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Updated October 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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KitchenAid 7-Qt. Pro Line Stand Mixer
7-Qt. Pro Line Stand Mixer
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An excellent KitchenAid stand mixer designed for use in the home – its convenient features and impressive power top other models and rival the Commercial Series.


Sports a large-capacity seven-quart bowl and professional-quality motor and bowl lift. Comes with compelling attachments – flat beater, wire whip, and dough hook. Backed by a five-year limited warranty.


Falls on the high end of the price spectrum, but if you're looking for the best for your kitchen, you won't be shocked by the price.

Best Bang for the Buck
KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
Artisan Series 5-Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
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A KitchenAid classic Artisan model that, according to our testers, is capable of handling high-volume baking and cooking.


Has 10 speeds and comes with four attachments. Hub opens the door to 10 optional attachments, including pasta makers. Available in over 20 colors. Many consumers appreciate the deeper bowl as opposed to wide bowls seen on other models.


Occasional reports of quality issues, such as broken attachments or peeling stickers.

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Qt. Stand Mixer
Professional 600 Series 6-Qt. Stand Mixer
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Powerful & Capable
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This model is a good choice if you normally cook in large batches and need a powerful model capable of heavy-duty use.


Has some features comparable to more costly models, such as a bowl lift, powerful motor, 10 speeds, and three attachments. Comes in more than 10 fun colors. Designed for heavy-duty baking and bread dough prep.


Though it's a bit less than the Pro Line, the KitchenAid Professional 600 it's still on the higher end of the price spectrum. The bowl is also smaller, and the one-year warranty is shorter than some others.

KitchenAid KSM8990ER 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer
KSM8990ER 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer
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This commercial-grade mixer tops our list for its high capacity and premium quality.


Features 10 speeds and a generous 8-quart capacity. Includes a whisk, flat beater, and dough hook for working with various mixes. Comes in bright red, nickel, or pewter finish. Accessories are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


Some buyers had units that did not last as long as they had hoped.


After going through an intensive research process to narrow down our short list of top products in this space, we tested KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer to be sure that it’s worthy of our recommendation. Guided by experts, we spend hours looking into the factors that matter and test to verify manufacturer claims.

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Buying guide for Best KitchenAid stand mixers

The KitchenAid mixer has been around for a hundred years. Over that time, it has evolved into a versatile appliance that can perform almost any task imaginable. It can mix, but it functions equally well as a juicer, meat grinder, spiralizer, and more. But which model is best for you?

Knowing what's right for you begins with knowing your needs. Mixing bowls range from 3.5-quart bowls to 8-quart bowls. Higher-end models have more durable accessories (flat beater, wire whip, dough hook), but it's the attachments that give this machine its incredible flexibility. Whether you’re making ice cream or spaghetti, it's all possible—but only if you have the proper attachments.

KitchenAid stand mixer
Are you debating between a stand mixer and a hand mixer? Hand mixers are much smaller, lighter, and less costly than stand mixers, and they offer great portability. The ideal kitchen would have both items: a stand mixer for bigger baking jobs, and a hand mixer for lighter baking tasks.

Buying guide for Choosing the best KitchenAid mixer for you

KitchenAid offers four types of stand mixers to cover a wide swath of budgets and needs. Individual series are distinguished by the capacities of their mixing bowl, from 3.5 to 8 quarts.

The models differ in how the home cook accesses the mixing bowl. The priciest units — those generally used by pros in commercial kitchens — have a lever that lifts the bowl up and down for easy access.

Within each of these series, KitchenAid offers custom versions from time to time as well as units made for individual department stores, kitchen supply stores, and home shopping networks.

If you’re in the market for a new KitchenAid mixer, you’ll enjoy a dizzying array of choices, some of which come in as many as 22 colors. So, if your dream kitchen is outfitted in onyx, fear not: There is a KitchenAid mixer that will blend in with your décor.

Capacities and models

3.5-quart capacity

One of the “small kitchen” options in the KitchenAid line, the Artisan, comes in two models, each of which allows a home cook to make five dozen cookies or one loaf of bread.

  • The KSM3311X comes in five colors, has a brushed stainless steel bowl, and includes a flat beater, wire whip, and dough hook.
  • The KSM3316X comes in six colors and features a polished stainless steel bowl with a handle, flex-edge beater, wire whip, and dough hook.

5-quart capacity

In this line, there are two Artisan models: the KSM150PS and KSM155GB.

