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Updated June 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Axiom Discs 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket
Axiom Discs
24-Chain Disc Golf Basket
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Best for Experts
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This all-metal disc golf basket is built with professional quality.


Sturdy model made with 24 chains and a unique threaded-tension connection design. Assembles and disassemble in under a minute. Built to standard PDGA height and size regulations. Available in different colors.


Some customers received bent products.

Best Bang for the Buck
Franklin Portable Disc Golf Baskets
Portable Disc Golf Baskets
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Disc Golf to Go
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This portable target works wonderfully for beginners to practice at home and at the park.


You get the easy-to-set basket with 3 discs to practice with. It's great to have for picnics, camping, and other outdoor adventures. It's PDGA approved and great for all levels of experience. Assembly is quick and easy


Make sure that you have a way to keep it secure on the ground, as it may wobble.

MVP 24-Chain Lite Disc Golf Basket
MVP Disc Sports
24-Chain Lite Disc Golf Basket
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Lightweight Design
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A great choice for players looking for a durable model they can easily transport from place to place.


Sturdy, all-metal design featuring 24 chains. Lightweight and portable. Assembles and disassembles in under a minute. Built to standard PDGA height and size specifications.


One customer noted paint chipped off.

Dynamic Discs Scout Portable Disc Golf Basket
Dynamic Discs
Scout Portable Disc Golf Basket
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Portable Convenience
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A truly portable basket that can be taken anywhere for a productive practice round.


Tripod and basket collapse, and it comes with a carrying case. Features 8 outer chains and 8 inner chains. Weighs only 24 pounds. Works well for disc golf in most weather conditions.


One buyer noted that the bag's shoulder strap could be more comfortable.

Remix Double Chain Practice Basket
Remix Disc Golf
Double Chain Practice Basket
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Most Versatile
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A high-quality option made with sturdy metal that is easy to carry around in any outdoor environment.


Heavy-duty option made with 2 layers of 12 zinc-coated chains. Lightweight and portable. No tools required for assembly. Suitable for all skill levels. Built to standard PDGA height and size regulations.


A few customers noted no washers were included.


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Buying guide for best disc golf baskets

While disc golf is a rather modern sport, it still holds true that practice makes perfect. It’s easy to practice your driving game in an open field, but you will need a disc golf basket to practice putting.

Homemade practice baskets rarely come close to the size and designs of the baskets on the course. With a disc golf basket (also known as a target), you can become accustomed to the standard size and chain setup of a real basket. Or, you can practice tricky putts with narrow target designs to help you hone your accuracy.

Disc golf baskets vary greatly in their size, number of chains, assembly, and portability. In addition, their materials determine their durability, which is important to consider if you plan to leave your basket outside.

With the right basket, you can tighten up your disc golf game where it counts the most and prevent those frustrating spit-outs. To learn more about the types of practice baskets available, continue reading our buying guide.

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Disc golf can be a great affordable alternative to ball golf. You won’t need to spring for an entire set of golf clubs; instead, you only need one disc. Most disc golf courses are free and are available in parks around the world.

What is a disc golf basket?

In disc golf, rather than trying to putt a ball into a hole, players try to throw discs into baskets. These baskets have two main features: the chains and the basket itself.

The chains are suspended from the chain support, which allows the chains to hang so that they can catch incoming discs.

After a disc is caught by the chains, it (hopefully) falls into the basket, which is made of metal or fabric.

The whole structure is supported by the central post and the base.

Types of disc golf baskets


Foldable disc golf baskets are extremely lightweight and often come with a carrying bag for easy transport. The basket itself is usually made from a light canvas or mesh material rather than metal. These baskets aren’t for permanent installation; they are used more for bringing with you to a friend’s house or for constant repositioning.

Narrow target

These baskets are designed to improve your accuracy so you can consistently target the center of the chains. The basket and chains are narrower than those of a standard basket, making it more difficult to throw your disc into the basket.


Light-duty baskets are made from lightweight metals, and the chains are generally fewer in number. While not as easy to fold and transport as foldable baskets, light-duty baskets are often still portable. If you’re a beginner on a budget, opt for a light-duty basket.


As the name implies, these disc golf baskets are made from heavy-duty materials. The stand and post are usually metal, and the chains and basket are made of more robust metals like stainless steel or zinc-coated metal. These baskets closely resemble professional baskets and can often be left out for months at a time. With the heavy-duty materials comes a heavy-duty price point, but on the bright side, you will likely only need to purchase one basket for a lifetime.

