Updated October 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for Best Worx edgers

A lawn edger is one of the most versatile lawn care tools. After the lawnmower, it’s also one of the most frequently used, and we’re not surprised: an edger can help transform your yard from a generic space to a well-groomed oasis.

Worx is among the leading companies selling efficient home and lawn care tools. They provide indoor and outdoor battery-operated tools that are portable, easy to handle, and powerful enough to manage lawns of small and medium size. A Worx edger can help you create functional and aesthetic boundaries so you can highlight a stunning garden or safeguard your yard from encroaching weeds.

Most Worx edgers offer some degree of versatility, allowing you to tackle more than one type of task. In this guide, we explain how to best use a Worx edger, what some of their limitations are, and how to find the right tool for the job at hand.

Most Worx edgers come with a pair of guards. The safety guard protects from flying soil, and the flower guard lets you know how close you can get to your garden without trimming it.

Key considerations


Most Worx edgers are in fact string edgers and trimmers, as they use a fast-rotating nylon string to break soil and cut grass. An edger is used to create a boundary in the lawn, cutting vertically into the soil; a trimmer is used to maintain that boundary by cutting back weeds and grass in a horizontal motion.

Worx does offer some blade edgers. These heavy-duty tools use more power to break hardier soil. They have adjustable heights and allow the user to dig deeper into the ground. Worx blade edgers come with a wheel to maintain precision while moving.

Electric power

Worx offers lawn care tools powered by electricity; they do not make gas-powered tools. Typically, gas-fueled tools provide the power needed to maintain a large lawn, whereas electric tools provide the power for small and medium-size lawns. However, even some larger lawns may be tended with an electric tool, provided you have the battery power and patience.

Some consumers prefer to use electric tools because they don’t contribute to air or noise pollution as gas-powered tools do. Electric tools tend to be relatively lightweight and easy to transport, maintain, and store. They are often more affordable and more cost-effective than gas-powered devices.

Corded vs. cordless

Both corded and cordless edgers are powered by electricity. The question is, which variety of Worx edger is right for you?

Corded Worx edgers, and in fact any plug-in edger, has a limited range, even if you use an extension cord. Worx’s corded selection is fairly limited, but these tools tend to cost less than comparable cordless edgers from Worx.

Cordless Worx edgers are lightweight and dependable. The batteries typically last a few years before needing to be replaced. Conveniently, the batteries can be used across the Worx line of tools provided they use the same voltage.


Worx batteries are offered in 20-volt, 40-volt, and 56-volt varieties. You have the option of buying a tool with or without a battery. The batteries may be 2.0 Ah (amp-hour), 4.0 Ah, or 6.0 Ah; as runtime increases, so does the price.

Note that a battery should typically last at least three years, and each Worx battery can cost between $50 and $130. You may wish to keep more than one battery on hand, especially if you own more than one Worx tool. You will also need a charger, which may be included with the purchase of the tool or sold separately.


Worx edgers are particularly lightweight, with most under 10 pounds including the battery. They are ergonomically designed to be comfortable for the hands, arms, back, and legs. There are two handles: one at the top and the other adjustable handle along the shaft; the latter can be manipulated to suit your height and arm length.

Worx offers a discount for members of the U.S military. Active members and veterans can contact Worx to receive a discount code.




Some edgers have extra functions that may prove useful.

String trimmer: Almost all Worx edgers function as string trimmers. The string spool can be toggled to switch from digging vertically to cutting horizontally.

Trencher: A heavy-duty blade Worx edger can also function as a trencher, which allows you to dig deeper down. Trenchers are typically used in situations where you want a pronounced boundary, perhaps for a garden, or if you’re looking to bury cables in your lawn and need them to be quite deep.

Mini-mower: Some Worx edgers may also function in a lawn-mowing capacity; you utilize the string to cut a wide swath of grass. If you have just small patches of grass in your yard, this may allow you to forgo using a regular lawnmower. However, we don’t advise using a Worx edger for larger mowing jobs.

CommandFeed: Worx employs patented technology to simplify feeding your string line. Some models have a CommandFeed button that, when pressed, temporarily shuts off the motor and feeds the line to the needed length. Once you release the button, power resumes.

