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Best Tabletop Fire Pits

Updated April 2024
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Orren Ellis Tabletop Fireplace with Flame Guard
Orren Ellis
Tabletop Fireplace with Flame Guard
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Sleek Design
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This tabletop fireplace is the perfect cozy addition to any home.


Warm your home with this smokeless tabletop fireplace that is fueled by ethanol. One liter of fuel burns for up to 5 hours. A real flame produces heat wherever we place it. It has a flame guard to protect both people and pets.


The fuel is sold separately, so it's an additional cost.

Best Bang for the Buck
Roundfire Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit
Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit
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An affordable and compact pit that produces a good amount of flames for its size.


The concrete design is smooth and good-looking. We like that it comes with a wool insert that provides longer burn times. Small enough to fit on any type of table.


We've found that the included base breaks down fairly quickly.

TerraFlame Pebble Fire Bowl
Pebble Fire Bowl
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Simple Yet Solid
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This rustic fire bowl is a lovely decor element for any home.


This small fire bowl is filled with natural stones and looks nice whether used indoors or outdoors. It includes one can of gel fuel that will burn for up to three hours, so we can use it right out of the box. The fuel makes a crackling sound that we find relaxing.


It's a little smaller than we anticipated, so it's not best for large tables.

Rozato Tabletop Fire Pit
Tabletop Fire Pit
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Easily set up a home s'mores night with this small tabletop fire place.


This small smokeless fireplace adds a cozy vibe to any indoor or outdoor space. It includes three extendable roasting sticks and a bamboo serving board for s'mores. It only weighs 4 pounds, so it is easy for us to transport as needed.


Fuel must be purchased separately, so we can't use it right away unless we've bought some.

Colsen Tabletop Concrete Bowl Fire Pit
Tabletop Concrete Bowl Fire Pit
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Best for Small Spaces
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A solid piece that is easy to move and doubles as a decoration when not in use.


We like that it can be used both indoors and out. Offers three unique designs that each function as well as they look. Easy to extinguish when not in use. Compact.


The soot produced can make the interior get dirty quickly.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best tabletop fire pits

Having a fire pit in your backyard is an easy way to create a cozy feel and make your outdoor space usable, even in cooler fall and spring weather. However, you may not have enough room for a built-in fire pit or a large freestanding pit, making a tabletop fire pit a fantastic alternative.

These compact, portable fire pits can sit on any table to provide light and warmth. Some models are meant for outdoor use, while others are safe to use indoors. A tabletop fire pit makes an attractive centerpiece for a dining table, patio table, or coffee table. Best of all, it’s lightweight enough to move the pit around your yard or home, depending on where you need some extra coziness.

To find the right tabletop fire pit for your home, start by determining where and how you plan to use it and what material you prefer. It’s also important to consider the type of fuel the pit uses, its size, how long it can burn, and other key features that affect its performance.

two children roasting marshmallows using a tabletop fire pit
Tabletop fire pits don’t produce smoke or odors, making them a safe option if you have allergies or respiratory issues.

How to buy the best tabletop fire pit


The most important thing to consider when shopping for a tabletop fire pit is where you want to use it. Many tabletop fire pits are designed for outdoor use, while others work indoors. There are those that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor tabletop fire pits are made for your patio, porch, or deck. They can be used for ambiance, heating, or lighting and are a more affordable, portable alternative to an outdoor fireplace. Indoor tabletop fire pits are usually used in a living room, but you can use them in multiple areas of the house for decorative or heating purposes. They’re considered safer to use than outdoor models.

All tabletop fire pits are usually portable, allowing you to move them around your home. However, if you plan to use the fire pit in a specific area, consider that location when choosing a model.

For example, if you plan to leave the fire pit on your patio dining table as a centerpiece, note the dimensions and shape of the table when selecting it. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a tabletop fire pit that you’ll move around your yard and/or home, it’s best to go with a model that’s the right size and shape for multiple areas.


In addition to figuring out where you’ll place it, consider how you plan to use the tabletop fire pit to ensure you choose the correct model. If you’re mainly using it as a decorative element for your interior or outdoor space, nearly any tabletop fire pit with a design you like will do.

However, if you want to use the fire pit to create warmth and light, check that it provides the right heat output. Heat output is measured in British thermal units, and most models emit 1,000 to 10,000 BTUs. The average space heater produces about 5,000 BTUs, which should be enough to warm you up. Some tabletop fire pits can reach up to 50,000 BTUs, making them an even better heat source.

You may also want to use your tabletop fire pit to prepare foods like s’mores. In this case, determine whether the fire pit runs on a food-safe fuel like propane or ethanol.


Tabletop fire pits can be made of several materials. Many feature stainless steel or iron, making them highly durable. However, these models often have a finish that resembles other materials, such as wood or stone, to give them a more decorative appearance.

You can also find tabletop fire pits made of stone or marble. They’re also extremely durable and have a pleasing aesthetic, but they’re likely more expensive. Concrete fire pits are also popular. They’re sturdy and don’t cost as much as stone or marble models.

