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Best Poker Tables

Updated September 2022
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Barrington Billiards Charleston Texas Hold'em Table
Barrington Billiards
Charleston Texas Hold'em Table
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For Bigger Groups
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Great quality and portable convenience make this a standout.


Has a spot for 10 different people including cupholders for each. Easy to fold and store when not in use. The padded rails felt comfortable even after long periods of play. High-quality felt.


Very heavy which can make it hard for a single person to transport.

Best Bang for the Buck
Da Vinci 2-Sided Texas Holdem & Blackjack Casino Felt Layout
Da Vinci
2-Sided Texas Holdem & Blackjack Casino Felt Layout
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Easy to Store
Bottom Line

A convenient option for those who don't play often.


Measures 36" x 72". Has Texas Hold'em on 1 side, Blackjack on the other. Great price for a little poker atmosphere. Large enough to fit a good-sized table. Easy to roll and put away when done.


The underside can be slippery on certain surfaces.

Barrington Billiards Texas Holdem Poker Table for 10 Players
Barrington Billiards
Texas Holdem Poker Table for 10 Players
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Premium Option
Bottom Line

A great-looking table for those who play regularly.


Great look and quality. Stylish and sturdy construction. Features metal cup holders. Ten player positions. Folds in half for easy storage. Cleans up easily. Comfortable to play at for long periods of time.


It folds in, which leaves the felt and leather surface of the table exposed.

Kestell Furniture 52" 8 player Poker Table
Kestell Furniture
52" 8 player Poker Table
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Best for Everyday Use
Bottom Line

A classy yet easy-to-store option for daily or weekly poker games.


We love that it comes in various finishes so that it can fit in with the aesthetic of many different homes. The felt feels great. The chip holders are a nice touch that helps to keep the table organized.


Legs feel a bit unstable when there are multiple people putting weight on the table.

Hillsdale Furniture Palm Springs Poker Table
Hillsdale Furniture
Palm Springs Poker Table
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Most Stylish
Bottom Line

A multi-function table that looks at home in a game room.


The wood looks great even after prolonged use. Stable and sturdy construction. We enjoyed that the tabletop can be flipped to double as a dining room set. Easy to assemble.


May need multiple people to flip the surface of the table because it is so heavy.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best poker tables

Do you have a family that loves sitting down together to play cards … or a group of friends that never misses their weekly poker game? From occasional players to more serious poker aficionados, a poker table can be a great investment, providing an ambiance that can rival the tables on televised tournaments or at casinos.

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Speed cloth — often a mixture of polyester and olefin — is used on poker table tops to help cards more easily glide over the surface when they are being dealt.

Key considerations

Table, layout, or table top?

Poker tables are made in three distinct styles, and the right one for you depends on a number of factors.

Poker tables are usually made from wood or other sturdy materials. They are usually fairly expensive, heavy, and hard to store away when not in use. Dedicated poker tables represent quite an investment, and will work best if you are a serious poker player who plays frequently.

Table tops look similar to dedicated tables but are removable surfaces that are simply placed on top of a regular table of similar size. All table tops have a hard backing, but some may be foldable and may include a raised lip with cupholders or other features. These are a great option for those who want an authentic poker experience but have limited space or don’t want a poker table on display at all times.

Layouts are essentially poker surfaces that you can fold or roll out onto an existing table. They are less expensive than table tops and are lighter in weight, making them perfect for those who need a poker table on the go. This also makes them the easiest to store. Poker layouts are best for casual poker players who wish to add a little ambiance to their games.


All aspects of a poker table you purchase should be able to stand up to regular use. The surface should resist ripping, fraying, and staining. It is often made from felt, but other materials such as speed cloth, leather, or rubber foam are also used. Surfaces that are water-resistant will keep spills from soaking into the fabric.

Other aspects of a poker table should also be rugged enough to survive the abuse of frustrated players. Any wood or other material the table or legs are made from should resist scratching and other contact damage. Any hardware should be secure and flush with the surface of the table so that it won’t catch clothing or skin.


You may be buying a poker table to impress and add an elegant touch to your game nights. As such, you are going to want a table that doesn’t seem cheap while also appealing to your own sense of style. This area will more often be a subjective one, so definitely shop around and browse several options to locate a poker table you find attractive.

Shape is going to be a big part of this, and you will have choices here that include round, octagonal, and rectangular tables or layouts. Something like a round or octagonal table will offer more intimate games, while a rectangular table will tend to provide players with better elbow room.


In other words, how many players can it seat? Some tables have built-in place settings, often with chip slots and drink holders, so you know at a glance how many players you can have in a game. Poker tables range from 4 to 11 players, with 8 being one of the most common configurations. The actual physical size will vary from around 50 inches for more compact round tables up to 70 to 80 inches or more for some rectangular layouts and tables.

