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Best S'mores Makers

Updated September 2022
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Chicago Metallic S'mores Maker
Chicago Metallic
S'mores Maker
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One of the best options if you need a family or group-friendly s'mores maker.


No campfire needed because the set uses chafing fuel. Comes with 4 stainless steel roasters, mini grill, and ceramic drip tray. Also comes with a snuffer to safely extinguish flames. Can be used indoors or outdoors.


Expensive. All parts must be hand washed so they don't crack or break.

Best Bang for the Buck
Cuisinart S'more to Love S'mores Maker
S'more to Love S'mores Maker
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Best for Large Households
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A s'more maker for the oven that lets you cook 6 at once, just perfect for groups of kids and families.


Makes a lot of s'mores at one time. Kids can still enjoy making the s'mores by stacking the ingredients in the basket. Easy to wash. Can work in the oven or toaster oven. Also works on the grill. Latches close to hold the ingredients together.


Can get kind of messy. Does not work as well with oversized marshmallows.

Nostalgia LSM400 Indoor S'Mores Maker
LSM400 Indoor S'Mores Maker
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Trusted Brand
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A comprehensive compartment tray offers users multiple ways to organize and make your s'mores.


Electric heater requires no flames in order to cook the marshmallows, ensuring taste and safety at the same time. Storage components can hold chocolate, marshmallows, and crackers. Package comes with additional 4 forks ideal for individual or party use.


May not get as hot as an actual fire would.

Progressive International Prep Solutions Microwave Maker
Progressive International
Prep Solutions Microwave Maker
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Easiest to Use
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Simply insert this tool into the microwave and heat it up for delicious s'mores within a minute.


Classic design requires only water, graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows to make a delicious s'more. Heats up ingredients within 30 seconds, allowing users to make multiple desserts without wasting time. Dishwasher safe, so hassle needed for cleaning.


Users must switch out water with each use, which may present some inconveniences.

Sterno S'mores Maker Junior
S'mores Maker Junior
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Best for Kids
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An inexpensive way to cooking the perfect roasted marshmallow.


Comes with two roasting forks. Does not require electricity. Includes Sterno for small flame to cook marshmallows. Has a small grate to help keep the marshmallow out of the flame. Great for parties. Kids will love it. Easy to use.


Sterno fuel canister that comes with this device does not last very long and is a one-time use product.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best s'mores makers

There’s nothing quite like biting into a s’more. The sweet, gooey combination of marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two crisp graham crackers is an out-of-this-world experience you don’t soon forget. Most of us don’t have daily access to open flames, though, so these campfire treats come too few and far between.

A s’mores maker can rectify the situation.

S’mores makers let you easily create the classic camping treat in the comfort of home. These whimsical tools are fantastic for sleepovers, parties, or just brightening a rainy day — and many do it without sharp sticks.

Every s’mores maker available warms marshmallows, but each one does it a little differently. There are a variety of heating sources, methods, and accessories to choose from when looking for a s’mores maker. 

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Add some style to your s’mores with flavored marshmallows, sprinkles, peanut butter, caramel sauce, or toasted coconut.

Key considerations

Heating source

Without a warm, melty marshmallow, a s’more is nothing but cold, brittle ingredients. It’s the melty mallow that brings them together. How you warm your marshmallow, though, is up to you.

Many s’mores makers use electricity for toasting. These models plug into an electric outlet and let you toast your marshmallow over a central heat source. A few may use this heat source for other methods of making sweet treats, too.

Some tools are specially designed for use in the microwave. They may warm your marshmallow alone or have space to toast the entire s’more. S’mores makers that go in the microwave must have some type of overspill tray in case the marshmallow expands more than expected. This style obviously must be made from microwave-safe materials.

S’mores makers that go in your oven are extremely convenient, but they must be loaded carefully to avoid a sticky mess. This style can often cook several s’mores at a time.

A handful of s’mores makers are warmed by canned chafing fuel tins. Unlike other styles, this method is totally electricity-free. They will, however, eventually run out of fuel, so you’d be required to keep cans in stock.


Around the campfire, it’s every man for himself when it comes to making s’mores. But in the kitchen, you can be a little more charitable. Some s’mores makers require the user to toast marshmallows individually; others let you make multiple s’mores at once. Keep the size and age of your crowd in mind when choosing a product. Making s’mores individually can be fun, but some age groups are more patient than others. Consider whether you want younger children to try their hand at toasting or if you would prefer to dole out treats made by more experienced hands.

Marshmallow size

Do you keep traditional-size marshmallows in your house, or does your crew insist on oversized campfire roasters? Some s’mores makers may not be able to fit supersized marshmallows. If you get square marshmallows specially sized for s’mores, your chances are better with an all-in-one s’mores maker. They’re great for lying flat, but they don’t always fare as well on sticks.


