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Best Women's Irons

Updated March 2023
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Titleist Women's T400 Irons
Women's T400 Irons
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Best for Experts
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These pricey clubs are designed to provide maximum forgiveness while not sacrificing distance.


Split Sole design and hollow head improve forgiveness and smoothness of strikes. Irons boast high launch and high ball speeds with low center of gravity. Increased distance with ultimate forgiveness. Users enjoy straight and long flights with accurate hits.


A very expensive investment that may only be worth it to serious golfers.

Best Bang for the Buck
TaylorMade Women's 2022 Stealth Irons
Women's 2022 Stealth Irons
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Most Accurate
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Users love these irons for their incredible accuracy, balanced feel, and forgiveness, but they have low spin.


Impressively low center of gravity with redistributed mass from the high toe of the head to the sole. Creates an easy launch with high-velocity flight path. Thoughtfully positioned sweet spot on the face for increased ball speeds. Light, balanced feel for a forgiving iron.


Stopping power may be limited by low spin, but this isn't a dealbreaker.

Callaway Golf Women's Rogue ST MAX OS Lite Irons
Callaway Golf
Women's Rogue ST MAX OS Lite Irons
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Most Modern
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Top-of-the-line choice, designed to be the easiest to hit, highest-launching irons that Callaway has to offer.


Lite model that features lighter shafts and swing weights for lofts tailored to players' preferences. Delivers ball trajectory consistency and higher ball speeds. Sports enhanced offset, wide sole, and high launch. Improved from the Rogue ST MAX irons with a thicker topline. Easy to swing.


Only available for pre-order; buyers will have to wait until after March 18 to test these out on the green.

Cleveland Women's Launcher XL Halo Irons
Women's Launcher XL Halo Irons
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Bargain Pick
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Affordable and quality irons with an extra-large head designed to improve gameplay and control loft.


XL hollow head design maximizes distance, while ball speeds are increased by A.I.-designed variable face technology. Enhanced control and balance provided by weight placed in grip end. Ultimate forgiveness across the face with strategically placed weight pads.


The large, hollow head doesn't offer the traditional beauty that some might desire from their iron set.

Callaway Golf Women's Big Bertha REVA Irons
Callaway Golf
Women's Big Bertha REVA Irons
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Trusted Brand
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This line of irons optimizes performance with shafts, swing weights, and lofts tailored towards women players' needs.


Designed from analysis of players' data to increase ball speeds and straighten shots. Much wider soles, and more offset for easy launch and lower spin. Features custom tungsten weighting and a Flash Face Cup which increase precision without sacrificing ball speeds. Premium soft grip.


Some users might not enjoy the increased offset and wider sole.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best women’s irons

Golfers know the importance of using the right clubs when it comes to success on the course. The clubs need to fit the player using them for the proper swing path and to avoid mishits. For female players who may not generate the same head speed as male players, using clubs that take this into account is key. Golf club manufacturers make every kind of club for female players, including irons. 

Players use irons for approach shots to the green, which require more accuracy than shots off the tee. That means golfers need irons that fit their swing and skill level. Using the wrong iron can cause inconsistent hits and off-center swings that lead to missed greens and rising scores.

The best women’s irons are easier to find than you may think. Golf club manufacturers don’t make as many models of irons for women as they do for men, but there are plenty available. Before purchasing irons, it’s important to understand how these clubs work. We explain some of the key features of women’s golf irons in our buying guide and point you to a few of the irons we like best.

All golf club sets include at least a few irons. You might also want to purchase extra irons to fit certain parts of your game.

Key considerations

When shopping for irons, start by determining which clubs best fit your game. Manufacturers designate different irons by the number printed on the club. Lower numbers are long irons that generate more distance. Higher numbers are short irons that generate more loft, resulting in greater accuracy over short distances.

There are three types of irons: short irons, mid-irons, and long irons. Having at least one of each type in your golf bag should deliver good results for beginners. Typically, players want to carry two or three of each type of iron. 

Short irons

Most players consider the 8- and 9-irons to be short irons. Some players also consider a pitching wedge (usually marked with a P) to be a short iron. For average players, short irons are far easier to hit successfully than mid-irons or long irons. The average female amateur player should hit the 8- and 9-irons 65 to 85 yards. The loft on these clubs is in the range of 37° to 41°, which generates a lot of height on the shot.


These are 5-, 6-, and 7-irons, which generate between 80 and 120 yards for the average female player. These clubs have loft angles in the range of 28° to 35°. Some players struggle to hit these irons successfully.

Long irons

The 3- and 4-irons are the long irons. These generate distances of about 115 to 140 yards for the average female player, with loft angles in the range of 20° to 26°. These irons are extremely difficult for inexperienced players to hit accurately. 

Did You Know?
Female golfers playing in tournaments are usually limited to carrying 14 clubs in the bag. Keep this in mind when deciding which irons you want to purchase.


