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Best Electric Staplers

Updated August 2023
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Best of the Best
Bostitch Impulse 45 Sheet Electric Stapler
Impulse 45 Sheet Electric Stapler
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Best for Productivity
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A heavy-duty stapler that handles even the most challenging tasks.


Can staple up to 45 sheets at once. Features no-jam technology and a refill light that saves time. Quiet operation. Able to staple through thick projects. Very durable and easy to store.


Users mention that customer service tends to be slow to respond.

Best Bang for the Buck
Swingline Portable Electric Stapler
Portable Electric Stapler
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Trusted Brand
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This electric stapler comes from a reliable maker and offers the ease of battery power.


Uses standard staples. Compact. Can be powered by batteries or plugged into the wall. Holds a full strip of staples. Very reliable for heavy use. Smart-looking machine.


Does not perform as fast as other available models.

EcoElectronix EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler
EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler
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Simple Yet Solid
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This stapler is backed by a lifetime protection and comes at a good price.


Rated for up to 25 sheets of paper. Durable and well-made. Adjustable for the number of sheets you need to staple. Works on AC power or battery power. Uses standard staples and comes with staples loaded.


The stapler is advertised as quiet, but still had a normal level of noise.

OfficeGoods Electric and Battery Operated Stapler
Electric and Battery Operated Stapler
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Best for Everyday Use
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An impressive portable stapler that does a good job of staying free from jams.


Light, reliable, and portable. Can be operated with batteries or AC cord. Jam-free mechanism works well. Can handle over 24 sheets at a time. Paper guide works well. Uses standard staples.


This stapler can be a little louder than you might expect.

AFMAT Heavy Duty Electric Stapler
Heavy Duty Electric Stapler
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Best for Beginners
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This automatic stapler works as smoothly, quickly, and efficiently as any other stapler on our list.


Can be operated either with batteries or via cord and fit 2 strips of staples at a time. Features a built-in trigger that automatically detects paper and staples instantly. Has a reload reminder for ease of use.


Only staples up to 25 sheets.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best electric staplers

Electric staplers have become a requirement for every busy office in America — and that includes home offices. With the proliferation of home computers, just about everyone puts their hands through a constant and repetitive routine of typing up presentations, spreadsheets, reports — you name it. When it comes time to staple all those documents together, the last thing you want is to put more stress on your tired hands. 

Indeed, stapling can be a tedious endeavor, and if you do it often, it can turn into a painful one. Using an electric stapler can ease the strain of manual stapling, especially for those who are required to staple many documents throughout the day or have extra-thick documents to deal with. They can also save you a lot of time.

Some electric staplers can handle only 25 pages at a time; others can take on as many as 75 sheets in one shot. There are even electric staplers that can take on extra-thick materials, like cardboard.

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Do not use a desktop electric stapler as a handheld model. They are designed for their specific use, and improper stapling could cause damage.

Key considerations

Electric staplers come in all shapes, sizes, and trims. Make sure that you explore all of the different options available before making a final choice. In addition to basic ergonomics, you’ll want to look at the mechanics of how each stapler works. While shopping, be sure to consider all of the following factors:


Every electric stapler has different speeds with which they can staple. This is generally measured by how many staples per minute they can handle. The highest speed is 40 staples per minute.

Standard staples vs. cartridges

Although many electric staplers use standard staples, some require you to use their specially designed staple cartridges for reloading. Take this into consideration when choosing your electric stapler. If it takes cartridges, you may need to order them online, which could delay any work you wish to do if you run out in the middle of a big project.


Some electric staplers are designed to be held by hand, while others are intended for use on a desk or tabletop. If you plan to use your stapler by hand, make sure that the design is one that will be comfortable to hold for long periods of time. The last thing you want is to be forced to hold your hand in an uncomfortable position for a long period of time while stapling your documents.

Staple capacity

Some of the highest capacity electric staplers can hold up to 5,000 staples. Think about how long you will want to work before being required to refill your electric stapler. If you plan to only use it for short periods at a time, a lower capacity is fine.

