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The 20 best dryers you can buy on Home Depot's website

Dryers have been around nearly 100 years with impressive technological advances. Home Depot has been in business for 45 years and sells some of the best known brands of dryers in all sizes and finishes.

In this article: LG 7.4-Cubic-Foot Large Capacity Vented Smart Stackable Electric Dryer, GE 7.2-Cubic-Foot Vented Gas Dryer and Samsung 7.5-Cubic-Foot Vented Stackable Electric Dryer.

Which type of dryer is better?

Electric dryers typically have a lower upfront cost and more models available. Gas dryers may cost more initially, but they use less electricity.

Does your dryer need to be compatible with your washer? 

Some dryers are designed to stack vertically with a washer of the same brand and size. Other dryers have built-in technology to communicate with a compatible washer.

Is remote technology worth it?

You will pay more for dryers that can be operated remotely by a smartphone app, but the convenience may be worth it. If you don't mind keeping a closer eye on your laundry, then a more basic dryer will suffice.

Best electric dryers on the Home Depot website

LG 7.4-Cubic-Foot Smart Stackable Electric Dryer

This stylish large-capacity electric dryer not only dries more clothes at one time, but it comes with artificial intelligence technology that automatically selects the right temperature and drying mode for the current load. 

Samsung 7.5-Cubic-Foot Stackable Electric Dryer

This large-capacity electric dryer has 10 preset drying cycles and a built-in sensor to optimize the temperature and time. It comes with smart care technology that provides remote control from your smartphone. 

GE 7.2-Cubic-Foot Vented Electric Dryer

With four drying cycles and four heat selections, this reliable electric dryer has easy-to-operate front controls and an aluminum drum that is rust-resistant. It has a wrinkle care feature and is designed to run quietly.

Maytag 7.0-Cubic-Foot Vented Electric Dryer

This dependable electric dryer has a spacious 7-cubic foot powder-coated steel drum. It features wrinkle prevention, end-of-cycle signal and easy-to-operate knob controls. It comes with an impressive 10-year warranty.

Hotpoint 6.2-Cubic-Foot Electric Vented Dryer

This affordable and reliable electric dryer has a one-year warranty on the entire dryer. It has three heat settings and a delicate cycle for lighter fabrics. The aluminum drum is energy-efficient and corrosion-resistant. 

LG 9.0-Cubic-Foot Smart Stackable Electric Dryer

With extra-large capacity and virtual operation via the LG app, this high-tech dryer does it all. It has 14 drying settings, including steam technology to reduce wrinkles and odors. 

Samsung 7.4-Cubic-Foot Smart Electric Dryer

This high-tech electric dryer can be started and programmed with your smartphone on the SmartThings app. The Steam Sanitize cycle kills over 95% of bacteria and dust mites. 

Whirlpool 7.0-Cubic-Foot Electric Dryer

This electric dryer features the Wrinkle Shield technology that keeps clothes tumbling to prevent wrinkling. It comes with the AutoDry system that automatically detects when clothes have reached the ideal moisture content. 

GE 7.8-Cubic-Foot Smart Stackable Electric Dryer

With the Energy Star approval, this dependable electric dryer includes a wrinkle-prevention mode and a sanitize cycle that kills household germs. It has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities to operate the dryer remotely. 

Samsung 7.2-Cubic-Foot Electric Dryer

With four temperature levels and eight preset drying options, this electric dryer has tremendous versatility. It includes an automatic sensor detecting when clothes have reached the end of the cycle. 

Best gas dryers on the Home Depot website

GE 7.2-Cubic-Foot Gas Dryer

This gas dryer features temperature monitors to keep clothes from over-drying by setting the optimal drying time. It has four drying cycles and four heat options based on fabric type.

LG 7.4-Cubic-Foot Smart Stackable Gas Dryer

This is designed with narrow depth, but it still holds an impressive amount of clothes. The high-efficiency sensors help the dryer use 20% less energy. Built-in Flow Sense technology detects when ducts and filter need cleaning. 

Samsung 7.5-Cubic-Foot Stackable Gas Dryer

With 10 preset drying cycles and a large capacity, this gas dryer can handle anything an active family puts inside it. It has automatic drying sensors and the Smart Care app for diagnosing problems. 

Maytag 7.0-Cubic-Foot Gas Dryer

Assembled in the United States with a 10-year limited parts warranty, this sturdy gas dryer can handle up to 16 bath towels at one time. It has a wrinkle-protection feature, plus an end-of-cycle alert.

Whirlpool 7.0-Cubic-Foot Gas Dryer

This reliable gas dryer has a wide range of features, including a wrinkle shield that periodically tumbles clothes that haven't been removed yet. The AutoDry system detects when clothes are fully dry.  

GE 7.8-Cubic-Foot Smart Stackable Gas Dryer

This smart gas dryer is able to detect just about everything going on inside of it. It has automatic sensors for determining the right temperature. It has an alert for dampness, plus a sanitize feature for killing bacteria. 

LG 9.0-Cubic-Foot Smart Stackable Gas Dryer

Big enough for a king-size comforter, this extra-large gas dryer has a quiet design and features the ThinQ app for remote operation. The built-in technology has automatic drying sensors. 

Hotpoint 6.2-Cubic-Foot Gas Dryer

This affordable dryer has three heat settings and a sturdy aluminum drum. It features a delicate cycle and end-of-cycle alert. There is 120 feet of venting capacity making for easier installation.

Maytag 7.4-Cubic-Foot Smart Capable Gas Dryer

This gas dryer features a one-push button for extra power that extends time and heat for heavy loads. It has advanced moisture sensing technology for even drying. It has a quick dry feature and wrinkle protection.

Samsung 7.4-Cubic-Foot Gas Dryer

This reliable gas dryer features the Smart Care app for controlling the dryer via your smartphone. It has automatic drying sensors and determines when the lint filter is full.

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