as safe as any other swing set.

Q. Will I need help installing my tree swing?
Most tree swings attach to the tree via straps, which are quite simple to use and don't require a second person. You might, however, need someone to hold a ladder for you — especially if the branch you're attaching the swing to is higher off the ground than you can reach.

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