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School supplies you should buy in bulk on Amazon

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Stock up now so you have the school supplies you need all year long

August means more than uncomfortably hot weather. It signals the time to start loading up on school supplies for the coming year. While you might be focused on checking off all those items on that list your child's teacher handed out, it's important to consider the bigger picture. Now, while prices are low, it's a great time to buy in bulk, so you don't have to worry about running out of essentials, such as pens or binders, all year long.

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Amazon has the supplies you need for school this year

According to data gathered by Statista, Amazon is the leading retail e-commerce company in the United States by a substantial margin. The runner-up only does a fraction of the online business that Amazon does. That means no matter what you want to buy, Amazon is the best first place to look because it will likely have the items you need. And often (though not always) the price is comparable — if not lower — than other retailers. Whether you're looking for a new computer or crayons for the upcoming school year, chances are you can find it on Amazon.

Why buy in bulk?

While buying in bulk saves you money, it doesn't help to purchase more than your student will need. This may cause some families to wonder if there is any benefit to purchasing school supplies outside of the ones that offer finite use, such as pencils, pens, markers, glue, tape, etc., in bulk. The answer is yes.

If several families, an entire class or even a Home and School Association work together, everyone can get the products they need for less, and there won't be any waste. Even better, if you purchase in bulk, you can donate the excess supplies to an organization or an institution that could use them.

Best school supply items to buy in bulk 

Sharpie S-Gel Gel Pens

These classy Sharpie gel pens are made with a no-smear, no-bleed formula that lets right-handed and left-handed students write with ease. The bold color makes a vibrant mark on the paper with a medium point that's suitable for a wide variety of applications. This set comes with 12 pens.

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Oxford Spiral Notebook

These one-subject college-ruled notebooks are a must for older students. They're convenient, come in a variety of colors (so they're easy to identify) and give the student 70 double-sided sheets for taking notes, writing assignments and more. The perforated edge and three punched holes let the student cleanly remove a page and place it in a binder as needed.

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Amazon Basics Wood-Cased #2 Pencils

A couple of these boxes of pencils would be enough to supply an entire classroom with writing implements for the whole year. They're made using quality wood and feature the classic hexagonal shape. The latex-free eraser provides a clean, smudge-free way to get rid of mistakes.

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Samsill Earth’s Choice Plant-Based Durable 3-Ring Binders

These fashionable binders come in four attractive colors and are made of at least 59% bio-based material. The polypropylene cover uses up to 25% plant-based renewable plastic in manufacturing, and the large 2-inch binder rings can hold up to 425 sheets of paper.

Sold by Amazon

Paper Mate InkJoy 100RT Retractable Ballpoint Pens

If one color isn't enough, how about 10? These Paper Mate pens come in a variety of colors, including orange, red, pink, purple and green. The retractable design helps keep the ink fresh, while the ultra-smooth formula and medium tip mean your ideas can flow freely.

Sold by Amazon

Elmer's Disappearing Purple School Glue

This Elmer's glue has a special formula that goes on purple, so the student can clearly see where they've applied the stick. However, it dries clear and is acid-free and photo-safe. The glue goes on smoothly and bonds to paper, cardboard, foam board and other materials.

Sold by Amazon

Bic Four-Color Ballpoint Pen

A four-color pen is somewhat magical to kids. You can write in red, green, blue or black with a single click. The four colors can help a student better organize their notes, drawing attention to the most important sections. The wide barrel design makes these pens comfortable to hold and easy to control.

Sold by Amazon

Avery Durable Clear Cover 3-Ring Binder

Avery is a respected name in stationery items. Each of the four half-inch binders in this set can hold up to 135 sheets of paper. The binders feature a DuraHinge spine for increased flexibility without worry of tearing and DuraEdge split-resistant edges. The two interior pockets give the student a convenient place to store important papers.

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Sharpie Pocket Highlighters

Highlighting facilitates learning. This box of 36 bright-yellow Sharpie markers offers a high-contrast ink so highlighted sections really stand out. The impressive formula makes these markers smear-proof, quick-drying and odorless. The chiseled point lets you write in bold or fine strokes, while the box can serve as both storage and display for your pens.

Sold by Amazon

WritePads Loose-Leaf Notebook Paper

With this four-pack of notebook paper, you get a total of 600 sheets. The wide-ruled design makes it suitable for school-age kids, giving them the needed room to create neat letters. The three-hole design means the paper can be placed in a standard binder, while the rugged build ensures it's resistant to accidental tearing.

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Other school essentials worth checking out 

  • This 24-pack of Zebra Pens is an affordable way to get through the entire school year with plenty of pens, no matter how many writing assignments your student gets.
  • Amazon Basics Binders are one of the most affordable ways to stock up on the always popular three-ring design.
  • If you want a stylish yet functional highlighter, this TwoHands chunky pastel set gives you six soft colors to choose from, so you can mark up your textbook and notes as needed for optimal learning.
  • Whether you use them as bookmarks or for organization, you can never have too many Sticky Notes.
  • This 24-pack of Crayola Crayons is perfect for the young scholar who has a creative flair.

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