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These cheap Halloween decorations are perfect if you're on a budget

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Affordable Halloween decorations that won’t break the bank

For many who participate in the spooky holiday, going all-out with Halloween decorations is part of the fun. However, going the whole nine yards can easily get expensive. These cheap Halloween decorations will let you create the ultimate display without going over budget.

In this article: Sheoo 1,000-Square-Foot Stretch Spider Web, Joyin Halloween Foam Tombstones and Joyin Hanging Halloween Skeleton Ghosts

Types of Halloween decorations

  • Halloween animatronics create a particularly immersive experience. From talking skeletons to groaning zombies, they typically emit sounds and other creepy effects. Some are motion-activated and trigger a jump-scare effect, but these are typically the pricier options.
  • Larger-than-life Halloween decorations generally stand more than 4 feet tall. They’re ideal for large lawn displays and Halloween parties — provided you have the room for them — but tend to be pricier.
  • Halloween wall decorations such as ghostly portraits and bat decals can liven up interior and exterior spaces.
  • Hanging Halloween decorations, including skeletons and spider webs, can give you more space for floor displays and make you feel surrounded by spookiness.
  • Halloween yard decorations such as signs and inflatables can transform your lawn for the spooky season.
  • Miniature Halloween props are great for decorating food and snack tables, fireplace mantels and more.

Cheap Halloween decorations for $10 or less

Sheoo 1,000-Square-Foot Stretch Spider Web

These realistic-looking cobwebs will transform your front yard or indoor Halloween setup into a spooky spider’s nest. The stretchy spider webs cover 1,000 square feet and attach easily to trees and yards, walls and ceilings, windows, doors and furniture.

Qtisky Halloween Creepy Cloth

You can drape this Halloween cloth indoors or outdoors. Pair it with fake spiders or other spooky decor, cut and tear holes to make your own designs, or hang them from light fixtures for a creepy lighting effect.

Joyin Halloween Haunted House Window Door Cover

These bloody zombie hands will creep out trick-or-treaters and Halloween party guests. The set includes three self-adhesive window or door covers with backlight effects. 

Angelhood Giant Spider Fake With Stretch Cobweb

This gigantic hairy spider will make a bold statement crawling across your front yard or hanging from the ceiling. It has flexible, repositionable legs and eerie red eyes. The Halloween prop features cobwebs and 10 smaller spiders to complete the look. 

LuSeren Halloween Decorative Scary Bats Wall Stickers

These decorative bat stickers come with double-sided tape for attaching to interior or exterior walls. The set includes 56 stickers of bats in four different sizes for visual variety.

Cheap Halloween decorations for $20 or less

Tayfremn Halloween Decorations

These affordable bat- and spider-themed decorations will set the scene for your Halloween party. You get a rectangular table runner, round table cover, fireplace mantel, a lampshade and 36 bat wall stickers. 

Liecho Self-Designed Halloween Yard Signs

This set of three blood-spattered warning signs is perfect for a scary yard display. Add some spider webs, skeletons or faux tombstones to complete the setup. 

Dazzle Bright Purple and Orange Fairy String Lights

These fairy lights come in festive purple and orange with eight modes, letting you customize your lighting effects. Measuring 39.4 feet, the solar lights are designed for outdoor use.

Joyin Halloween Foam Tombstones

You can create your own graveyard display with these faux headstone decorations. The pack includes five tombstones with varying designs, with metal stakes for anchoring each yard sign to the ground.

Duaiai Laminated Halloween Gothic Creepy Portraits

These Gothic-inspired Halloween pictures are a haunted house must-have. The set has 12 laminated wall posters featuring skeletal portraits and chilling scenes. 

Anphsin Halloween 3D Nun Door Sticker

This demon-possessed nun door sticker will make your front porch stand out this Halloween. Not only is the image horrifying, but its large scale enhances the effect. 

Cheap Halloween decorations for $30 or less

Goosh 5-Foot Halloween Inflatable Outdoor Cute Ghost

Not all Halloween decorations are scary, especially if you’re planning a kid-friendly display. We love this blow-up ghost both for its adorableness and its affordability as an inflatable. As a bonus, the 5-foot ghost includes multicolored LED lights for even more Halloween spirit.

Nobie Vivid Haunted Doorbell Animated Eyeball

Trick-or-treaters are in for a surprise when they ring this Halloween doorbell; a glowing green eyeball greets them and emits haunting music.

Xonor Skeleton Bones and Skull Halloween Decor

This life-sized, deconstructed skeleton is a budget-friendly alternative to assembled options. Plus, you can get even more creative with displaying the bones. Place them together in a Halloween coffin or a pretend dug-up grave or scattered throughout a larger cemetery display.

Generic Coffin with Lid Wooden Look Halloween Decoration

This life-sized Halloween casket has a faux-wood pattern for a more authentic look. You can have bloody severed hands coming from the partly-closed coffin or display a skeleton inside. 

Joyin Hanging Halloween Skeleton Ghosts

This three-pack of hanging skeleton decorations offers excellent value. The Grim Reaper props are quite detailed, from their scraggly white hair to their tattered robes. They’re relatively large, measuring 53 or 55 inches.

Prextex Halloween Zombie Groundbreaker

This budget-friendly zombie Halloween animatronic will surprise trick-or-treaters. You can position it to look like it’s coming from the ground or from under a table draped with Halloween cloth. It’s handmade with impressive detail for the ultimate horror display. 

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