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Best kid-friendly outdoor Halloween decorations

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Which kid-friendly Halloween decorations are best?

Halloween is a holiday that means many things to many people. For some, it’s an opportunity to watch scary movies and go to creepy haunted houses. For others, it’s a time to spend hours thinking of and perfecting the perfect costume. For kids, Halloween is all about lighthearted fun and, of course, candy. It’s not a time to be scared by cruel adults and their graphic depictions of gore and terror. If you have kids or you live in a kid-friendly area, remember that spirit of fun and get some kid-friendly Halloween decorations.

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What makes a Halloween decoration ‘kid friendly?’

Kid-friendly decorations are anything that can be reasonably assumed won’t scare a younger child. That doesn’t mean decorations have to be childish, just not obviously gross or scary. Put it this way; if a stereotypical teenager would think it’s lame or would have no opinion on it, it’s probably kid-friendly. This means you can still use all the fake cobwebs and skeletons you want. Just don’t put a human-sized spider with glowing eyes in the webs, or set up a skeleton with realistic flesh melting off its body.

Kid-friendly Halloween decoration types

There are many types of kid-friendly decorations for Halloween, but they can be better organized into four categories.

Exterior Halloween decorations

Exterior decorations are everything you attach to or place near the exterior of your home. Examples of decorations you attach include spooky lighting, fake webbing and banners around your door. Examples of decorations you place near your home include Halloween-themed welcome mats and spooky lights you use to frame a walkway.

Yard Halloween decorations

Yard decorations are anything that you need to plant in the ground, tie down or secure to a tree. This means inflatables of all kinds, tombstones and other graveyard-esque decor, “floating” bats and those humanoid figures with a motion sensor that can cause a fright.

Interior Halloween decorations

Like with exterior ones, interior decorations are what you attach to the walls, ceilings and floors of your home. This could be more fake spiderwebs, special curtains, wall stick-ons such as bats and witches on broomsticks and fake picture frames that are “haunted.” Interior decorations also include large items that can’t be easily moved such as coffins or indoor animatronics.

Tchotchke Halloween decorations

Tchotchke Halloween decorations are the little bits and baubles you add to bookshelves, fireplace mantels, kitchen tables, and the like. They don’t need to be secured like interior decorations so you can move them from place to place. Some could even be toys for younger kids. Examples of tchotchke decorations could be plastic pumpkins, stuffed animals and Halloween-themed gnomes.

Best kid-friendly exterior Halloween decorations

Zpisf Halloween Fake Spider Webs

This huge pack of fake webs comes with enough to cover up to 900 square feet. Plus, it also comes with 30 fake spiders to lace your webbing with. They’re easy to stretch so they can be as thin or thick as you like.

Jsot Solar Spotlight For Halloween

These large spotlights get staked down and can be set to one of seven colors, including the Halloween-friendly purple and yellow. You can buy them as a set of two or four. As a bonus, they also make it safer for everyone to trick-or-treat after the sun sets.

Oriental Cherry Halloween Door Banners

These banners are a great way to spice up the entryway of your home, whether you live in a huge colonial or in an apartment. One is themed after the movie “Hocus Pocus” and the other is a generic one for all of fall.

Best kid-friendly yard Halloween decorations

Liecho Halloween Yard Signs

These yard signs are close to the edge of the “kid-friendly” border but they’re fine if not paired with anything else too scary. They come in two sizes and are double-sided.

Bswalf Crashing Witch Halloween Decoration

This goofy decoration is perfect for kid-friendly neighborhoods because it’s likely to make kids laugh. It comes in two colors in a standard size and one color of a larger size for those with thick trees or columns.

Uluze Halloween Garden Gnome

This “Friday the 13th” themed garden gnome is the perfect decoration for those who want to do the bare minimum while still actively partaking in the holiday. It comes in two colors and is 8 inches tall.

Best kid-friendly interior Halloween decorations

Dazonge Halloween Decorations

This set of 42 decorations includes items such as lampshade covers, curtain toppers, a table runner and mantle scarf and plenty of stick-on bats.

Miulee Plaid Halloween Curtains

If you’re the type to change the interior of your home often to stave off the sense of stagnation, then grab these color-appropriate curtains for the fall. They also block the light.

RioGree Halloween Pillow Covers

This set of four pillowcases turns your throw pillows into a holiday-appropriate place for your kids and their friends to crash on once the sugar high wears off. They come in three sizes.

Best kid-friendly tchotchke Halloween decorations

Funpeny Halloween Crows

Black birds are often associated with Halloween, so scattering some beady-eyed crows about is a good way to create an atmosphere without horror. They come in a set of three large birds and either six or 12 smaller birds.

Winlyn Pumpkin Set

This seven-piece collection of pumpkins is great for those wanting to decorate for all of fall rather than only Halloween. They come in 21 colors.

GenSwin Halloween Flameless Candles

Mood lighting is a must for a good kid-friendly Halloween party or a post-trick-or-treating candy swap. These six candles can each be set to one of 12 colors.

Kid-friendly Halloween decorations worth checking out

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