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Updated December 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best fingerlings

Interactive toys have come a long way, and it’s no surprise that they reign supreme as some of the most popular toys on today’s market. Expressive and engaging, they quickly win the hearts of kids and parents alike — and Fingerlings are no exception.

As the name implies, Fingerlings are tiny, interactive toys that rest on your fingertips. These cute critters are highly responsive to sound, motion, and touch. In fact, they make up to 40 sounds, including giggles, snorts, toots, and yes, burps. Some of them even have little pals, called Fingerling Minis, who accompany them on their adventures.

The signature feature of Fingerlings, however, is the “hugging” design of their arms and legs, which helps the critters latch onto fingers. Speaking of critters, the Fingerlings family includes a diverse bunch of them, including monkeys, narwhals, dinosaurs, and dolphins, just to name a few.

If you’ve picked up a Fingerling you've never seen before, visit the Fingerlings website to look up its rarity. Ultra-rare Fingerlings are the hardest to find because they’re either exclusive releases to specific retailers or limited editions.

All about Fingerlings

Meet Fingerlings

Quite simply, Fingerlings are designed to cling to fingers and interact with kids. They have microphones and motion sensors that react to sound, motion, and touch. Because their very designs lend themselves to heavy handling and plenty of jostling, Fingerlings are surprisingly well-constructed and durable.

Popular creatures

A wide variety of Fingerlings exists on the market, and while they’re all cute, some consumers buy Fingerlings based on their favorite creatures. The main creature categories include animals, mythical beasts, dinosaurs, and “Grimlings.”

Animals include a broad range of land- and sea-faring creatures ranging from monkeys to sloths to dolphins. Mythical beasts include dragons and unicorns. Dinosaurs have their own ferocious category and have involved moving parts like wings and jowls that chomp. Grimlings, which are known for their toothy smiles and moving eyebrows, include bunnies, puppies, kittens, and unicorns.

Interactive features

Fingerlings are designed with a number of interactive features, with moving heads and blinking eyes as the most common ones. Depending on the design, Fingerlings may have light-up horns, moving eyebrows, jaws that open and close, or spinning accessories.

There are quite a few ways to begin interaction with Fingerlings. Petting them or tapping their heads often makes them coo or giggle, while hanging them upside down may cause them to laugh hysterically. Blowing kisses to Fingerlings results in returned smooches.

In addition to these very human interactions, Fingerlings also respond with burps and what are often referred to as “toots.” To burp Fingerlings, simply place a cupped hand over their head while they’re upright. To produce toots, do the same thing when the Fingerling is hanging upside down.


As expected with interactive toys, Fingerlings are battery-powered. Fortunately, batteries are always included in the package.

When it’s time to replace the batteries, keep in mind that classic Fingerlings require four LR44 batteries, which may be challenging to find in some stores. HUGS, the largest Fingerlings, require two AAA cell batteries.

Fingerlings and their accessories are small, which means they’re prone to getting lost. To avoid that happening, invest in a carry case with a secure lid.


Types of Fingerlings

Classic Fingerlings

Classic Fingerlings measure approximately 5 inches tall and have moving heads and blinking eyes. Some of these critters have tufts of hair, horns, or tiny accessories. "Fingerblings", a recent addition to the Fingerling line, are a subset of this category. Their bodies are sparkly with glitter, and they’re sold with stick-on rhinestones for bedazzling.


Mini Fingerlings, which are only about 1.5 inches tall, debuted several years ago. Unlike classic Fingerlings, Minis don’t have interactive features. Rather, they’re designed with loopy tails and grippy arms and feet so they can connect to one another. Some Minis are sold in tiny sets with accessories, such as charm bracelet packs. Other Minis are sold with classic Fingerlings in buddy packs. 


HUGS are the largest members of the Fingerlings family at nearly 18 inches tall. Unlike the other ones, however, HUGS are soft and cuddly plushies. They have extra-long arms and legs for snuggling and posing. They’re highly interactive and responsive to affection, as their name implies.