Club head

Players can choose between cavity back and muscle back club heads on irons.

Cavity back: This club head works better for female players and for less experienced players because the design is easier to hit accurately. Its slightly hollowed-out back is more forgiving of mishits.

Muscle back: These irons are challenging to hit accurately, but they give advanced players more control over the ball’s flight than the cavity back irons. Advanced female players can use these clubs successfully.

Club shaft

Pay attention to the length flex of the club shaft. 

Length: For female players, the shaft length for irons should be an inch or two shorter than that on the corresponding men’s irons. Shorter women might want to use irons that are a few inches shorter than men’s irons.

Flex: This is a measurement of the way the shaft bends slightly upon impact with the ball. Greater flex increases the speed of the swing, which can generate more distance on the ball. Females typically need a greater level of flex to create more speed, but shafts with more flex are harder to control than clubs with less flex.

women's irons
Did You Know?
Although wedges are similar in design and shape to irons, many golfers don’t consider them to be traditional irons. Other than a pitching wedge, other wedges are rarely included in sets of irons.


Women’s golf club set: Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Set
Rather than purchasing irons individually, some players prefer to buy all their clubs in a set from one manufacturer. These graphite clubs from Wilson fit the average female player, and the set includes woods, irons, putter, and bag.

Women’s hybrid golf club: Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid Club
Rather than long irons, some female players prefer hybrid clubs. They’re shaped more like woods and are easier to hit than long irons for less experienced players. This Callaway hybrid club is forgiving of slight mishits, helping players be more successful.

Women’s golf shoes: Adidas Golf Tech Response Golf Shoes
Wearing golf shoes helps players maintain their footing during the swing, avoid slips, and generate better power. The pattern of the spikes on these Adidas shoes delivers the desired power from the lower half of the body. They are also extremely comfortable for those golfers who like to walk the course.

Women’s golf glove: Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove
One way to ensure a good grip on the iron is by wearing a golf glove. Right-handed players typically wear a glove on the left hand, and left-handed players wear a glove on the right hand. This Callaway glove is made of durable leather with holes for breathability.

Did You Know?
Most golfers swing right-handed, but there are left-handed irons available for women too. You might have to search a bit to find them, though.


If you purchase irons as part of a set, you can expect to receive a discount of 10% to 30% per club versus buying them individually, but you could end up purchasing some irons that you don’t use, so your discount may not be as great as it sounds.


These women’s golf irons cost roughly $20 to $40 per club. These clubs are for beginners and don’t offer any special features for ball control.


These women’s irons cost $40 to $60 per club. They may have a few advanced features that help to generate more club speed for extra distance. They also might be more forgiving of mishits to keep the ball on target.


The most expensive women’s irons cost $60 to $100 per club. These irons are for experienced players, allowing precise control, including the ability to spin the ball to stop it on the green as close to the hole as possible. Players can choose a specific type of shaft design and club head design with these expensive irons.


  • Keep the clubs dry. Moisture on irons can cause issues over time. Dry your irons with a towel before storing them.
  • Clean mud and grass off your clubs right away. Swinging an iron often leaves mud and grass on the club face. Wipe off the club face after every shot.
  • Put covers on your irons. Invest in some sleeves or covers that fit over the club heads of the irons. These keep them from banging into each other when you carry the bag.
  • Clean your clubs thoroughly periodically. You can use warm water with a bit of gentle dish soap on the club heads every month or two. Make sure the clubs are completely dry before you store them.
Irons are sturdy clubs that can take a lot of abuse, but the better you treat your irons, the longer they’ll last.


Q. Do I have to use irons?

A. Nearly all golfers want to use irons at some point. Woods provide distance, but they’re hard to control. Irons are great for approach shots to the green because they provide loft as well as control. It’s almost impossible to play the game of golf without using irons, though some players use hybrid clubs as a substitute for mid-irons and long irons.

Q. Is it better to purchase a set of irons or buy irons separately?

A. Having a set of irons is beneficial because all of them have the same design and feel, making it easier to swing them consistently. However, when you purchase a set, you can end up with irons you don’t want or need. Buying individual irons ensures that you get exactly the irons you want. If you decide to purchase individual irons, try to stick to one manufacturer and model for a consistent feel from club to club.

Q. Can I play using men’s irons instead of women’s irons?

A. Nothing in the golf rules says that women must play with women’s clubs. They can play with men’s clubs if those clubs fit them better. Men’s clubs are typically longer than women’s clubs, so tall women can have success using men’s clubs.

Q. Will new irons really help my game all that much?

A. Golf club manufacturers are constantly improving the designs of their clubs for both men and women. Newer irons tend to have a larger sweet spot on the face, ensuring better distance and accuracy even on slight mishits. If your irons are five years old or more, new irons will almost certainly help your game, but taking lessons and practicing regularly will probably help more than new golf clubs.

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