Updated November 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Max Fun Snowball Maker (Set of 4)
Max Fun
Snowball Maker (Set of 4)
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This popular option allows you to produce perfectly round snowballs in seconds.


Made with thickened plastic. Designed with anti-slip grip. Safe for kids. Comes with travel bag. Comes in set of 4 (red, green, yellow, and blue).


Product is slightly pricier than other options.

Best Bang for the Buck
Hey! Play! Snowball Maker (Set of 2)
Hey! Play!
Snowball Maker (Set of 2)
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Simple Yet Solid
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This inexpensive product helps you create perfect snowballs in no time and is great for people of all ages.


Designed with long handle for comfortable grip. Handle prevents hands from getting cold or wet. Easy to use. Comes in set of 2.


May not work as well if snow is too tightly packed.

Hoopla Toys Snowball Thrower (Set of 2)
Hoopla Toys
Snowball Thrower (Set of 2)
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Hybrid Design
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This product works as both a snowball maker and thrower for extra fun during a snowball battle.


Spherical mold helps make optimal snowballs. Rubberized handle improves grip while wearing gloves. Easy to use.


No instructions included.

CWLAKON Snowball Makers (Set of 2)
Snowball Makers (Set of 2)
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Innovative Design
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Allows you to double your snowball output by making 2 snowballs at a time.


Dual compartment. Easy to use. Designed with comfortable grip. Plastic is freeze-resistant and wear-resistant. Comes in 2-pack.


Product does not withstand drops well.

EasyLive Snowball Maker (Set of 4)
Snowball Maker (Set of 4)
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Most Eco-friendly
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This set allows kids and adults to quickly and easily create optimal snowballs for a family fun-filled day in the snow.


Built with long handle for comfortable grip. Designed to prevent cold or wet hands. Made of eco-friendly PP material. Easy for kids to use. Comes in 4-pack.


Colors are randomized.


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Buying guide for Best snowball makers

Just like there are essential beach toys for summer — a bucket and shovel, for instance — there are essential snow toys for winter. One of those toys is a snowball maker. A quality snowball maker can turn a drift of snow into an arsenal of fluffy ammunition.

If your goal is to nab a snowball maker for some frosty fun, you need to know that there are a variety from which to choose. Some snowball makers are only good for making a single snowball at a time. Others can crank out up to five snowballs with each pressing.

The best snowball fights have rules that set clear parameters for the game such as boundaries, time limits, code of conduct, and the criteria that dictate a decisive victory.

Key considerations

Regardless of which snowball maker you buy, you will want it to have a few general qualities.

Good alignment

Snowball makers are two-part molds. To make the best snowball, the two halves must align properly. If they don't, your snowball won't be a ball.

Minimal wobble

A snowball maker is not a precision tool; most models have a bit of wobble at the joing. Still, you want the wobble to be minimal; otherwise, the two halves won't always line up properly, and you won't be able to consistently make quality snowballs.

Ability to apply pressure

Making a good, solid snowball requires the ability to apply pressure to the snow. If the material or product is not tough enough, the snowball maker may break when you try to compress the snow.

Weather resistance

Obviously, you want your snowball maker to withstand repeated use in the cold. Therefore, it must be made of a durable material like high-impact polystyrene plastic. The material must be able to endure direct sunlight and not turn brittle in the cold. If any parts of the snowball maker are metal, those parts must be weather resistant as well.

For Your Safety
Before starting a snowball fight, decide on a safety word. If anyone has a problem, this safety word can be shouted, and all gameplay must immediately stop.


Multiple snowballs

Most snowball makers look like a pair of large salad tongs. With this gadget, you create one snowball at a time. However, there are models that can make two snowballs at a time. If that's not good enough for you, you may wish to invest in a snowball maker with a suitcase-like design that allows you to make up to five snowballs at once. These models typically feature a plastic hinge. Although not as durable as the salad tong design, a multiple-snowball maker can be loads of fun if used with care.

Multiple makers

Some snowball makers are sold as singletons; others come in sets of two or three. A single snowball maker will only please one person, whereas a set could potentially entertain an entire family.

Other shapes

Depending on what you buy, you may not be limited to spherical shapes. For example, if you prefer, your snowball can be in the shape of a heart or a duck. You can even get a snowball maker that shapes dogs, cats, grenades, or tiny snowmen. Alternatively, you can get a plastic mold that creates snow bricks for a snow fort.

Other accessories

Some snowball makers come with other tools, such as buckets and shovels. If this interests you, note that there are not a wide variety of snowball maker options that come with these extras, but they do exist. A creative alternate solution would be looking for a beach toy set that comes with a variety of molds.

