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Best Women's Fairway Woods

Updated August 2023
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TaylorMade Women's 2022 Stealth Fairway Wood
Women's 2022 Stealth Fairway Wood
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Most Comprehensive
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Intuitively designed women’s fairway wood amplifies performance and playability with features designed to enhance distance and accuracy.


Better distribution of club weight, away from the front and high toe area. Intuitive design increases major performance features, like forgiveness. Laser ingrained measuring parameters amplify accuracy and assessment of distance. Designed to correct natural flaws and bad habits.


Perhaps a bit expensive for novice players who want to improve their swings.

Best Bang for the Buck
PING Women's G Le 2.0 Fairway Wood
Women's G Le 2.0 Fairway Wood
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Most Stylish
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Stylish women’s fairway woods available in several models with varying loft and length dimensions for enhanced power and performance.


Increased resistance to twisting. Seamlessly adjusts to users’ preferences for launch angle. Lighter shaft promotes faster swings with increased power. Four models available, including 3, 5, 7, and 9 woods.


Paint and stylized exterior may chip and wear away easily.

Titleist TSi2 Custom Fairway
TSi2 Custom Fairway
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Most Versatile
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Nuanced, performance-enhancing woods reduce twisting while offering several shaft variations to match user preferences.


Several shaft options for nuanced preferences and play styles. Contrasting shaft options accentuate high or low launch angles respectively. Some competing shaft models increase stability while others accentuate spin rate. Each model reduces twisting.


Does not come with a headcover, nor does it offer customizable grips.

Callaway Women's MAVRIK Fairway Wood
Women's MAVRIK Fairway Wood
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Durable & Rugged
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Reliable fairway wood improves distance, performance, and control while effectively balancing weight and stability.


Better features for increased stability. Greater hitting surface area corrects mishits and minor mistakes. Increased ball speed, performance, and velocity. Lightweight yet stable design. Solid flex shaft available in 3-wood and 5-wood loft.


Fewer length options may reduce versatility and effectiveness for some users.

Callaway Women's Rogue Fairway Wood
Women's Rogue Fairway Wood
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Most Versatile
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Dynamic fairway wood with upgradable features for increased performance along with all major features and categories.


Specialized features designed to improve stability and enhance performance. Dynamic interaction between opposite parts of the club increases forgiveness and power. Excellent balance of launch angle and spin rate. High-performance shaft option improves feel and control.


Less flushed feel when struck low on club face.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best women’s fairway woods

Every golfer has a favorite club or two in their bag. Perhaps it’s that club that you can always count on for perfect distance and accuracy, like a trusted 7-iron. Maybe it’s your driver, because every golfer loves to start a hole on the right note. And sometimes that favorite club isn’t one that receives a lot of attention, such as the fairway wood.

A fairway wood fits between the driver and hybrid woods in terms of shaft length and head size. It delivers better distance than a typical hybrid and better accuracy than a typical driver. A fairway wood can help you overcome a poor tee shot, and it can even replace your driver when you’re struggling to hit the ball straight off the tee. It can save your score — as long as you can use it successfully.

Many women’s golf club sets come with one or two fairway woods, but if your set didn’t, you can purchase one separately and add a valuable tool to your game. Our buying guide and recommendations can help you find the right women’s fairway wood for you.

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Some women prefer hitting a fairway wood instead of a driver off the tee because the fairway wood is easier to control.

Key considerations

A fairway wood is a golf club with a rounded club head that has a bit of weight to it. It looks a lot like a driver, but the head is smaller.


The loft is the angle of the club face relative to the ground, which allows you to pop the ball into the air. The fairway wood has more loft than a driver, so the ball should travel higher in the air over less distance. Fairway woods have less loft than irons.

You can use the fairway wood off the tee, but the loft of the club means you can use it when the golf ball is lying on the ground in the fairway. Although you can use a driver to hit a lie on the ground in the fairway, very few golfers can do this successfully.


Fairway woods are numbered based on the loft of the club face. This numbering system is similar to what you’ll find on irons. A driver is also called a 1-wood. Women’s fairway woods use numbers between 2 and 15.