  • The KSM150PS has a pouring shield, stainless steel bowl, wire whip, white-coated beater, and dough hook.
  • The pricier KSM155GB comes with a glass bowl and burnished (highly polished) flat beater and dough hook as well as a wire whip.

Also in the 5-quart-line is the KSM152PS, a custom metallic model with a pouring shield and the same accessories as the KSM150PS.

6-quart capacity

In this category, the mixers bear a “Professional Series” label due to their bowl size and use of the bowl-lift design that raises the mixing bowl for easier access. These Pro Line models, the KP26M1X and pricier KSM6521X, vary in that the more expensive appliance has a glass bowl with a beater, whip, and hook made especially for glass bowls. The less-expensive mixer, with its stainless steel bowl, has a special “Powerknead” dough hook for efficient kneading.

7-quart capacity

With supersized mixing bowls, the KSM7586P includes a polished stainless steel bowl, nickel-coated flat beater, nickel-coated Powerknead dough hook, and 11-inch wire whip. The KSM7588P has a stainless steel flat beater and a stainless steel Powerknead dough hook. Both accessories are NSF-certified, which means they are approved for creating food for public consumption.

KitchenAid stand mixer
Did you know?
All KitchenAid attachments are dishwasher safe except the ones with motors (like the food processor) and the pasta maker.

Caring for your stand mixer

According to the manufacturer, the best way to clean your machine is to follow these steps:

  • Unplug the appliance.
  • Hand-wash all attachments in warm, soapy water.
  • Clean the mixing bowl with hot water and soap, or place it in the dishwasher.
  • Clean up spills and other residue on the mixer.
  • Wipe the unit with a damp cloth after each use, taking care not to get liquid in any of the openings.
  • Carefully clean near the motor head and speed knob where food can easily collect.
  • Use baking soda and water with a small brush to access hard-to-clean areas.
  • Unscrew the nut in the motor hub, and clean the inside.
  • Lift the mixer and wipe away any dust and grime that may have collected on the bottom of the stand.
KitchenAid stand mixer
Expert Tip
I like to use a skewer or toothpick to clean the seams of my KitchenAid. I flip it on its side to get at the nooks and crannies I don’t normally see during use, but that can fill with old, dried stuff that flakes off into my new, fresh mixture.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

Fun facts

  • KitchenAid attachments from the 1950s, such as one that shells peas, still work with even the newest machines.
  • In 1994, KitchenAid ran a contest to find the oldest mixer in use. The winner, a Pittsburgh-area woman, had a model dating back to 1919.
  • The U.S. Navy was one of the first customers for the original mixer. It was a timesaver for cooks who wanted to feed large numbers of sailors.
  • KitchenAid mixers were initially sold door-to-door by female salespeople who would demo the product in customers’ homes.
  • Some of the KitchenAid stand mixer’s earliest attachments, like the ice cream maker, were originally made of wood.
  • The appliance's name came from the wife of a Hobart Company executive who proclaimed it was the “best kitchen aid ever.”
KitchenAid stand mixer
Expert tip
If you do a lot of mixing in one session, consider getting a second mixer bowl. You'll find that doing swap-and-wash cycles during bake sale prep and other high-volume production days is really helpful.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert


Included in the price of each mixer are three accessories: a flat beater, wire whip, and dough hook. While the functions are essentially the same for each model, the material varies. For example, the less-expensive units have plastic-composite accessories while the pro models’ beater, whip, and hook are made of stainless steel or coated diamond—materials that perform better at higher speeds and tend to last longer.

Flat beater

Also called a paddle, this is a must-have for any home baker. The beater is used in a variety of recipes and excels at incorporating ingredients.

Dough hook

The dough hook is a workhorse when it comes to making pasta.

Wire whisk

Also called a wire whip and viewed as a classic accessory, this is sufficient for everything from whisking egg whites for meringue to making flawless whipped cream.

KitchenAid stand mixer
Expert Tip
If you find your Flat beater attachment (aka “Paddle”) isn’t capturing ingredients at the very bottom of the mixer bowl, you can quickly incorporate them by using a “dropped paddle” method: With the paddle in mixing position but OFF, simply twist to detach it from the motor stem, and then let it slip down the stem until it touches the bottom of the bowl. It will still get rotated by the stem, but will quickly grab all the goodies at the very bottom.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

Power hub and attachments

All KitchenAid mixers share a common feature: a power hub. In fact, every KitchenAid stand mixer, whether you received it as a wedding gift last month or inherited it from your great grandmother years ago, has a small circular connector in the front of the appliance to which you can add a variety of attachments.