Sheet capacity

Most of the electric staplers available can staple up to 25 sheets at a time. If you plan to staple large quantities of paper in one shot, make sure that you purchase an electric stapler that can handle the number of sheets you plan to staple. Some of the strongest and most expensive electric staplers can process as many as 75 sheets at one time.

Outlet vs. battery power

Some electric staplers function exclusively on electrical outlet power, while others have the option to run on batteries. An obvious advantage to running your electric stapler off of wall power is that you won’t have to stop to replace batteries. Battery-powered electric staplers, though, have the advantage of being portable. How you plan to use your electric stapler will dictate which works best for you.

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As with any electric appliance, keep water and other liquids away from your electric stapler. A spilled coffee can render it permanently useless.


Built-in staple remover

Many times, a big part of the stapling process is removing unwanted staples from your documents. Electric staplers that have built-in staple removers make this process an easy one. If you want the added convenience on one device for both adding and removing staples, consider an electric stapler with this feature.

Automatic paper sensor

Some electric staplers have a sensor that will detect how many sheets of paper are fed into it and adjust the stapling power accordingly. The advantage to this type of sensor is that it helps the stapler avoid jams when different levels of power are needed during the same stapling session.

High-power stapling

Sometimes you need to staple through either a large number of papers or even something more difficult, such as cardboard. Check the specs of the electric stapler you’re considering if you need to staple through thicker than normal materials. Some of the electric staplers currently available can accommodate this need.

Extra staple storage

If you plan to use an electric stapler, it’s most likely because you need to staple large quantities all at once. If this is the case, then having quick and easy access to staples is of great importance. Some electric staplers have built-in compartments for holding additional staples when you run out. This makes the whole process quicker because you don’t need to search around your desk drawer for more staples when reloading.


Electric Hole Punch: If the documents you're stapling also need to go in a three-ring binder, then you'll want to add an electric hole punch to your list of office supplies.

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For your safety
Take care to keep your fingers out of your electric stapler’s path. Although most are designed to keep fingers out of the danger zone, a staple in the finger can be immensely painful.

Electric stapler prices


An inexpensive electric stapler will cost between $10 and $100. For this price, you can find a solid electric stapler that can do the work of regular stapling with minimal jamming and adequate speed.


From $100 to $300, electric staplers can generally handle up to 25 sheets of paper. They can also work moderately fast to keep your work moving along at a steady pace.


Although most casual users may not need a stapler of this caliber, expensive electric staplers between $300 and $600 offer the highest quality and highest capacity stapling available. This will be most useful for busy offices where constant heavy-duty stapling projects require a durable and lightning-fast electric stapler.


  • Be cautious when loading your electric stapler that you don’t injure yourself with the sharp staples. They can cause painful abrasions.
  • If you have an electric stapler that requires special cartridges, make sure you order refills far enough in advance, so you don’t run out at an inopportune time.
  • Do not load more paper than recommended in your electric stapler’s instructions — doing so can cause jams and permanent damage to your stapler.
  • Only load the type of staples specified for your electric stapler. Loading other types of staples or cartridges can cause your electric stapler to fail.
  • If you use your electric stapler’s battery-power option, make sure you change the batteries often. Using your electric stapler on low-battery power can cause jams.
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Consider whether the electric stapler you are interested in is noisy. Some of the high-volume models are especially loud and can cause a disturbance in a quiet work environment.


Q. Does an electric stapler work just as well with batteries as with the wall plug?

A. Yes, as long as you are using undrained batteries, your electric stapler should be just as powerful as it is with wall power.

Q. Can I staple more papers than what is recommended in the instructions?

A. No, if you overload your electric stapler beyond its maximum capacity, you will likely damage it.

Q. Will my electric stapler overheat and shut down if I use it for an extended period?

A. No, electric staplers are designed for continuous use, and they should not overheat or shut down from overuse.