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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for Best Cuisinart mixers

A Cuisinart mixer can take the hassle out of a range of kitchen tasks. From kneading dough and mashing potatoes to mixing cake batter and whipping up frosting, a Cuisinart mixer can do it all. The only difficulty is selecting the right Cuisinart mixer to fit your needs.

Perhaps the first factor to decide on is whether you want a hand mixer or a stand mixer — hand mixers are more affordable and compact, but stand mixers can do more and offer the ease of hands-free use. You should also think about the attachments that come with any Cuisinart mixer you’re considering and whether they’re compatible with power attachments that you can buy separately. With the right attachment, some Cuisinart mixers can double as pasta makers, spiralizers, and blenders.

Whether you’re an everyday cook or a weekend baker, an affordable and versatile Cuisinart mixer can be an essential addition to your kitchen.

I1 cuisinart mixers wattage
A higher wattage equals a more powerful motor. Cuisinart stand mixers have motors of around 500 watts, while Cuisinart hand mixers boast roughly 250 watts.

How to buy the best Cuisinart mixer

Mixer type

You’ll need to choose which type of Cuisinart mixer you need.

As the name suggests, hand mixers are handheld mixers. While you can occasionally find models with a more elaborate range of attachments, most feature simple dual beaters. They’re a decent and affordable choice for quickly whipping, mixing, and beating ingredients, but they fall down in some areas. Hand mixers are not ideal for kneading dough or anything you need to whip for a long time — such as egg whites or aquafaba for meringue — because your arm will get tired.

Stand mixers feature interchangeable mixing attachments on a stand with a removable bowl to mix your ingredients in. You can set them mixing and leave them alone while they do their thing, saving you time in the kitchen and saving your arm from cramping. The main downsides to stand mixers are that they’re more expensive than hand mixers and they take up a significant chunk of counter or cabinet space.

Stick mixers, also called hand blenders, have a blade that blends, chops, and liquifies. Used for liquids, they can whisk eggs, blend smoothies, liquify soups, and many other tasks. Cuisinart makes both simple, single-blade models and more elaborate models with whisk and food processor attachments.

Standard attachments

Cuisinart stand mixers generally have significantly more attachments than Cuisinart hand mixers. If you choose a hand mixer, it will come with standard beater attachments for tasks like mixing cake batter and frosting. Some hand mixers come with dough hooks, but kneading dough with a hand mixer isn’t much easier than kneading by hand.

Cuisinart stand mixers, on the other hand, come with more standard attachments. All models come with a flat mixing paddle for mixing batters, a dough hook that excels at kneading dough, and a chef’s whisk for whipping ingredients like heavy cream, egg whites, or aquafaba.

Power attachments

Only Cuisinart stand mixers have power attachments. These are motorized attachments that fit onto compatible stand mixer models. On the front of compatible Cuisinart stand mixers is a removable panel, behind which there is an outlet for powering certain attachments with moving parts.

You can buy a range of different power attachments, with popular choices including pasta makers, spiralizers, food processors, and blenders. Power attachments aren’t included when you purchase a stand mixer, but they’re readily available to buy. These attachments can replace a range of other appliances, saving you money and cabinet space, too.

Dyk1 kneading dough
Expert TIp

Unplug your mixer and clean crevices and seams with a toothpick to remove old dried-on food that may fall into your latest recipe.

BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert



Cuisinart hand mixers usually don’t come with a bowl, but stand mixers always have a bowl included. This bowl locks into place at the base of the mixer so that it won’t move around as the mixer runs. Cuisinart stand mixers have bowls with 5.5-quart capacities. This is a good capacity for home use. It’s big enough to deal with double batches of cookie dough or dough to make large loaves of bread, but it isn’t too large for smaller batches and doesn’t take up an excessive amount of counter space.

Speed settings

Cuisinart mixers have between five and 12 speed settings, with hand mixers offering fewer speeds than stand mixers. It’s easy to switch between the different speed settings to get the results that you’re looking for. When mixing wet and dry ingredients together, you should always start on a lower setting until the ingredients are incorporated, at which point you can increase the speed if desired. This helps avoid creating clouds of flour or powdered sugar. Lower speeds are best for heavy batters and kneading dough, medium speeds are ideal for mixing regular doughs and batters, and high speeds work well for whipping ingredients.