Some tabletop fire pits have glass components to give them a decorative look. They should have a glass screen that surrounds the flame for safer operation.

Tabletop fire pits usually don’t have an auto shutoff — supervise the pit while it’s burning.


What features do tabletop fire pits have?

Fuel type

Tabletop fire pits are available with several fuel options, though nearly all use gel or liquid fuel. Your fire pit should run on clean-burning fuel that doesn’t create much smoke or soot so you can sit comfortably around it. Fuel options include propane, isopropyl alcohol, and bioethanol.

If you’re trying to decide which fuel type is best, it helps to consider how easy the fuel is to get and replace. Those that use rubbing alcohol are the easiest to refuel and tend to be the most portable. However, while replacing the tank for a propane-fueled fire pit takes longer, it’s safer to use one when toasting marshmallows or other foods.


While tabletop fire pits are smaller than freestanding models, there are a range of sizes to choose from. Many tabletop fire pits are small and compact, meaning they’re highly portable.

However, you can also find large tabletop fire pits that can serve as a centerpiece but aren’t as easy to move around. The size of your fire pit should be in proportion to the table you plan to set it on, but keep in mind how many people will sit around it to determine if it’s large enough.

Burn time

You don’t want your tabletop fire pit to run out of fuel in the middle of your dinner party or another social event, so make note of its burn time. Most models can burn for one to five hours without refilling the fuel. In general, the larger the fire pit, the longer its burn time.


Most tabletop fire pits are either round or rectangular. Round models are on the small side and work best if you want to move the fire pit around your yard and home. Larger, rectangular fire pits work well as centerpieces, making them the best option if you plan to keep your fire pit on a specific table.


Some tabletop fire pits come with stones or lava rocks to enhance their appearance. You can find models with natural-looking stones or glass stones that come in various colors for a striking look.

Safety features

In order for your tabletop fire pit to be safe, it should have an exterior that doesn’t get too hot. You shouldn’t have to worry about burns if you accidentally touch it. Some fire pits also have a glass shield that protects those sitting around them from the open flame.

tabletop fire pit
The fuel sources for tabletop fire pits aren’t interchangeable, so you should only use the fuel approved for your fire pit.

How do you accessorize a tabletop fire pit?

Patio table

If you plan to use your tabletop fire pit outdoors, you need a high-quality patio table to set it on. You can find coffee tables, bistro-style tables, and even large dining tables, so you can set up your outdoor living space to suit your needs.

Patio furniture set

If you want to create an entire outdoor living space in which to place your fire pit, a patio furniture set makes it extremely easy. You can find dining sets or lounge sets, depending on how you plan to set up the area.

How much do tabletop fire pits cost?


The most affordable tabletop fire pits are small models made of concrete or metal and cost $20 to $40. They have a burn time of about an hour and don’t offer enough heat output to really warm an area.


Mid-range tabletop fire pits cost $40 to $100 and are made of concrete or metal but are slightly larger. You can also find some stone models in this price range. They usually have a burn time of more than an hour and can produce enough heat for a warming effect.


The most expensive tabletop fire pits are large models that serve as centerpieces. You can find stone, marble, and metal models, and many feature glass elements for a more decorative appearance. They can burn for up to five hours and offer a generous heat output for warming an area. These fire pits generally cost $100 to $200.

When not in use, store your fire pit in a box or other container to prevent dust from building up on it and affecting its performance.



  • Have a fire extinguisher, hose, or bucket of water nearby when using your fire pit. It’s smaller than a traditional fire pit, but it still has an open flame that can pose a hazard. Be prepared in the event the fire spreads so you can put it out immediately.
  • Never leave the fire pit unattended while it’s burning. Fire can spread quickly if the open flame comes into contact with flammable materials. Stay nearby so you can use your fire extinguisher or hose to put it out.
  • Be careful with children and pets around the fire pit. There’s less chance of your dog or cat interacting with the fire when it’s on a table, but they can bump into the furniture or jostle the pit in other ways. If children sit around the table where it’s burning, make sure they understand how dangerous it is.
tabletop fire pit
Some tabletop fire pits aren’t approved for use as cooking appliances. Read the instruction manual to determine how you can use your fire pit.


Q. Are tabletop fire pits safe to use?

A. Placing a fire pit on your tabletop may make you a little uneasy, but it’s safe if used correctly. However, the open flame presents a danger. Read the instructions that come with your fire pit and practice all the proper safety protocols.

Q. What type of maintenance does a tabletop fire pit require?

A. Tabletop fire pits usually don’t require as much maintenance as freestanding fire pits. They don’t produce much soot because they use clean-burning fuels, so they’re generally easy to clean. Once the pit is cool, you can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Always read the care instructions for your pit to understand how to clean and care for it.

Q. Do tabletop fire pits generate effective heat?

A. A tabletop fire pit doesn’t provide enough heat to effectively warm a room or large area. However, if you opt for a larger fire pit, it may produce ample BTUs to offer enough warmth that you notice it.