These attachments extend the versatility of the mixer to allow it to become a pasta maker, juicer, spiralizer, food processor, peeler, meat grinder, and more. With increased capabilities, the KitchenAid mixer enhances its utility footprint and allows cooks to use one multipurpose appliance and gain more countertop real estate.

How to make spaghetti with a KitchenAid

How we tested

We used the attachments in our test kitchen to try out all sorts of recipes. We made juice, strawberry ice cream, and pasta with meatballs, which utilized almost every attachment. Check out the process in the gallery below, and then read on to find out more of our thoughts about each attachment.

Attachments we tested

We tested some of the attachments available for KitchenAid stand mixers in our BestReviews lab. In general, we found them to be versatile and easy to use. In fact, some could even serve as replacements for separate appliances.


This juicer attachment only juices citrus fruits. On the plus side, it’s dishwasher safe, so cleanup is easy. This attachment takes up little space and doesn’t have a lot of parts.

If you don’t regularly juice, this attachment is a good pick. It’s neither the best nor the worst juicer we’ve seen. If you like to have juice every now and then, you may appreciate the low price.

We made a juice mix of lemons, grapefruits and oranges.

Testing our juicer with various fruits and speeds.

Meat grinder

In our opinion, the KitchenAid grinder attachment is not ideal for big projects, and you must cut the meat into small pieces to fit it through the tube. We did like the fact that, unlike a lot of other meat grinders, this one was quite easy to clean.

Overall, this attachment worked very well for us. Our only complaint was that some meat got stuck in the tube.

Putting together the meat grinder was a breeze, and the parts are dishwasher-safe.


This is a good attachment, even with its limited capacities. In its favor, the KitchenAid shredder/slicer offers a few different shred options. You can create results that are very fine or in slabs. We like the fact that it aerates the cheese so it’s soft and fluffy. Unfortunately, it can’t handle harder/wetter objects, including some fruits and veggies.

Overall, we really liked the shredder/slicer, and it served its purpose excellently. However, we cannot see much practical use for it unless you make a lot of bread crumbs and shred a lot of cheese.

If you make a lot of Italian food and find yourself dreading your cheese shredder, this is the perfect attachment.


This attachment is ideal for those who have fallen for the “spiralizing craze,” since typical manual spiralizers can hurt your wrist. We like the fact that this KitchenAid spiralizer attachment comes with two core attachments. If you want to spiralize an apple, you can core it. If you’re preparing zucchini, you can cut out a much smaller core.

We also like the fact that the spiralizer is easy to clean.

The KitchenAid spiralizer is one of our favorite spiralizers we've ever used, and is one of the most useful attachments.

Food processor

The KitchenAid food processor unit we tested was shaky as if it didn't fit well. And the end product, the processed food, was not consistent in size. In addition, the attachment has lots of sharp components which could pose a danger to users.

As our least-favorite attachment, it’s our opinion that if you want the KitchenAid food processor for small tasks only — and you don’t want to invest the counter space in a full-on food processor — it could be worth it.

We wanted to love the food processor as much as other attachments, but it didn't perform as well as standalone options.

Pasta maker

This KitchenAid pasta maker attachment is great for first-time pasta makers; we found it very easy to use.

Granted, the pasta maker is not dishwasher safe. But our cleanup was simple, as the pasta did not get stuck and make a mess.

Considering our testers were new to pasta making, the attachment made it as simple as possible.

Ice cream maker

This KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment is easy to set up and use. We were able to make strawberry ice cream with no previous ice cream-making experience. On the downside, the process took longer than we anticipated. We have mixed feelings about this attachment, but most owners we surveyed like it.

Who could forget dessert! The strawberry ice cream produced by the ice cream maker attachment was cool and creamy.
From start to finish, the ice cream took over a day to firm up even after forty five minutes in the ice cream maker attachment. But the finished product was excellent.


Q. Where can I buy a used or refurbished machine?

A. As with other appliances, eBay or Craigslist is a good place to buy used KitchenAid appliances, but Amazon sells refurbished KitchenAid stand mixers at a discount. Walmart may be another website to check out for refurbished machines.

Q. Where are KitchenAid stand mixers made?

A. The machines are assembled in Greenville, Ohio.

Q. What KitchenAid mixer did Julia Child use on her PBS shows?

A. The famous French chef used a model called the K5A.


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