In general, you will want a poker table large enough to comfortably seat the number of players that usually participate in your games. If you can go larger here, you’re probably better off, as this will give you more flexibility and provide players with more space to consider their cards. On the downside, a larger table can be difficult to store, transport, or even use in a tight space.

If you opt for a table top, be sure to choose one that is both longer and wider than the table you will place it on. However, if the table top is too large, it may be unsteady, especially if players lean on the edge of the table top.

Portability and storage

If portability is a key consideration for you, your best bet is generally a layout or table top. However, some poker tables also fold up, which can be helpful for both storing and transporting them. Folding poker tables should have some form of handles so you can easily carry them around.


Layouts are usually a single piece. Many table tops will come fully assembled, as will some tables that can easily fold up. Other tables may require some work, which can range from light assembly taking a few minutes to situations where you’ll need to grab a friend and set aside a couple of hours.

Take note of whether or not a poker table includes all necessary tools and hardware.

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Did you know?
Card tables first became popular in Europe around the year AD 1700.


Game-specific markings

Of course, you can play pretty much any card game and other games on a poker table, but the majority offer markings for specific games. 

You will often find layouts that feature one game on the front, with a second game available when you flip the top over. Some common games include Texas Holdem, Blackjack, and craps, with some tables even branching out into checkers or backgammon.

Any gaming instructions, logos, or other markings on a poker table surface should not easily fade or peel off. The markings also should not be raised to the point where they interfere with the glide of cards as they are being dealt.

Reversible tops

Any gaming instructions, logos, or other markings on a poker table surface should not easily fade or peel off. The markings also should not be raised to the point where they interfere with the glide of cards as they are being dealt.

A feature of some poker tables, a reversible top will provide you with gaming on one side and a traditional table top on the other. If space is tight, this is a great way to have a poker table that also doubles as a dining table.

Chip trays and drink holders

While largely a feature of poker tables, some table tops also offer depressed slots or cups for holding chips and drinks. This is an excellent way to both organize your chips and keep sweaty glasses off the poker surface. If a table does include these, be sure that they are rugged enough to hold up to frequent use.

Padded rails

Usually found on high-end poker tables, padded rails can really up the comfort level for those that like to lean into their cards.

Carrying cases and dust covers

Some layouts and tabletops include carrying cases to protect them while they are being transported or stored. While this is a rare feature, some poker tables will also ship with dust covers. Any case or cover should be rugged enough to both protect the playing area and hold up over time.

Poker table prices

As you might expect, pricing for poker tables can vary considerably.


Pricing for layouts and table tops starts out at under $20, although most fall in the $30 to $40 range. As you go up in price, the build becomes better, with some even incorporating features such as chip slots and cup holders.


Simple poker tables start out around $50, although the majority will run you at least $250 and go up from there.


At higher price points, around $1,000 and more, you can expect better quality and durability, a larger size, and features such as padded rails and reversible tops.

"The name “poker” either came from the French game “Poque” or from the German game “Pochspiel.” Both of these originated from the German word “pochen,” which means to brag or bluff. "


  • Some poker tables include foam under the surface material of the table. With this cushioned layer, players can more easily pick up their cards.

  • While large standing poker tables aren’t tremendously portable, some do fold for easier storage. Be sure that you also cover any felt or other fragile surface that remains exposed to protect it when in storage.

  • Some poker table layouts can leave the manufacturing process with a strong odor. If you notice an odor when you first receive your table, let it air out for several days before storing it away.

  • Drink holders on poker tables and table tops are a nice feature, but they tend to be on the shallow side. To cut down on spilled beverages, use shorter glasses that fit the holders as opposed to taller cans and bottles.

  • Some premium tables include LED lights built into the rail. This can both add to the ambiance of the game and help you to better see the cards in low light settings.

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If your poker layout has creases, try spreading it out flat and misting it with water the day prior to your big game.


Q. What do I do in the case of a spill?

A. If the felt top of your table becomes stained, you should use a clean, soft cloth with a little cool water and dab at the stain. For tougher stains, add white vinegar to the water (one part vinegar and two parts water).

Q. Do these poker tables ship with chips or playing cards?

A. Not usually, but you will find some poker tables that will set you up with accessories such as chips. However, these are usually low quality. If you’re going to shell out money for a poker table, you should also up the ante a bit and pick up a decent poker chip set for a few dollars more.|

Q. Why are the majority of poker tables green?

A. You will run into as many theories on this as you will poker playing strategies, but some of the most common include:

  • The color green evokes feelings of stability and relaxation, both of which will serve to put you at ease in a large casino or during a stressful game.

  • What color is your money? In Western cultures, green is often tied to prosperity and money. What other color would you rather be staring at when you’re chasing down an inside straight?

  • Snooker tables back in the day used to be green to simulate grass. The fabric used on those tables was often also used on card tables, and the color stuck.