2, 3, 4: Lower numbers deliver more distance and less loft on the ball.

5, 7, 9: Higher numbers deliver less distance and greater loft on the ball.

Hybrids vs. fairway woods

Hybrids have a smaller club head than a typical fairway wood. As hybrid woods have become more popular with both men and women, the line between hybrids and fairway woods has blurred. Hybrids have taken the place of some high-numbered fairway woods in the bags of some female golfers because these clubs offer similar distance and accuracy. Based on your success with these clubs, you’ll have to decide if you want to carry a 9-wood, 11-wood, or a hybrid.



The fairway wood’s head and shaft are made of stainless steel, graphite, titanium, or fiberglass. Graphite and titanium deliver a lightweight design with plenty of durability. Because these materials are light, they typically cost more than stainless steel fairway woods. Fiberglass clubs are the least expensive.


Loft: With some fairway woods, you can adjust the way the club head fits onto the shaft, allowing you to change the loft angle of the club face. This is a handy feature that makes a single club more versatile, meaning you may be able to carry one or two fewer clubs in your bag.

Weight: Some women’s fairway woods have movable weights embedded in the club head. Moving the weights changes the impact angle, potentially allowing you to fix a swing that hooks or slices.

Expert Tip
To clean the club face on a women’s fairway wood, a towel will work adequately most of the time. For stubborn soil, you may need to use a golf club brush.

Women’s fairway wood prices


High-handicap and inexperienced golfers may find a usable fairway wood in the $40 to $100 range.


When you want some higher-end materials in the club and design features that forgive mishits, you can expect to spend between $100 and $200.


The most expensive women’s fairway woods have outstanding materials and construction. Some allow you to adjust the loft as well. These models cost $200 to $400. Low-handicap and experienced golfers will be better able to take full advantage of these features.

"If you take good care of your fairway wood, it should last you five to ten years."


  • Check your lie carefully. If you hit the ball in the rough, you might be able to use a high-loft fairway wood, depending on your lie. For thick rough, a hybrid club or iron typically works better.
  • Check the ball alignment. For fairway woods with less loft (lower numbers), you’ll want to align the ball closer to your front foot. Fairway woods with more loft can be centered in your stance.
  • Check the hazards. One problem with fairway woods is that accuracy can be a challenge, especially for average golfers. Before choosing to use a fairway wood, look at the hazards ahead of you. If there’s a water hazard on the right and you typically slice when you use a fairway wood, you may want to rethink your club choice.
  • Check your stance. To hit a fairway wood solidly, you need to have a stable stance. If you must stand on a slight hill to hit the shot, or if you can’t quite get your feet set up properly because of a tree root or sand trap, consider using a different club.
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A head cover for the fairway wood protects the club head and club face if it bangs into other clubs in your bag.


Q. What does it mean when my golfing partners say I’m “slicing” my fairway wood?

A. With woods, it’s common for average golfers to “hook” or “slice” the ball. This simply means the club face is not square to the ball at the time of impact, causing a side spin that leads to an inaccurate shot. For a right-handed golfer, a hooked ball will travel left of the target, while a sliced ball will travel right. (The terms are opposite for a left-handed golfer.)

Q. Do I have to carry a fairway wood in my bag?

A. Not necessarily. Fairway woods are made for longer shots from the shorter grass of the fairway or from the tee. If you only play a par-3 course, you likely will have no use for a fairway wood. Because woods can be difficult for average golfers to control, some players prefer to hit a hybrid club or a long iron instead of a fairway wood, but they don’t deliver the distance of a fairway wood.

Q. Can a new fairway wood help my golf game?

A. It potentially can help you score better. Newer women’s golf clubs have designs made to maximize distance while minimizing the effects of a mishit. This advantage is especially noticeable with drivers and fairway woods, which are the most difficult clubs to control for average golfers.

Q. What is the difference between men’s and women’s fairway woods?

A. The primary difference is the length of the shaft. The club head on a men’s fairway wood may be slightly heavier than a women’s fairway wood, but this isn’t a requirement for a club to receive a men’s designation versus a women’s designation. With the longer shaft on men’s clubs, some tall women may choose to use men’s fairway woods.

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