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Updated April 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit
Harry Potter Coding Kit
Check Price
STEM with a Twist
Bottom Line

A fun and easy way to introduce children to coding by customizing their own wand.


Kids build their own wand and customize its functions using the Kano coding app — available on iOS, Android, and Apple or Windows computers. Easy to assemble and use.


Wand and app aren’t compatible with older tablets or operating systems.

Best Bang for the Buck
Mattel UNO Harry Potter Card Game
UNO Harry Potter Card Game
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Budget Friendly
Bottom Line

Fun, fast UNO play with a Potter-themed twist, at a very reasonable price.


Standard UNO gameplay, but with an added Sorting Hat rule card and cards in Hogwarts house colors. Extra wild card adds a fun twist to the game, and players are encouraged to yell out a spell rather than "Uno" when they reach their last card.


Storage box is flimsy and can be easily damaged. Added rules may take time to figure out.

The Noble Collection Harry Potter: Wizard's Chess Set
The Noble Collection
Harry Potter: Wizard's Chess Set
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Classic Game
Bottom Line

Authentic, weighty chess pieces are exciting to play with, but the chessboard is small and cheaply made.


Heavy, large plastic chess pieces (from 2 to 4 inches high) in contrasting dark and light gray, stored in velvet bags. The attractive chessboard folds easily.


Pieces can be top-heavy. The cardboard chessboard is disappointing compared to the exciting pieces, and too small.

Pressman Toy Harry Potter Triwizard Maze Game
Pressman Toy
Harry Potter Triwizard Maze Game
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Simple Yet Solid
Bottom Line

A fun Harry Potter-themed variant of "Trouble" that kids and teens will love.


Gameplay is exciting once it gets going — players must roll a 6 in order to start. Rules are simple enough for kids yet complex enough for teens to enjoy.


Gameboard is cheaply made, and the “pop” bubble scratches easily. Takes more time to play than you might think.

Hasbro Games Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit
Hasbro Games
Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit
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Test Your Knowledge
Bottom Line

A fun trivia-themed game with a wide variety of questions ranging from easy to expert.


Offers over 600 questions inspired by the Harry Potter movies. Comes with a card holder that is easy to take on the go. Has 6 different topics to choose from with various levels of difficulty. The rules are very easy to understand.


It does not include a full board like other trivial pursuit games normally do.


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Buying guide for Best Harry Potter games

If you’re looking for another way to escape to the Wizarding World, there are a plethora of Harry Potter games for all ages. These range from interactive toys for kids to strategic card games for families and adults. 

Many games are simply classic games you know with a Harry Potter theme, which can be as simple as updated artwork or may offer new ways to play. Some games have fun, interactive elements like flying Quidditch balls or electronic magic wands. For a more strategic experience, there are complex games that require careful planning to play your way to victory. You should consider how many players your group has as well as what specific elements from the series you want in your game.

There’s a whole world of magic to explore in Harry Potter games, so choosing the right one can take some thought.

Harry Potter games-Chess
Since the first Harry Potter book was released in 1997, there have been over 80 games, and that’s not counting the huge number of toys based on the franchise.

How to buy the best Harry Potter games

Number of players

Knowing how many people will be playing can narrow down your choices quickly. Some games are designed specifically for two players only, while others can support groups as large as eight or more.

If you’re shopping for something your family can play together regularly, be sure to find a game that allows everyone to play at once. If you’re looking for something to play with many different groups, pick a game that supports a wide range of players. Most of the time, these are party games or dexterity challenges like Catch the Golden Snitch.

Type of game

As with regular board games, there are a large variety of styles among Harry Potter games. Choose a game that appeals to your and your group — there’s something for everyone. 

  • Card games like Harry Potter Uno are small to take on the go and can easily be played on most surfaces. They range from simple games with few rules to more complex games that experienced board gamers will enjoy. 
  • Dexterity games are often equal parts toys and games, giving players a tactile way to interact, like tilting a metal ball through the labyrinth of the Harry Potter Perplexus Go.
  • Strategy games can be played again and again and are more likely to appeal to older players. These may pit players against each other, or they can be cooperative experiences like Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, which has players building decks of cards featuring spells and allies.
  • Traditional games often feature a central board and may have players rolling dice to move their pawn to reach objectives. These familiar options are often high on luck and lower on skill, making them well suited to young children and families.
  • Trivia games test players’ knowledge of the books, the movies, or both. For die-hard fans, these make for a fun competition of memory.