Splash guard

The splash guard on a stand mixer fits above the bowl to help keep mess to a minimum. It’s removable for easy cleaning and features a pour spout to let you add ingredients as you mix. While there are some recipes that don’t require a splash guard to keep ingredients in the bowl, you’ll be pleased you have it when you need it.

Removable attachments

All Cuisinart mixers — both hand mixers and stand mixers — have removable attachments. This allows you to easily take off attachments to clean them and switch between different attachments.

St2 cordless hand mixers
Expert Tip
Don’t set beater heads (the parts that touch the food) on the counter between mixes. They can pick up counter crumbs and possibly inedible bits, which then get incorporated into your food when you place the attachment or hand mixer back into your food.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

What accessories can you buy for a Cuisinart mixer?

If you buy a Cuisinart stand mixer with a power outlet, you can buy a range of powered accessories that can replace other kitchen appliances or gadgets.

Pasta maker

A pasta maker attachment is a must-have for pasta lovers. These attachments can roll out pasta into large sheets that you can use to make lasagna or stuffed pasta like tortellini or ravioli. A pasta maker can also cut pasta into long, thin noodles like linguini or pappardelle.


A spiralizer attachment can turn vegetables into noodles. Not only is it easier to use than manual spiralizers, but a spiralizer attachment will save some cabinet space compared to owning a standalone spiralizer.


You can even buy blender attachments for Cuisinart mixers. Soups, smoothies, sauces, and dips are all in your future with a Cuisinart blender attachment.

Dyk3 cuisinart mixer colors
Expert Tip
Don’t forget the body of the mixer during cleaning. Food can blow back onto the mixer, so wipe it down after every use.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

How much do Cuisinart mixers cost?


The most affordable Cuisinart mixers are hand mixers and stick blenders. These cost between $20 and $130, depending on factors such as the wattage and the range of attachments included.


If you’re looking for a mid-priced Cuisinart mixer, consider a starter stand mixer. These are priced at around $150.


High-end Cuisinart mixers are the most expensive of the company’s mixers. They cost roughly $250.


  • Keep ingredients contained. If your mixer doesn’t have a splash guard, you can drape a towel over it to prevent spills and keep clouds of flour or powdered sugar contained.
  • Get rid of grease. Some mixing tasks, such as beating egg whites or aquafaba to stiff peaks, can fall flat if there’s even the slightest trace of oil or grease in the bowl. Wipe out the bowl with a little white vinegar to completely cut through the grease and avoid mixing mishaps.
  • Choose a stand mixer if you bake regularly. While they cost significantly more than hand mixers, Cuisinart stand mixers are a worthwhile time-saving investment if you bake regularly. Plus, with the right attachments, they can replace several other kitchen appliances and gadgets.
  • Chill the bowl and beater. When whipping cream, you’ll get more volume if you chill the beaters and bowl in the fridge for at least 15 minutes before you get started.
I2  cuisinart mixers
High-end Cuisinart mixers are made from die-cast metal, making them sturdier than their plastic counterparts.


Q. Are Cuisinart mixers high quality?

A. Cuisinart is a respected brand and its mixers are generally highly rated. Its higher-end stand mixers are roughly on par with KitchenAid mixers. If you’re looking for a quality stand mixer at a slightly lower price point than a KitchenAid mixer, a Cuisinart mixer is an excellent choice.

Q. Will KitchenAid power attachments work with Cuisinart mixers?

A. If you previously owned a KitchenAid mixer and have attachments that worked with the KitchenAid power hub, such as food processors or pasta makers, you might be wondering if you can use them with a Cuisinart stand mixer. Luckily, KitchenAid power attachments work with some Cuisinart mixers. At present, they’re compatible with Cuisinart SM-50, SM-50BC, and SM-50R models. This may change over time, so it’s worth double-checking.

Q. Are Cuisinart mixer bowls and attachments dishwasher-safe? 

A. Some bowls and attachments are technically dishwasher-safe, but you’ll need to check the specific product that you’re considering buying to find out. That said, your mixer’s beaters and other attachments will stay in good condition for longer when you keep them away from the dishwasher. As such, it’s best to wash your bowls and attachments by hand if you’re able to.

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