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Prime Day Sports & Fitness

Amazon is practically giving fitness gear away during their March Sale

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Stay fit this spring on a budget with Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

Every year, Amazon throws several major sales events, with its biggest being Prime Day over the summer. Last year, Amazon threw its first springtime sale and it's throwing another this year, the “Big Spring Sale,” from March 20 through 25. Think a wide variety of goods like spring-cleaning products, travel gear, all the latest beauty trends — and fitness.

With deals on products from exercise bikes to steppers, from pickleball paddles to resistance bands, Amazon's Big Spring Sale promises to be one of the biggest fitness shopping events of 2024.

Best fitness deals from Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

Peloton Indoor Exercise Bike 13% OFF

Peloton is a legendary name in the fitness world. Its products are top-of-the-line and its services that pair with them are perfect for beginners and experts alike. This compact bike is great for even smaller homes and the 22-inch touchscreen ensures you can easily follow along with your class or other videos.

Sunny Health and Fitness Mini Stepper 39% OFF

This is a two-in-one device for those wanting maximum results while using the least amount of space possible. The first and main exercise is the stair-stepping to make those legs look great. This portion uses hydraulics for a smooth experience. The second exercise is strength training with resistance bands while you step.

WalkingPad Folding Treadmill 20% OFF

This folding treadmill is perfect for many uses. One of its best uses is in conjunction with a standing desk so you can exercise while you work, leaving more time for leisure activities. You can also unfold it in front of the TV to kill some calories while taking in a show.

Niupipo Pickleball Paddles 20% OFF COUPON

An excellent way to sneak in some healthy activity is to get it while playing an active game. Pickleball has been rocketing to the top of the list of fun games to play for exercise. This starter set includes two paddles, four balls and a bag to keep it all in.

Renoj Resistance Bands 30% OFF

Resistance bands are a perfect way to increase the difficulty of your everyday at-home exercise routine. This set comes with five color-coded bands that add between 10 and 45 pounds of resistance, depending on the band. It also comes with a storage bag. The bands are latex though, so avoid if you’re allergic.

Sportneer Adjustable Ankle Weights 17% OFF

If you’re an avid fitness devotee, there will come a time when your body weight is no longer high enough to get the same results as when you started. That’s when you start adding weights like these to your body. Each of these paired braces comes with five 1-pound bags to adjust your extra weight.

Flybird Adjustable Strength-Training Bench 38% OFF + $20 OFF COUPON

Starting out with some dumbbells and simple exercises is the perfect entry point to fitness. Once you’ve gotten used to the basics, such as curls and lateral raises, upgrade with this weight bench. Then you can start doing even more exercises like bench presses and flies.

Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench 39% OFF

The only issue with the previous training bench is its size. If you live in a small home, you may not have room for it. If that’s you, consider this bench instead. It can only lay flat, but its legs fold completely down so you can slide it under a bed or other furniture for easy storage.

Zeny 43-Inch Exercise Aerobic Step Platform 13% OFF

Even something as simple as stepping up and down from a raised platform is enough to get the heart pumping. This wide platform is perfect for your home gym thanks to its size. It can be left flat for a 4-inch height or be increased to 6  or 8 inches for more intense workouts.

Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine 10% OFF

Whether you're a hardcore rowing athlete or want home exercise equipment to stay in shape, this rowing machine is an excellent buy. It engages more than 86% of muscles during low-impact workouts, and the advanced electromagnetic drag technology makes you feel like you're rowing on water.

More fitness deals from Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

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