Roasting features

No more searching for the perfect marshmallow stick! Many s’mores makers that require you to warm your marshmallow separately come with toasting skewers or forks. Since these tools come with the unit, you know they were designed to keep your hands a safe distance from the heat.

S’mores makers that keep your supplies nearby reduce gooey marshmallow drips and chocolate smears. Some roasters have bins for holding your graham crackers and chocolate. The bins will likely be built far enough away from the heat source to keep your chocolate from melting.

For some s’mores makers, marshmallows are the end game. With others, they’re just the beginning, with accessories that let your heating source double as a fondue maker. Candy molds let you create gummy treats in your favorite shapes and flavors.

Sophisticated s’mores and candy makers often have adjustable heat settings for different candies. This is a plus for those who want to give young ones a turn without risking burns.

Cleanup features

A safety latch on a s’mores maker not only keeps your hands safe, it prevents your s’mores maker from opening accidentally. Without a latch, your s’more maker may allow the contents to ooze out in unplanned places ... or before you’re ready to catch them.

Hardened marshmallow messes can be almost impossible to clean from your oven, microwave, or floor. But you can stop them from happening in the first place with a drip tray that keeps the gooey goodness in check.

Even then, you may need some help removing the remnants. Look for s’mores makers with components that are dishwasher safe to simplify the cleanup process.


If you lose your sticks, you’ll need to get replacements. This set from MallowMe is affordable, colorful, and fun. The telescoping handles also come in handy for those times when you’re roasting marshmallows over a real campfire, too.

For handling your hot s’mores maker without injury, you need a good set of oven mitts. This pair from BIG RED HOUSE is ribbed with silicone and cozy on the hands. You don’t have to choose red, either; there are five colors to choose from.

When you can’t live without a flame-toasted marshmallow, consider breaking out the portable campfire. This miniature propane gas fire pit from Outland Living affords you the taste of a freshly toasted marshmallow without all the mess of a traditional campfire.

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Did you know?
Mallomars, which some consider a predecessor to the s’more, first showed up in stores in 1913, almost 15 years before the first s’more recipe was published.

S’mores maker prices

S’mores makers can vary greatly in price depending upon the heating source, included accessories, and other capabilities.

Inexpensive: A budget of around $10 will generally buy plastic s’mores makers designed for the microwave. They will likely be all-in-one units rather than the type with which you roast marshmallows individually. Some may have extra features to help prevent your crackers from getting soggy.

Mid-range: If you have $10 to $20 to spend, you can choose between sturdy metal s’mores makers designed to withstand the oven and tabletop models that use electricity or canned chafing fuel. They should come with all the tools you need — and maybe one unit of canned fuel, if that’s the heating source.

Expensive: The highest-priced s’mores makers cost between $35 and $50. At this price, s’mores makers should be made from quality materials and should heat evenly. All the accessories you need for roasting are likely included. Some at the higher end of the range may have multi-treat functionality.


  • If you get a s’mores maker that uses canned chafing fuel, verify the can size your unit takes. Some hold full-size cans while others require specialty sizes.

  • Children should use s’mores makers with adult supervision. Even canned chafing fuel can catch a marshmallow on fire.

  • Square marshmallows may fit on your graham crackers better, but they may be challenging to keep on your roasting stick. They’re a great choice for all-in-one units.

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Some fuel-powered s’mores makers don’t include canned chafing fuel with your purchase. If you go this route, check first to avoid disappointment.


Q. Who invented s’mores?

A. Today, the combination seems natural, but it wasn’t always so. No one is sure who made the first s’more, but the first official recipe for “some mores” appeared in a Girl Scout publication in 1927. Whether a scout leader named Loretta Scott Crew actually invented them is open for debate. Either way, the basic recipe remains unchanged, although we take issue with its recommendation that “one is really enough.”

Q. Which s’mores makers give the most authentic results?

A. All s’mores makers deliver delicious treats, but some who use devices powered by the microwave or electricity say they miss the toasted texture of campfire marshmallows. Most oven s’mores makers do not stay in the oven long enough for the marshmallows to brown. Since canned chafing fuel actually ignites, s’mores makers that use them for heating give the closest match. Be sure to look for fuel cans specifically marked for making s’mores to be sure the liquid is safe for direct cooking instead of heating in a chafing dish.

Q. Is there a healthy way to make s’mores?

A. Healthy s’mores seem like a contradiction in terms; classic s’mores are packed with carbohydrates, processed ingredients, and sugar. If you want to cut calories or boost nutritional content, look for fiber-rich graham crackers and vegan marshmallows. If flour is the problem, gluten-free graham crackers can get you back in the s’mores game. Or, swap out your crackers for apple slices for a s’more/candied apple combo. Dark chocolate, which has more nutritional content, can replace milk chocolate bars.

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