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Best Wall Ovens

Updated September 2023
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Cafe 30-Inch Smart Single Electric French-Door Wall Oven
30-Inch Smart Single Electric French-Door Wall Oven
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Stylish & Luxurious
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Our cooking expert loves that the French doors on this hi-tech Cafe wall oven make it easier to work with.


French doors allow easy and convenient access to the interior, especially when baking large dishes. Top-down convection cooks food quickly and consistently. Boasts a full-color display screen for settings. Smart-home compatible. Features Sabbath mode.


Expensive. Advanced functions can be confusing.

Best Bang for the Buck
GE 30-Inch Smart Single Electric Self-Cleaning Wall Oven
30-Inch Smart Single Electric Self-Cleaning Wall Oven
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Trusted Brand
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While this is an affordably priced oven, it still includes a number of convenient features.


With smart operation, durable racks, self-cleaning, and more, this model packs a lot of value into the design. The scan-to-cook feature allows the oven to self-adjust to the precise cooking temperature simply by scanning the barcode. Includes a proofing and sabbath mode.


A few users noticed a hum when cooking, which wasn't loud, but it wasn't silent either.

KitchenAid Single Electric Wall Oven
Single Electric Wall Oven
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Sleek Look
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This electric KitchenAid wall oven has several easy-to-use functions for ensuring an even bake and earns our baking expert's approval.


Has a spacious interior to fit larger food items. The Even-Heat True convection feature provides consistent temperature without burning. Has a glass display for managing settings and temperature, and hidden coils for easier clean-up. Includes pull-out racks with handles, an interior light, and self-cleaning cycle.


Convection fan may be loud. Food seems to take longer to bake than what the directions say.

Whirlpool 24-Inch Built-In Double Electric Wall Oven
24-Inch Built-In Double Electric Wall Oven
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Compact Design
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Our baking expert appreciates that this provides good oven space to those with room for only a 24-inch oven.


This oven has built-in sensors that closely monitor the oven temperature and adjust the cooking elements to help ensure even baking. The model also features closed-door broiling and a 12-hour delay cook setting. Evenly cooks all meals without having to be adjusted regularly.


While some feel the preheating takes a long time, the actual cooking time is efficient.

GE Smart Double Electric Wall Oven
Smart Double Electric Wall Oven
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Comprehensive Cook
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A GE electric double oven with all the amenities, including the ability to control the settings via an app.


The broil and bake element give suitable coverage for an even cook. Racks are durable and are to be left inside for the self-cleaning cycle as an added convenience. Has a Scan-to-Cook feature for baking pre-packaged items by scanning barcode.


Preheating the oven takes a while.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best wall ovens

From foodies, to home bakers, to interior design enthusiasts, many people dream of a kitchen with wall ovens.  Whether you're doing a full remodel, or just updating your appliances, a wall oven can add efficiency and style.

Choosing the right wall oven is key. Which size is right for your kitchen? Which type of wall oven would suit you best? And which features would make the appliance most useful for you? We've written this handy buying guide to help you find the right wall oven for your kitchen and cooking style. We also include our favorite models to help you get started with your shopping.

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If you’re replacing an existing wall oven, it’s best to purchase a replacement from the same brand. Sizing can vary by an inch or two among manufacturers, so a model from a different company may not fit your existing setup.

Benefits of a wall oven

Perhaps you’re toying with the idea of buying a wall oven but aren’t completely sure it’s right for you. Check out these benefits to see how owning a wall oven might impact your cooking experience.

Easy access

Are you tired of bending and kneeling to take items in and out of your range? If you choose, you can install your wall oven at a higher level than your range. Easy access makes a wall oven ideal for older people or anyone with joint or back issues.

Increased capacity

A single wall oven might hold slightly less food than a range, but a double wall oven can significantly increase your cooking space. With two full-sized wall ovens, you can cook nearly twice as much food.

Saved space

Because it’s built into the wall or a cabinet, a wall oven can save floor space in your kitchen.

Flexible layout

With a separate oven and cooktop, a wall oven affords you greater flexibility in how you configure your kitchen layout.

Expert tip
Double ovens are a gorgeous addition to your kitchen, but make sure you actually need two ovens more than five times a year. 
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

Factors to consider when choosing a wall oven

Fuel type

Both electric and gas wall ovens are available, but you’ll find a lot more electric wall ovens on the market than gas wall ovens. If you’ve got your heart set on a gas wall oven, be advised that you may not have a very large selection to choose from.