Telescopic shaft: Some Worx edgers have a telescopic shaft that allows you to adjust the length according to your needs. The edger should be comfortable to wield. If you find yourself frequently bending or arching, it may cause discomfort in your back and knees.

Variable speed: You may have the option to toggle the power of your trimmer based on the task at hand. For example, you may be able to lessen the power (and save battery) when tending to grass while upping the potency to tackle tougher jobs.

Free spools for life: Some Worx edgers come with a Free Spools for Life promotion, and it’s just about as good as it sounds. As long as you own the tool, you can order spools from Worx for free every time you run out. There is no cost for the spool, but you must pay for shipping and handling.

For Your Safety
Don’t forget about the weather. Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen or UV-protective apparel if you’re working outside on a sunny day.


Worx chainsaw: 20V Cordless Chainsaw
Expand your battery-powered Worx lineup with a powerful chainsaw. This model takes a 20V Worx battery, and the price is decent for a long-lasting tool.

Lawnmower: Greenworks 12-Amp Corded Lawn Mower
For those who prefer electric lawn tools, check out this corded lawn mower from Greenworks. We like it because it’s powerful, versatile, and affordable.

Hedge trimmer: BLACK + DECKER 40V Max Hedge Trimmer
Hedges and bushes need an appropriate trimmer as well. We recommend this battery-powered option from BLACK+DECKER.

Worx edger prices

Inexpensive: For around $50, you can purchase the simplest of Worx edgers. These items can also trim, but they lack most other features and typically don’t include a battery.

Mid-range: Expect to spend between $50 and $150 on a quality Worx edger with a battery and charger. Some models may be of the 40V variety.

Expensive: For over $150, you’ll have your choice of the most powerful and versatile Worx edgers. These include 40V and 56V models as well as Worx tools that have other functions.

For inspiration or advice, Worx has a regularly updated blog that offers guidance on how to use Worx products for various projects.



  • Register your product online. Not only will you have access to tips and news, but you’ll also extend your limited warranty from two to three years if you register within 30 days.
  • Stay safe. Worx edgers are easy to use and generally safe, but you should still exercise caution. Protect your eyes, hands, wrists, and ankles from flying dirt or debris.
  • Mow, edge, and trim (in that order). Make edging and trimming easier by mowing the lawn first. This will allow you to get close to the borders and leave as little as possible left to trim.
  • Work near dawn or dusk. Lawn care, including edging, is best done in the morning or evening, particularly when the soil is slightly dewy. Avoid working in the middle of a hot, dry day.
Worx offers a handy guide to help you match the size of your lawn to the tool and power you need so you can fully complete the job without spending extra money.


Q. Can I use any battery or string spool I want with my edger?

A. Each edger requires a specific battery and spool to work properly and efficiently. Some Worx batteries can be used across multiple tools, provided the voltage requirement is the same. This is convenient if you already own or are thinking of purchasing other Worx products.

You may also find aftermarket batteries made by other manufacturers that are designed to fit Worx products. While these are often cheaper, they aren’t guaranteed to be as powerful or as long-lasting as Worx batteries. They also don’t come with a warranty from Worx.

Regarding string trimmer spools, there are several varieties, each of which works with a specific trimmer. While the differences are subtle — and using the incorrect spool may still render the tool functional — it may not be as effective or efficient as the proper spool.

Q. What maintenance do Worx edgers require?

A. Worx edgers are particularly easy to maintain. After each use, it’s important to clean the head, ridding it of any stuck-on dirt and grass. If soil is left to harden, it can be difficult to remove and could damage the head or spool.

When not in use, store your Worx edger in a relatively cool, dry place, avoiding moisture and excessive heat. In the off-season, avoid exposing it to extreme cold.

Q. How long do Worx batteries run, and how long do they take to charge?

A. Depending on the battery, you can expect a full charge to take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. However, the time is cut by more than half if you use a Worx fast charger. Batteries with a lower Ah are purported to tackle about a quarter of an acre of yard space per charge, while higher options may cover up to three quarters of an acre. To maintain battery life, only begin to use it at full charge. Once power starts to wane, recharge it fully. Keep your battery away from extreme heat, cold, and moisture.

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