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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for Best electronics gifts for Father’s Day

When Father’s Day comes up, it comes time to consider what to get that father figure in your life. Instead of a tie, a pair of socks, a handkerchief set, or automotive tools, you might want to consider getting them something electronic, such as a TV or tablet. 

It’s always good to think about what the person receiving the gift wants for Father’s Day, especially in such a broad category as electronics. From smartwatches to drones, there seem to be almost infinite possibilities.

Electronic gifts for Father's Day
In the USA, Father’s Day began in Spokane, Washington, when Sonora Smart Dodd, who with her five siblings was raised by her widowed father, set out to establish an equivalent day to Mother’s Day for fathers.

How do I choose an electronics gift for Father’s Day?

For work or for play

Consider whether they would like something electronic that can enhance their workday, like a computer, a coffee warmer, or noise-canceling headphones they can commute with, or whether they’d appreciate something that can take them out of “work mode” for a bit like a golf watch, a video game, or some speakers.

Their favorite activities

It goes without saying a good electronics gift for Father’s Day should take into account what they already love to do. If they’re a tech person, maybe a new accessory for their laptop. If they’re a music person, try wireless headphones. A big home theater fan? Wouldn’t they want an extra smart TV in the garage or a subwoofer to go with their speakers?

Tinkerers vs. non-tinkerers

We all know those father figures who like to take things apart, fuss with all the options, customize all the settings, then start all over again. We also know the ones who want things to “just work!” Think about whether your gift recipient likes to get into the nitty-gritty or wants something they can push a button and enjoy.

Often, simple is best

The dad in your life can often be the person who thinks of themselves as the provider and takes pride in being the gift giver, not the recipient. A gift for this person can mean something very small or simple, but one that tells them you appreciate their efforts. Even an electronics gift doesn’t need to be expensive to mean a lot.

Did You Know?
Washington became the first U.S. state to observe Father’s Day as a statewide holiday in 1910.

Kinds of electronics gifts for Father’s Day

Audio & video

There may be no electronics gifts as welcome on Father’s Day as a piece of entertainment technology. Whether it’s a pair of earbuds, a portable DVD player, a set of surround sound speakers, or a big-screen TV, there are few people who won’t be pleased with some audiovisual hardware.

Computing & tech

For the techie on Father’s Day, look into gadgets. Smartwatches are a great option, as are tablets, especially if they already have a computer and a smartphone. A smartphone itself is a choice that might be best left to them, especially if they feel they know best, but smartphone accessories would probably be welcome. Gamers might love a new mouse or keyboard if not a whole new rig, while someone who’s been banging away at a heavy five-year-old laptop may be fantastically surprised by a sleek, light new convertible notebook. 

Sports and fitness

Electronics gifts can help the dad in your life with their game. Gifts for golf lovers alone include golf watches, range finders, GPS units, and launch monitors. Give them an electronic scoreboard for the sports they enjoy, or electronic versions of equipment from dartboards to basketballs that track your dribbling skills. A simple fitness tracker can do wonders for their health. Just be careful if you give them a smart scale that talks back.


If they travel a lot, give them a gift for Father’s Day that makes their road time a little easier. It could be practical, like a GPS unit or an emergency radio with a light and a backup charger, or it could be fancy, like a good pair of noise-canceling wireless headphones.


Cooking gadgets are a good choice for Father’s Day, whether the recipient thinks of themselves as a grill master or a gourmet chef. Smart kitchen scales, wireless grill thermometers, and even electronic wine stoppers are some examples of cooking-related electronics you can give for Father’s Day.

Did You Know?
Over 111 countries celebrate Father’s Day. Some countries observe Father’s Day on March 19, St. Joseph’s Day.

How much do electronics gifts for Father’s Day cost?


You can find fun, inexpensive electronics gifts below $50, especially if the recipient is the type who prefers to buy big-ticket items themselves. Electronic games, tech accessories, and office gadgets are solid choices.


Mid-range electronics gifts for Father’s Day should cost between $50 and $350. These include accessories for larger electronics, plus thoughtful smaller tech like radios, earbuds, music players, and sports gadgets.


Depending on the recipient, they may consider any Father’s Day gift over $100 expensive, but a splashy gift of major electronics can cost from $350 on up. These include TV sets, name-brand tablets and smartphones, computers and laptops, feature-rich and fashionable smartwatches, and audio gear like top noise-canceling headphones and fine speakers.


  • Give them something even if they say they don’t need anything. The people we celebrate on Father’s Day can be notorious for claiming you don’t have to get them anything or that it doesn’t matter what you get them. Pay attention to what they say, but give them something thoughtful anyway — they’ll appreciate it.
  • Give them something customized. Even the simplest gadget can become fun and touching if it has their name on it. For example, some brands allow you to put a name on tech products like tablets and earbuds. 
  • Give them something they never thought of. A lot of the time, the father figures in our lives may not even be aware of some new gadget or development that could really benefit them.
  • Don’t make them think you’re wasting money. If there’s one thing the dad in your life probably takes pride in, it’s that they taught you well.
Father's Day tech gifts
Father’s Day became an official U.S. holiday in 1972 after a proclamation by President Richard Nixon.


Q. What are the most popular Father’s Day gifts?

A. According to the 2021 annual report by the National Retail Foundation, gift cards and clothing were the most popular gifts for Father’s Day, followed by special outings and electronics. Consumers were estimated to spend over $2.38 billion on electronics gifts for Father’s Day in 2021.

Q. What do I get my techy dad?

A. A techy person probably already knows exactly the kind of big-ticket tech they want. For this person, accessories and extras make great gifts, like a bedside charging pad for their tablet, watch, or phone, or smart plugs and smart lights that allow them to control their home from their smartphone or computer.

Q. What do I get my gamer dad?

A. Aside from a gaming mouse or gaming keyboard, a gamer would probably enjoy a new audio headset for Father’s Day, perhaps an additional game controller, or a retro handheld game, and there are always VR headsets.