Did You Know?
Fingerlings produce over 40 reactions, and in order to find out what they are, you’ll need to interact with them in different ways. You can look up instructions online, or you can enjoy a bit of discovery through trial and error.


LR44 batteries: Duracell 76A LR44 Duralock 1.5V Button Cell Batteries
Classic Fingerlings take LR44 batteries, so stock up on this Duracell value pack. It comes with 12 batteries, which can carry you through three replacements.

AAA cell batteries: Duracell CopperTop AAA Alkaline Batteries
Because HUGS require AAA batteries, we recommend investing in this 20-pack by Duracell. They last much longer than lesser-priced competitors, and they have a shelf life of 10 years.

Storage case: Snapware Snap ‘N Stack Portable Organizer
Keep your Fingerling collection safely stored in one place with this clear storage case. Its two-level design has plenty of room to store a handful of Fingerlings and all their accessories.

Fingerling prices

Fingerlings range in price from $5 to $50, which depends on how the toys are bundled with accessories or buddies.

Inexpensive: In the $3 to $12 range, you’ll find various sets of Mini Fingerlings. These usually include three Minis as well as tiny accessories or a charm bracelet to hold them.

Low- to mid-range: Classic Fingerlings cost between $5 and $40. They’re either sold on their own without accessories or with a Mini Fingerling, often referred to as a BFF or buddy.

Mid-range: Deluxe classic Fingerlings playsets, which run between $20 and $40, are packaged with jungle gym equipment such as swing sets, seesaws, or monkey bars. These sets usually come with two Fingerlings.

Higher-end: Fingerling HUGS cost between $30 and $50. Unlike classic and Mini Fingerlings, HUGS don’t come with accessories or buddies.

Fingerling Blind Bags come with a set of surprise Minis that aren’t revealed until you open the package. Some are extremely rare, so refer to the Fingerlings’ website to see how collectible your Minis are.



  • Spot clean only. Fingerlings should be spot cleaned with kid-safe, non-toxic cleaning products. Because of their electronic components, they should not be immersed in water for cleaning.
  • De-gunk hair with baking soda. If the tufts of hair on Fingerlings are dirty or matted, you can de-gunk them by gently massaging a little baking soda into the strands.
  • Join the online community. Fingerlings have a robust online community just for kids where they can watch videos, play games, and learn about upcoming releases.
  • Invest in the dinos. The Fingerlings Untamed Radioactive Dino collection is a popular choice for kids who love dinosaurs, even if they’re not into other Fingerlings toys.
  • Carry extra batteries. If you travel often with Fingerlings in tow, it’s a good idea to carry a spare set of batteries as well.
Because of their design, it’s easy for pets to confuse Fingerlings with their own toys. For that reason, it’s a good idea to keep Fingerlings off the floor and out of reach when you’re done playing with them.


Q. How difficult is it to change the batteries on classic Fingerlings?

A. It’s actually quite easy with a little patience, but keep in mind that you will be handling tiny screws and batteries. As far as tools go, all you’ll need is a Phillips head screwdriver. The Fingerlings website also shares an important tip about changing batteries: they advise against making the outer plate too tight, which could cause it to crack.

Q. What are the recommended ages for Fingerlings?

A. According to WowWee, Fingerlings’ manufacturer, the recommended age group is 5 to 15. This is mostly due to the tiny movable parts and pieces that may break off and pose choking hazards to younger kids.

Q. What is the “Record & Talk Back” feature that some Fingerlings have?

A. Some Fingerlings, such as Foxes and Elephants, are equipped with a special voice recording feature. To activate it, simply press the front of the ear and wait for the prompt (the Fingerlings say “Huh?”). Then, record your message. The Fingerlings will play it back in a funny way, mimicking your voice.

Q. How much wear and tear can Fingerlings take?

A. They’re incredibly durable and hold up well to heavy handling and frequent play. While they can swing around and be tossed in the air, they will sustain permanent damage due to impact if they’re thrown or dropped from a few feet in the air. Sand and dirt may corrupt internal components, so they aren’t recommended for outdoor play on the ground.

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