Launcher capability

Some snowball makers double as launchers, giving you the option to immediately throw the snowball you just made. With a launcher, you can toss a snowball a greater distance, and with more force, than you would by hand. The downside is that a little more care must be taken when using the snowball maker/launcher, so you don't accidentally hurt your opponent.

Storage/travel bag

If you own a snowball maker with multiple pieces, you’ll want a convenient way to store them and potentially travel with them. Most snowball makers come with a storage/travel bag for this purpose.

Did You Know?
One secret to winning a snowball fight is to have a huge stockpile of ammunition (that is securely guarded). If you’re making snowballs as you’re throwing them, you’re at a disadvantage.


Hat: T WILKER 2-Piece Kids Winter Knitted Hat and Scarf Set
This hat and scarf set has a soft fleece lining designed for comfort and warmth. The items can be worn together or separately and fit most kids between the ages 5 and 14.

Gloves: N'Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Waterproof Snow Gloves
These gloves are easy to put on and adjust, and they’re designed to help keep kids’ hands warm and dry while playing outside. Ridges promote good grip, and the gloves come in a variety of colors.

Boots: Kamik Kids' Waterbug5 Snow Boots
Kamik Kids' has a boot for every child, from toddlerhood to age 12. These boots are waterproof with an adjustable snow collar, and they are rated for -40ºF. The Easy-Grab lace lock ensures that can be easily tightened.

Snowball maker prices

Inexpensive: For less than $10, you can find a snowball maker that looks like a large pair of salad tongs. This type of model can make one snowball at a time and may come individually packaged, making it suitable for just one person.

Mid-range: From $10 to $15, you'll find snowball makers much like the ones in the inexpensive range, but these may be of higher quality and come in packs of two or more. The molds may be ball-shaped or shaped in other designs, such as hearts or hand grenades.

High-end: From $15 to around $20, the greatest variety of snowball makers exist. You can usually expect three or more in a pack. Other snow toys may be included. If you want a snowball maker for more than one person, we suggest you look here first.

Did You Know?
One of the simplest competitive games you can play with snowballs is a distance throwing contest. Whoever throws a snowball the farthest wins.

Things to do with snowballs

The first thing most people want to do when they make a snowball is to throw it at someone. However, there are other ways to have fun with snowballs. Consider the following ideas.

  • Relay race: Two or more teams have to run a specified course. One person runs at a time, handing off the snowball to the next player when they return. The first team to have all members successfully complete the course with snowball still intact wins.
  • Basket(snow)ball: Take turns tossing snowballs through a basketball hoop. The challenge with this game is that the backboard is not an option.
  • Bucket toss: Have at least two teams toss snowballs into two buckets. The first team to fill up their bucket with snow wins.
  • Hot potato: Toss a single snowball between players as you sing a short song. When the song stops, whoever is holding the snowball is out. The last player standing wins.
  • Snowball toss: Break your group into two-player teams. All teams start at the same distance. One teammate tosses the snowball to the other. If there is a successful catch, both team members take a step backward. The team that makes the longest successful throw and catch wins.
  • Snowball roll: First, you will need to make a downhill course of packed snow. Then, players take turns rolling their snowballs down the course. The player whose snowball makes it the farthest wins.
  • Build a tiny snowperson: Use your snowballs to quickly construct miniature snowpeople.
  • Target practice: Instead of throwing snowballs at each other, use them to knock down the tiny snowpeople you just built.
  • Snow tower: See how many snowballs you can stack in a tower.
  • Snowball tag: Admittedly, this activity still involves throwing snowballs, so be careful. Instead of tagging someone with their hand, the player who is "it" must hit another player with a snowball.
It's easy to ignore how cold you can get when engaged in a fun outdoor activity like a snowball fight. Dress appropriately for the weather.


Q. What is the secret to making the perfect snowball?

A. The secret to making the perfect snowball comes down to two words: temperature and pressure. When you pack snow, you are actually welding it together. As you squeeze the snow, the temperature increases, making the edges of the snow melt slightly. When you relieve that pressure, the edges of the snow refreeze, in effect welding the snow to itself to make the perfect snowball. If it is too cold out, the edges of the snow might not melt enough to make a good snowball. In this instance, you will need to source your snow from areas that may be slightly warmer. Consider scooping it up from next to a building, which might be leaking a little heat.

Q. Are snowball fights safe?

A. A snowball fight is a fun activity, but some precautions must be taken. Snowballs should be made of snow only: no ice or foreign objects, like stones. Snowballs should not be thrown at the face or with the intent to injure another person. If these general safety rules are not observed, injury or property damage could result.

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