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Best Breakfast Sandwich Makers

Updated May 2022
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Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Hamilton Beach
Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker
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Most Comprehensive
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The ultimate machine that prepares 2 at a time.


A comprehensive design that allows you to make 2 complete meals with bread, eggs, and toppings. Nonstick egg plates slide out easily when cooking is complete to assemble your sandwich while it's still in the machine. Built-in timer.


Takes up a bit of space. May need to practice to get it right.

Best Bang for the Buck
Dash Express Omelette Maker
Express Omelette Maker
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Great for Small Spaces
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A simple plug-and-play twin omelet maker that can also make pockets and pressed sandwiches.


Handy 2-omelet maker also makes pressed pockets and sandwiches. Offers 2 compartments for 2 servings at a time. Dual heating plates heat on both sides for even cooking. Nonstick plates wipe clean. Small and compact to fit in dorms or campers.


Plates are not removable for washing. No controls other than preheat indicator.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Hamilton Beach
Breakfast Sandwich Maker
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Quite Customizable
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A smaller version from Hamilton Beach that enables you to create a customized meal in a few steps.


Works just like the Hamilton Beach Dual model in a smaller, less pricey, 1-sandwich design. Cooks eggs, bread, and your favorite toppings all at once. Also offers a slide-out, nonstick egg plate and timer.


Unit itself is not washable. Takes a little practice to make perfect sandwiches.

Cuisinart Grill Sandwich Maker
Grill Sandwich Maker
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Best for Large Households
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Make 2 full sandwiches with this Cuisinart machine.


Creates pressed and edged sandwiches, omelets, or French toast. Can fit 2 whole sandwiches at once. Cuts and seals edges for ideal serving size. Dual indicator lights tell you when it's preheated and when food should be done.


Spills are difficult to clean with nonremovable heating plates.

Gotham Steel Sandwich Maker
Gotham Steel
Sandwich Maker
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Simple Yet Solid
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An easy-to-use model that makes perfectly toasted sandwiches in 5 minutes or less.


Makes 2 sandwiches in minutes. Comes with a cool-touch locking handle for safe operation. Features a nonstick copper surface that makes cleanup a breeze. Indicator lights let you know when sandwiches are ready. Compact and portable.


Does not come with an on/off switch. Tends to toast unevenly.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best breakfast sandwich makers

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It certainly makes sense. By the time you wake up, you haven’t eaten for anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. Despite being hungry, you might skip eating on busy mornings in order to get out the door on time. Investing in a breakfast sandwich maker can be a smart idea. Not only does it cut down on preparation time, you’re also able to enjoy a filling, flavor-packed meal that can tide you over until lunch.

When it comes to breakfast sandwich makers, you’ll find a diverse range of models. Keep it simple with an omelet maker that makes sandwich-size creations, or go all out with one that cooks each sandwich layer simultaneously. If you prefer a little versatility to expand your horizons — and palate — choose a model with interchangeable plates to cook waffles, burgers, or pancakes.

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If you’re not sure where to begin with your breakfast sandwich maker, refer to the user manual. It includes some easy, quick-start recipes to help you learn the basics, including changing settings to accommodate certain types of sandwiches.

Key considerations

Types of breakfast sandwich makers

Layered: These appliances are designed in such a way that you can stack ingredients to cook at the same time. These models cut down on overall preparation time and tend to be relatively mess-free. While they have a larger footprint compared to others, the trade-off is that layered models usually have multiple cook settings. 

Ease of cleaning varies considerably among layered breakfast sandwich makers because only some of them have removable parts for washing. With other models, you’ll need to navigate your way around nooks and crannies for a deep cleaning after use, which sometimes proves challenging.

Egg-based: As their name implies, egg-based models only cook the egg portion of breakfast sandwiches. They cook the egg in a shape that makes it easy to fit in buns, English muffins, croissants, or slices of bread. These models tend to be the smallest among breakfast sandwich makers, so one is ideal if your space is limited. 

Multipurpose: Multipurpose breakfast sandwich makers are the jacks-of-all-trades. These versatile small kitchen appliances usually have interchangeable griddle plates that let you cook more than just sandwiches. In fact, you’re able to make waffles, pancakes, omelets, grilled cheese sandwiches, paninis, burgers, or even churros with them. 

"A breakfast sandwich maker makes a great gift for young people living on their own for the first time. It might even help them save money by purchasing fewer takeout meals. "


Nonstick griddle plates

Nonstick griddle plates are standard in breakfast sandwich makers. They make it simple and generally mess-free to remove the sandwich or ingredients. Most basic models have integrated plates, whereas more advanced ones have interchangeable plates. The ability to remove the griddle plates is a highly desirable feature because it makes cleaning much easier. Some plates are even dishwasher safe. 