Age range

Harry Potter games are designed with people of all ages in mind, from toys and card games that young children can enjoy to more complex games for adults. 

Consider the ages of those in your group before you buy and take note of how much reading or dexterity is required in some games, as these can be a barrier for younger players.

Just because you’ve played the regular version of a game doesn’t mean you know all the rules. Some re-themed games may introduce completely new rules or new components that change up gameplay.


What features do Harry Potter games have?

Styles of Harry Potter games

There are dozens of game options to choose from in all different styles. While they may share a theme, the variety of Harry Potter games can be overwhelming.

Decide whether you’re looking for something more toy-like, or more traditional, and if you want a re-themed version of a familiar game, or something more unique. These are all questions to consider before you buy.

Toys vs. board games: Some Harry Potter products walk the line between toy and game, offering an eye-catching and tactile design that’s fun to hold in your hands or even display on a shelf. 

Dexterity games get players moving with fun components like wands or Quidditch balls, and puzzles can test your spatial thinking. Other options include figurines of your favorite characters from the books and movies. Many Harry Potter games are toys that can be enjoyed by one person or by a group, making them a good gift option for huge fans of the franchise. Adults and children alike can enjoy the wonder and collectibility of a Harry Potter toy.

Classic games: Sometimes, you want something familiar with a fresh new theme. This is where classic titles with a Harry Potter theme shine. 

From reliable options like Trouble, Clue, and Jenga to modern classics like Spot It!, there are games of all genres with a heaping dose of Hogwarts on top. Sometimes the theme is nothing more than illustrations on the board and thematic player pieces. In other cases, the gameplay may be tweaked to bring in more specific elements from the franchise and to offer something different from your original copy of the same game.

Harry Potter content

With the scope of the Wizarding World and the many Harry Potter books, there’s a lot of material to draw from.

Are you hoping for a game packed to the brim with Hogwarts lore and character backgrounds, or do you want something that simply evokes the magic of the Wizarding World? Some games are based on specific films or even particular scenes, while others draw on small details from the whole franchise.

1-Take note of choking hazard warnings if you have young children
For Your Safety
As with any toy, take note of choking hazard warnings for any games that include small pieces if you have young children.

How much do Harry Potter games cost? 

Harry Potter games come in a wide range of prices, from affordable options to highly replayable strategy games and collector’s items.


For $5 to $10 are small card games that can easily be taken on the go and enjoyed by a range of players. These may lack the glamour of bigger games, but they’re generally easy to learn and offer an excellent value.


For $10 to $30 are bigger games with a central board or a high number of cards. Some toy-like games fall into this range as well, in addition to re-themes of classic and popular games.


For $30 to $60 are strategy games with many cards and components and deluxe collector’s items that look good enough to display in your home. You can expect to play games in this range for years due to their replay value and high-quality pieces.

The Harry Potter franchise has grown to include The Fantastic Beasts series, which also has its share of board games and toys. 



Hosting the perfect Harry Potter game night can take some planning and prep work. 

  • Always learn to play the game before game night. No one wants to listen to someone read a rule book line-for-line. Familiarizing yourself ahead of time lets everyone jump right into Hogwarts. Or, you can look up a how-to-play video to show the group.
  • Add some ambiance. To make your escape to the Wizarding World even more thematic, consider playing a soundtrack from the films or even putting one of the movies on in the background. Some LED candles hanging from the ceiling can also be a nice touch.
  • Level the playing field. If your group has a range of ages or not everyone is a superfan of the franchise, split teams fairly for trivia games.
  • Don’t forget snacks. Even if you’re playing after dinner, everyone likes having a bowl of snacks nearby. Just opt for something that isn’t too sticky or greasy to keep your game clean.
Harry Potter costume game
Some Harry Potter games focus on specific setpieces or moments from the series, like the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Snape’s potions class, or the Triwizard Tournament from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


Q. What if a game arrives with pieces missing?

A. You can either contact the retailer you purchased the game from, or reach out to the company that produces the game. Most companies will send you the missing pieces or send you a new set. Before you play, check the back of the box or the rule book to see what components should be included and make sure everything is present.

Q. Do any games let you play as Harry Potter?

A. Yes. A few games, like Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, let you play as classic characters from the series. Many games, however, don’t give you specific characters, or they simply offer playing pieces with the images of characters — which doesn’t exactly make you feel like a famous and powerful wizard.

Q. Do players need phones to play any Harry Potter games?

A. Yes, some games rely on a companion app to play, like Pictionary Air Harry Potter. Oftentimes, only one smartphone is needed to play.

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