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Updated March 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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5Fold Products Under Desk Foot Hammock
5Fold Products
Under Desk Foot Hammock
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Convenient Design
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Sleek design with a universal fastening system for convenience.


Universal clamps allow hammock to work on any type of table or desk, with either open or closed sides. The clamps ensure the hammock stays secure, feels stable, and retains adjustments.


Some users prefer a padded sling.

Best Bang for the Buck
Angemay Compact Footrest
Compact Footrest
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A great option for those who want a footrest on the go.


Triangle strap shape allows for hammock to hang on a large variety of areas. Can fold up easily to fit into a bag. Straps can be adjusted to fit the height that you want. Fabric is comfortable.


Material tends to make feet slide together.

Auoinge Desk Hammock
Desk Hammock
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Simple Yet Solid
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A reasonably priced desk hammock with adjustable clamps.


The fabric of this desk hammock is 100-percent cotton, making it durable and breathable to help keep feet cool. Adjustable clamps are easy to install. Adaptable to a wide variety of desks.


For additional comfort, you may wish to consider adding extra padding or a small pillow.

Angemay Airplane Footrest
Airplane Footrest
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Portable Convenience
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A great pick with memory foam for maximum comfort.


In addition to cushioning, it has been upgraded to have a larger surface area for the feet. The elastic design provides gentle support.


Some users dislike the fact that their feet slide together in this hammock.

iMissiu Adjustable Foot Hammock
Adjustable Foot Hammock
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Most Versatile
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A solid option that is easy to set up and adjust.


Clamps that hold hammock to the desk are fitted with rubber to protect from wear and tear. Hammock is classically designed. Comes with an additional headphone holder.


Clamps can sometimes fall off depending on how much weight is on the hammock.


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Buying guide for Best desk hammocks

If you are uncomfortable while you are working, you are not going to be able to give 100 percent. Even something as seemingly minor as restlessness, constantly shifting in your seat, can negatively impact your productivity. A desk hammock is a clever invention that may help you with a number of issues that can arise from being seated for long periods of time.

A desk hammock is a small device that fastens to your desk, allowing you to lift your feet off the floor to assume a more comfortable position. Using one may improve concentration as well as help with circulation.

One benefit of having an adjustable desk hammock is that you can raise it to the height of your seat to lean back and take a short nap. This is particularly handy if you have a chair that is designed to tilt backward.

Key considerations

What is a desk hammock?

A desk hammock is a small sling or hammock for your feet. While a traditional hammock is secured between two trees, a desk hammock is fastened either beneath your desk or clamped to the sides of your desk. The hammock provides a place for you to rest your feet without leaving your chair. It also provides a way to move your feet to increase circulation without standing up and walking around.

Why do I need a desk hammock?

If you have a job that requires long hours of sitting and you get restless or achy, a desk hammock could be the device that gives you more comfort throughout the workday. If it does, you are likely to have greater focus, be more productive, and possibly get your work done quicker so you won't be spending as many hours sitting.

A desk hammock is not a medical device

While there are some claims that a desk hammock can help with circulation, solve back pain issues, and reduce swelling in the legs and feet, it is for the healthy individual with no serious or underlying health conditions. A desk hammock cannot effectively treat medical conditions such as edema (swelling) in the legs and feet. According to Mayo Clinic, limbs need to be raised higher than the heart for treatment to be effective, and a desk hammock does not allow that while you are seated. The desk hammock's primary purpose is to deliver greater comfort when remaining in a seated position for extended periods of time.

Did You Know?
If you do not already have one, you may want to invest in an office chair with locking wheels so you don't keep rolling away from your desk while using your desk hammock.


Fastening method

There are four ways a desk hammock can be fastened: hanging, gluing, screwing, and clamping.

Hanging: A foot hammock that is fastened by hanging is designed for individuals who are traveling. This type of hammock is fastened simply by hanging it over a secure object, such as the headrest of the seat in front of you. While some may have a large enough strap to fit around a desk, this is usually not the case.

Gluing: Some desk hammocks are installed with a powerful adhesive that affixes the fasteners to your desk. This is a one-time permanent installation that may not be as durable as other methods.

Screwing: With this type of desk hammock, fasteners are permanently attached to your desk with screws. Check the length of the screw to make sure it won't pass fully through the desk. Also, make sure the desk is constructed of a material that can accept and hold a screw, such as solid wood.