Size and capacity

You’ll need to decide whether you want a 24-inch, 27-inch, or 30-inch wall oven. Measure your kitchen space to determine what you can accommodate; 30-inch wall ovens are most common.

In terms of interior capacity, wall ovens are slightly smaller than range ovens. A range typically offers about five cubic feet of interior space, whereas a wall oven offers roughly 3.5 cubic feet of space. If you’re concerned about capacity, look for a wall oven that provides maximum interior space.

Single or double

Wall ovens are available in both single and double varieties. A double wall oven features two ovens, one on top of the other. The second oven can make up for the limited capacity of a single model. However, double wall ovens cost considerably more than single wall ovens.

You can also find wall ovens that provide an oven and a half. The “half” oven isn’t a complete oven, but it provides a space for warming, reheating, and grilling food. This can help free up some space in the other oven.

If you want your food cooked evenly on all sides, choose a wall oven with a convection feature.


Convection cooking

A convection oven has an internal fan that circulates hot air, allowing food to cook evenly. Some wall ovens are equipped with a convection cooking feature.

If you want a true convection oven, make sure the model you choose has an additional heating element surrounding the fan.


Many wall ovens include a self-cleaning feature. If your food bubbles over and burns onto the interior, this is an appreciated feature indeed.

For the most effective self-cleaning mode, look for a wall oven that offers steam cleaning. This method works fast and doesn’t produce the same toxic fumes as other cleaning cycles.

Extra features

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are some nice “extras” that you’ll find in some wall ovens. Here is a partial list.

  • Built-in temperature probe: This feature allows you to easily check the internal temperature of the meat you’re cooking.

  • Control lockout feature: If you have young children, you may prefer a wall oven with a control lockout feature. This allows you to disable the oven’s control panel so kids can’t turn the appliance on and burn themselves.

  • Sabbath mode: For observant Jewish families, Sabbath mode can be an important feature. It allows you to preheat the oven so you can still warm foods during the Sabbath without worrying about the oven turning itself off.

  • WiFi: Some wall ovens are equipped with WiFi, which allows you to control the oven via a smartphone app. You can use WiFi to preheat the oven or turn it off remotely.
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Expert tip
When choosing your oven, consider getting one with a fan in the back (convection setting) to reduce the uneven hot spots that crop up in all ovens.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

Wall oven prices

Wall ovens vary in price based on size, type, number of ovens, and manufacturer. You could spend as little as $600 or as much as $5,500 on one.


Single wall ovens generally cost between $600 and $3,500.


Some single wall ovens come paired with a microwave. Prices for this combo range from $1,900 to $3,600.


Double wall ovens generally cost between $1,400 and $5,500.

"Bending to insert or remove food isn’t necessary if you install your wall oven high enough. Because of this, wall ovens are often ideal for people with back issues or joint pain."


  • Professional installation is probably the way to go. Installing a wall oven is fairly complicated. It’s best to have it done by a licensed electrician or other professional.

  • Choose the location for your wall oven carefully. When you’re deciding where to place it, consider where your main work area is. For the best layout, choose a spot that won’t require you to repeatedly walk through your main work area to access the oven.

  • Install the oven at a convenient level. Most people appreciate not having to bend down to put food in and take it out of their wall oven.
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Be sure to accurately measure your wall space before you go shopping. Size matters when it comes to selecting the right wall oven for your kitchen.


Q. Would I appreciate having a wall oven?

A. A wall oven works well for individuals who entertain frequently and often have a crowded kitchen. If you host lots of gatherings that require multiple dishes, a wall oven definitely comes in handy.

A wall oven also works well for kitchens in which more than one person tends to cook at the same time. One person can handle the cooktop while the other works at the oven.

Expert tip
If you’re installing your wall oven at torso height, consider getting a French door, or two-door oven that’s split down the middle of the oven and opens up to the right and left. This feature makes putting in and removing heavy items much easier since there isn't a large drop-down door in the way.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

Q. What type of wall oven is best for bakers?

A. An electric wall oven typically works best for baking because it provides more accurate temperatures, which helps keep baked goods from burning.  

Q. Is it necessary to have a wall oven and a cooktop from the same manufacturer?

A. Because they’re not connected, it is not necessary to choose a wall oven and a cooktop from the same manufacturer. In fact, a wall oven/cooktop setup allows for more versatility because you can choose the oven and cooktop models that best fit your particular cooking needs.