Cooking: The more you spend on a breakfast sandwich maker, the more settings you’ll get. Entry-level models have only one setting and don’t allow for browning adjustments. For a well-cooked sandwich, you’ll need to let it cook longer, though this can sometimes result in a soggy or unevenly cooked sandwich. 

More advanced models come with three or more cook settings, which are usually operated by dials, cranks, or buttons. Not only do these adjust the heat, they may also cook your sandwich in different ways to crisp up bacon or bread or help melt cheese to the right consistency. 

Safety: For the most part, breakfast sandwich makers have safe designs because the griddle plates and hot areas are usually enclosed. They feature cool-touch handles as well, so you don’t need to worry about burning yourself when you open the machine to remove your sandwich. Some models also have an auto shut-off feature that powers it down once the cooking time is over. 

Indicator lights

Even the simplest, least expensive breakfast sandwich makers have indicator lights. These let you know when the griddle plates have reached an optimal temperature for cooking and alert you once the cooking time is over. Some models use one color of indicator light, while others alternate between green, red, and yellow based on the appliance’s temperature or status.


As far as small kitchen appliances go, breakfast sandwich makers are on the small side, though they’re known to have slightly odd shapes and dimensions. They’re often equipped with handles or grips so they’re easier to carry. One is easily stored in a cabinet or on a pantry shelf, though consumers who use one regularly simply leave it on the kitchen counter. 

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Did you know?
Not all English muffins or slices of bread are the same size, so there’s a bit of trial and error involved in finding the best ones to fit your breakfast sandwich maker.

Breakfast sandwich maker prices

Breakfast sandwich makers range in price from $9 to $60. As far as kitchen appliances go, it’s definitely a small investment, especially if you intend to use it daily. 


Breakfast sandwich makers priced between $9 and $20 are usually models with griddle plates that cook entire sandwiches panini-style or only cook eggs. While limited in their capabilities, they get the job done and are fairly reliable.


Breakfast sandwich makers in the $25 to $40 range include layered and multipurpose models. These well-designed machines come with a variety of customizable settings, but they take up considerable space.


In the $40 to $60 range, you’ll find high-end specialty models with plenty of bells and whistles, including faster cooking times, interchangeable griddle plates, and several cooking settings. 


  • Try using the appliance to cook other foods. Even though they’re called breakfast sandwich makers, you’ll find a wide variety of recipes and kitchen hacks that use them for snacks, treats, and other meals. And there’s a cookbook for every kitchen appliance, including breakfast sandwich makers. It’s a good idea to pick one up to explore recipes and cooking techniques for your new device.

  • Don’t use metal utensils with your sandwich maker. To pluck your sandwich from the machine, use silicone, wood, or heat-resistant plastic utensils. Metal ones, like regular forks and knives, will damage nonstick surfaces.

  • Add condiments before cooking. Once your breakfast sandwich is cooked, it might be too fused together to add ketchup, salt, or pepper. Consider adding a dash of your favorite condiment prior to cooking the sandwich.

  • Cover your sandwich maker when it’s not in use. If you intend to leave your breakfast sandwich maker on the kitchen counter, it can become a magnet for grease splatter and dust. Between uses, cover it with a fabric slipcover. You can purchase a universal case or sew a custom one.

  • Keep the cord away from the machine. The edges of a breakfast sandwich maker can heat up the immediate area, so make sure its power cord isn’t crumpled against the side of the appliance. It should have a straight, contact-free, and tangle-free path to the outlet.

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It can take up to an hour for a breakfast sandwich maker to fully cool for safe cleaning and storage.


Q. Do I need to spray oil on the nonstick griddle plates of my breakfast sandwich maker before adding ingredients?

A. There’s a large split in the cooking community when it comes to spraying nonstick surfaces. Even manufacturers are divided on the subject, so you’ll need to refer to the user guide for your model for recommendations on using oil or spray. Some consumers even report they haven’t noticed much of a difference between spraying and not spraying plates. Regardless, the choice is entirely yours to make, though it’s worth using your breakfast sandwich maker with and without spray to see for yourself.

Q. How do I clean the external parts of a breakfast sandwich maker?

A. Most parts are made from either food-grade plastic or stainless steel, and you can use a damp cloth mixed with mild detergent on both. There are also dedicated cleaners for stainless steel appliances, which many consumers prefer using because they’re less likely to leave streaks.

Q. Am I really going to use a breakfast sandwich maker, or is it another small kitchen appliance that collects dust?

A. Basically, if you’re buying a breakfast sandwich maker to solve the problem of trying to eat a good breakfast during busy mornings, you’ll be hooked. They’re especially popular among busy professionals, commuters, and college students. Breakfast sandwich makers are also used on a near-daily basis by meal preppers and those following special diets, such as keto or paleo. 

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