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Did you know?
Though disc golf can be enjoyed by people of all ages, it can be a good workout. Putting forces you to practice your balance and work your core muscles, and walking an entire 18-hole course is a good workout in itself.



Depending on the type of disc golf basket you purchase, the basket itself will be made from varying materials. Foldable baskets are made of canvas or a light mesh- material and are built to easily fold into a bag. Light- and heavy-duty baskets have metal pieces criss-crossing in a grid. This keeps the basket light enough to move easily, but the grids are tight enough that a disc can’t fall through.


The stand itself may be secured with hand-tightening fasteners or pins, regular screws, or welded at the joints. Each type of connection affects the durability and stability of the stand itself. Fasteners or pins are the least stable, and welded joints will be the most stable.

Some disc golf baskets have a circular stand for extra stability, while other baskets have three or four legs. While legs are less stable, they are less likely to wobble on uneven surfaces.


The purpose of the chains on a disc golf basket is to catch the disc so that it can come to rest in the basket.

Be aware of how many strands of chains are included in the disc golf basket. More chains means a better probability of your disc making it into the basket, rather than bouncing out.

Disc golf baskets have anywhere from 12 to 28 chains, which are often made of stainless steel links. Some baskets have an inner ring of chains to maximize your chances of landing a putt — and to match the design of most professional baskets.

Once you hear that tell-tale “chink” of the disc hitting the chains, you’re almost guaranteed to sink your putt.


Some baskets require no tools for assembly and instead have twisting screws that can be tightened by hand or pin fasteners that “click” into place. However, these baskets aren’t as sturdy as other baskets as they often have more individual parts.

While some baskets require tools for assembly, they are often sturdier as you can tighten screws and bolts as needed. However, this makes them significantly less portable.


A flag or banner may be present on top of the disc golf basket. This is mainly to help you spot the basket from a distance — but it also makes your basket look authentic.

Disc golf basket prices

The most affordable bracket of disc golf baskets includes light-duty and portable baskets. These cost between $60 and $100. If taken care of and not left outside, these baskets can last for quite some time.

Midrange baskets cost from $100 to $150. In this range, you can choose between light- or heavy-duty models, while keeping in mind that the price will reflect the quality of materials. While these baskets are far from what you’d find on the course in terms of durability, they can still last for years.

The most costly baskets start around $150, sometimes reaching more than $200. If you’re a die-hard disc golfer that practices daily, these baskets may meet your needs. While you’ll be paying more upfront, it will be worth it for the use you will get out of it. Many of these baskets can be left outside and work well for a backyard course.


  • Learning to putt forehand and backhand can help you work around awkward obstacles to sink that birdie putt.
  • By purchasing several putters of the same mold, you can practice consistent puts without having to walk up to the basket to retrieve your disc after every throw.
  • Get creative with your basket placement. Try putting with the basket on a porch or other raised platform to master those tricky upward putts. Then, switch positions for a downhill putt.
  • Put a marker 30 meters from the basket so you can practice those satisfying jump putts when you’re outside of the ring.

Other products we considered

Disc golfers are often particular about their discs, so it’s no surprise that they’re just as picky about baskets. If you didn’t find anything that fit your needs in our top recommendations, we have a few other baskets for you to consider.

The Titan Disc Golf Basket Double Chains Portable is an affordable option for someone who doesn’t think they will leave the basket in the yard all of the time. It disassembles easily into an easy-to-store package so you can throw it in the trunk of your car.

Then there’s the Remix Double Chain Practice Basket, which has 24 chains coated with zinc and arranged in 2 layers. It’s manufactured to coincide with standard heights and sizes of professional disc golf baskets. This basket is ideal for disc golfers who compete in tournaments and need a basket that closely resembles those on the course.

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Playing disc golf can be a competitive sport or a social one. Either way, it’s fun to try out new shots and techniques. Practice at home with different shots in your own disc golf basket before you head to the course.


Q. My disc landed on top of the chain support. Does that count?
It does not. Only discs that land in the basket itself or in the chains count.

Q. How do I know if my basket meets professional disc golf standards?
The PDGA lists their approved baskets, which vary from permanent installation baskets to practice targets.

Q. Can I use my disc golf basket for any other sports?
Not really. Because of its unique design, a disc golf basket is limited to playing disc golf. That’s not to say you can’t be creative and invent different ways to use your practice basket.

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