Clamping: The most desk-friendly fastening design is one with clamps that screw onto the desk. These hammocks can be easily transferred from desk to desk, and when installed correctly, they won't damage the desk. Just be certain that you have a desk with enough overhang on the sides to attach the clamps.

Desk or travel model

As mentioned, some models are better suited for travel situations. A foot hammock that is suitable for travel might not work very well on a desk, and the reverse is also true. That said, some foot hammocks are designed to work in any environment. These units may utilize multiple fastening methods.

Sling vs. hammock design

At the lower end of the price spectrum, desk hammocks function more like slings: the rest area is smaller, and you drop your heels in so they are cradled by fabric. If you would like a larger, more stable platform for your feet, consider a desk hammock with square wooden dowels on each end to create a greater surface area. This design also helps keep your feet from sliding together.

Adjustable height

The best desk hammocks are height-adjustable. This is desirable because it allows you to adjust the hammock for different individuals. Additionally, it allows someone to sit in a variety of positions, from upright to reclined.


Most foot hammocks are made of nylon or layered cotton, so they provide similar comfort levels. However, it is possible to purchase desk hammocks with foam padding or even a blanket for added comfort.

Independent motion

If you want your feet to be able to swing independently of each other, that is an option, though not many models offer this feature. Check the product specs to be sure.

Travel bag

A travel bag is important for someone who will be using their foot hammock while traveling. It is not necessary, however, for an individual who will only be using the foot hammock at one desk.

If your feet are not the only area of your body that needs a rest, believe it or not, there is a desk hammock that accommodates an entire full-grown adult. Unfortunately, this option is only safe when used with specially designed and reinforced desks.


Desk hammock prices


You can get a travel hammock for less than $10. These models include a strap but no hardware, so they will only be suitable for use during travel.


Between $10 and $15 is the sweet spot. You can find anything from travel models to permanent desk models in this range. They may be padded, allow each foot to swing independently, and feature multiple installation options.


Once you move past $15, you'll be looking at top-tier desk hammocks. The hardware at this price point will be more desk-friendly, offering the option of clamps instead of screws. The ends may be made of square wooden dowels, offering more of a true hammock design instead of a sling.

Did You Know?
Depending on your working conditions, a foot hammock may be a better option than a footrest because it encourages movement, which is important for blood flow.

Benefits of using a desk hammock

As noted, a desk hammock is not a medical device. However, it may provide a number of benefits to a variety of individuals. Here are some ways that using a desk hammock may enhance your life.

  • Improve circulation: While using a desk hammock is not the same as walking, it does allow you to move your feet (instead of keeping them planted on the floor for many hours at a time), which can stimulate better circulation.
  • Relieve tension: There's a reason why the phrase "putting your feet up" means taking a rest: it's comfortable. Your feet are under a tremendous amount of pressure, even when sitting. Raising your feet gives them a momentary respite from their endless burden, which can be extremely relaxing.
  • May help with posture: When your feet are raised and unsteady, it forces you to engage your core muscles while sitting and it can also make it harder to slump your shoulders forward.
  • May help with lower back pain: When your hips are tighter than 90 degrees while sitting, it can increase the possibility of developing hip and lower back pain. Using a desk hammock can help you keep your hip angle open, which can reduce the possibility of developing chronic pain that arises from sitting.
  • Decreases fatigue: The freedom to change your foot position may help reduce the fatigue that can develop after long hours of remaining stationary.
  • Increases focus: If aches and pains aren’t vying for your attention, you may find it easier to focus on your work and get more done.
For total comfort at work, look into other ergonomically designed office products, such as an office chair that supports your spine and a keyboard and mouse that do not strain your wrists or fingers.


Q. Are desk hammocks hard to install?

A. While the installation process varies from model to model, in general, it is easy to do and only involves fastening a couple pieces of hardware to your desk. As we have discussed, the hardware may be screwed in, clamped on, slipped over the edges, or glued on, depending on the model. In most instances, once the hardware has been attached, it is easy to hang or remove the hammock as needed.

Q. Is it hard to install a foot hammock on an airplane?

A. Installing a foot hammock on an airplane is even easier than installing one on your desk. Foot hammocks that are manufactured for travel feature a long adjustable strap that hangs over the tray of the seat in front of you for support.

Q. Can a desk hammock be used in multiple locations, such as my work desk and my home desk?

A. The answer to this depends on the type of foot hammock you have. If the hardware features a permanent installation method such as screwing or gluing, the unit will only be suitable for one desk. If the hardware can be easily and repeatedly removed, the foot rest can be transferred from one desk to another as desired.

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